12 Best Skyrim Falkreath Mods

Falkreath is the southernmost open-air city in Skyrim. It is in the middle of a thick forest and is home to the Sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood.

Even though it’s a small city with not much to do, it has an interesting past and is where two of the best Daedric quests in the game begin.

But there are things that could be done better in and around the city.

And for that, we have mods!

I looked all over the Internet and found this set of useful mods to help make Falkreath the city it should be.

They range from big changes to small tweaks, but they all help make Falkreath what it should be.

12. Castle Falkreath


This mod adds a walled property with a castle and gate in Falkreath, Skyrim.

The castle includes various facilities such as smithing, archery, alchemy, and crafting rooms, as well as a scenic viewing area, small garden, and livestock area.

There is also an apiary, an open bar, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a large dining area.

The castle also features a Talos shrine and an indoor nature/Kynareth shrine, as well as stairs leading to a rooftop archer’s fort and a throne.

The mod requires the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn expansions.

11. Perfect Falkreath

This mod overhauls the city of Falkreath in the video game Skyrim, completely changing how it looks.

The city is now walled and centered around a small plaza with a fountain, designed to look like it was once a great city but is now slightly decayed.

The graveyard is also expanded and made more creepy. Overall, the mod aims to make Falkreath a more unique and interesting place to explore in the game.

10. JK’s Falkreath

This is a lore-friendly and script-free overhaul, meaning it’s a lightweight addition to your game that won’t burn out your computer.

And all the improvement and adjustments in the game are only with vanilla models.

Compared to the original version, this overhaul makes the town feel way more alive, even in the graveyard!

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How ironic.

It feels like the town has become integrated with the natural elements around it, with overgrowth in some places.

I’d say the best part is the vanilla assets used to improve the look of the city. It gets a pass from me!

9. The Falkreath Hauntings

If you’re looking for a bit more “spook and terror” in the forests near Falkreath, here’s something to check out.

This mod adds three new enemies to encounter in the game, all of which scale with the player’s level.

There’s the Spectre o’ the Woods, which is a demented spriggan ghost that attacks on sight, and disappears when it’s hit.

And we get Lady Ilinalta, a wispmother that has settled in an old fort on the shores of Lake Ilinalta near the city, whose wisps guide her victims into her clutches.

And the Phantoms of Falkreath Cemetery, which serves as a supernatural mystery quest to free the restless spirits of those unable to rest within the graveyard.

All of them are interesting ventures with unique rewards for pursuing and completing them.

8. Fortified Falkreath

Let’s add something the city of Falkreath has needed for so long: Fortified walls.

Now Falkreath can get those protective walls, and accessible towers to ascend.

This mod also adds a new player home within the city, though it’s much smaller than the Lakeview Manor set into the countryside.

Also the graveyard is also edited to remove some trees and add more graves to the vacant spaces.

All of this gives the town an updated and mildly urban look, to be more like its other walled counterparts across the region.

A simple mod to accomplish a simple task.

7. Expanded Towns and Cities

I’ve used this myself in-game well before ever creating this list. And it’s a great mod.

It’s also true to its name: it expands upon the smaller cities (and many of the towns) across Skyrim.

For Falkreath, it helps expand it heavily in needed ways.

This mod adds several new elements including houses, NPCs, an Ayleid store, an expanded cemetery, and a shrine.

It also changes the interior of the alchemy shop and nearby farm, adds a new quest to pursue, and we get some new smaller elements that were missing before – like a smelter, fletcher, and stables.

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The changes are for the better. All to make Falkreath feel more like a city, instead of a forgotten settlement.

6. Cities of the North – Falkreath

Here’s one more major overhaul of the city that’s worth checking out.

It adds unique models of every building in the city, new interiors, and many more levels of detail.

Instead of every town building being a copy-paste lack of effort, each building feels different and stands out.

Even small details like music and interiors are altered, to make the area feel like a new city.

And just like other mods in this series, this one gives Falkreath its own identity – and does so in a strong manner with clear care put into it.

5. The Great City of Falkreath

Of all the overhaul mods for Falkreath, this one is among my favorites for both design and features.

It overhauls several buildings, and adds a few unique ones as well.

The Jarl’s longhouse is now a small castle of a home, the gates are walled and fortified, and the graveyard is now a Nordic tomb!

The town also feels more populated, with many buildings being moved closer together.

And everything has an Imperial feeling with some Nordic touch.

As a city sitting on the border of Cyrodiil, it makes sense to have a mesh of styles in here to give Falkreath its own identity.

4. ImpeREAL Empire – Falkreath

This mod does a lot to change Falkreath – again to give it some kind of unique identity.

It adds many things to improve the area:

Fortified walls, watchtowers, new architecture, and enhanced small details on stairs, columns, and walls.

But the best part about this mod is how friendly it is working with other city overhaul mods.

It’s compatible with the other +3,000 overhaul mods out there – without requiring adjustments or updates.

This flawless compatibility is one big reason why I’ve included it here. Because having simple changes is good – but having them work with other more complex mods is divine.

3. Falkreath Reborn

Falkreath Reborn gives a massive amount of revamp and life into the city.

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Despite being home to a large cemetery, this mod introduces much more liveliness into the city, through an odd story.

A waterfall has sprung up in the city, allowing wildlife to flourish in and around the area rapidly. This mod makes changes to illustrate this abundance of life, and how the townsfolk are keeping it from impeding into the city too much.

Falkreath is now populated with bright greenery and fauna, while the locals coexist with this bountiful foliage.

2. Better Towns Textures

If you just want things to look better, well here ya go.

This mod takes the bland look of Falkreath, and drop kicks it back to yesteryear.

Now instead of a carbon copy of Riverwood, Falkreath looks like an Imperial city!

Instead of all wood and hay, the structures are now stone and tile – with interiors to match.

The new looks to the buildings are lore-friendly, in favor of Falkreath’s history of having originally been an Imperial city.

Yes, it’s a very minimal mod when it comes to gameplay changes.

But the updated textures do give Falkreath a feeling of freshness that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’ll look just like the city it deserves to be.

1. Falkreath Legendary Graveyard

In Elder Scrolls lore, there are a lot of places that are said to be legendary, but when you see them in the game, they aren’t very impressive. The famous graveyard of Falkreath is one of these places.

Folklore says that the graveyard, which has about 40 stones, is big compared to the number of people in Falkreath.

However, since the hold is hundreds of years old, I think that a lot of people would have died and been buried by now.

This tiny little mod tries to make the Falkreath graveyard feel like a historical place, a still life of the cycle between war and peace.

The graveyard now has a lot more tombstones, and it even goes into the woods, where there are old graves that have grown over.

Please keep in mind that my goal with this mod was not to make a huge, epic graveyard, but rather a place that felt real and fit in with the story.