8 Best Skyrim Helmet Mods

If Elder Scrolls V is missing anything, it’s more weapons, armor, and helmets.

You might think that since there are so many custom mods, we wouldn’t need any more gear. I think we do need it, though.

And these helmet mods are perfect for those Skyrim players who are always looking for more.

With all the good stuff on this list, I’m sure you’ll find at least a couple helmets you really like.

8. Eredin Helmet

Helmet Mods

If you know about The Witcher series, it really shouldn’t surprise you to see Eredin (or any other member of the Wild Hunt) make the jump to Skyrim

This Eredin Helmet mod is well-designed, and it’s meant to fit into the world of Skyrim perfectly.

A fantastic mod to snag if you’re a fan of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

7. Unique Helmets Crafting

You understand how helmets work:

To look cool, they have to have a lot of spikes and horns.

Well, the Unique Helmets Crafting mod adds the Yngoll’s Helm, the Jagged Crown, and the Draugr Heavy Helm.

And all of these meet the crazy rules for looking good.

But don’t think you’ll be able to make them at the start of the game. As you need a lot of tools and the right skills to do it.

Now is the time to work!

6. Early Middleages Helmets Packs

All those fantasy helmets with complex designs look cool.

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But can they protect you as much as that classic sturdy flat-top helmet?

The Early Middleages Helmets Pack is a no-nonsense modpack that adds a lot of early Middle Ages helmets that look incredibly detailed.

But they’re as far from “flashy” as humanly possible.

Not a mod for show-offs, that’s for sure.

5. Circlets With Helmets

The Circlets With Helmets mod introduces a feature that should have been in the vanilla game to begin with.

Once again, modders do what Bethesdoesn’t.

This mod adds a new option that lets you wear circlets with helmets and hoods, unlocking some very interesting possibilities.

Sadly, it doesn’t work with other mods. So you’ll be stuck with only vanilla equipment.

Well, “only”, considering how much gear can be found in the base game!

4. Crown Helmets Redux

Did you know that Kings usually wore crowned helmets in battle?

Well now it’s time for you to do the same.

The Dragonborn may not be a king. But he still needs the right equipment to stand out as the savior of all mankind.

And you’ll have no trouble doing so with the Crown Helmets Redux, an amazing modpack that introduces several different crowned helmets that not only look great, but also offer great protection.

No point in looking good if you take an arrow to the knee. Sorry, I meant to the head.

3. Open Face Guard Helmets

I say it’s not right that only your player character gets to use all these cool modded helmets!

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While there still isn’t a way to make guards wear all sorts of cool helmets, there is a way to improve on their standard equipment.

Thanks to the Open Face Guard Helmets mod, all guards will be able to equip a much better helmet that leaves their faces visible, enhancing interaction and dialogues.

2. Improved Closed Face Helmet

How do you improve the closed face helmets included in Skyrim?

By adding proper eye sockets and gaps, of course!

This mod makes the closed-face helmets look considerably better by making it feel like there’s an actual face covered by the helmet.

Which is something the vanilla game doesn’t do well at all…

It’s something small, sure. But it’s these small details that make the game.

1. Helmet Overlays

I like wearing all these cool helmets as much as any other player.

But I still can’t fathom how it doesn’t make much of a difference while playing the game in first-person mode.

If you think like me, then Helmet Overlays is the mod to download.

With this installed you’ll get a truly immersive experience in first-person mode, since this adds tons of different overlays to match whatever helmet you might be wearing.