Best Skyrim Font Replacement Mods

When a game is as open to mods as Skyrim, almost every part of it can be changed with a little work.

Even the smallest and ones that seem the least important.

Even though text fonts aren’t the least important parts of a game, modders don’t put much thought into them.

But not for the people who make changes to Skyrim.

If you really want a custom user interface, these mods show that changing the fonts should be a top priority. And making changes to them can do a lot to make an old game feel new again.

Skyrim Interface Makeover

Font Replacement Mods

Don’t get me wrong, being able to change fonts is great. However, the interface also needs to be changed to fit the new fonts.

We don’t want things to look like a mess.

The Skyrim Interface Makeover mod does this exact thing.

If you install this, you’ll be able to use wider fonts without any trouble because it changes the layout of several interface elements and text boxes to better fit larger sizes.

There are also more interface options, which makes this a great mod to download even if you don’t plan to use any other font mods.

We love mods that can be used for more than one thing.

God of War 2018 Font Replacement

Come here, boy. Stop sulking, boy. And change the fonts, boy.

As Skyrim is clearly inspired by ancient Scandinavia, is anyone surprised that someone ported the great-looking Berzerker font used in the God of War interface?

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We may not be fighting the Norse Gods here. But we’re still about some very important business that deserves to look amazing at all times!

Celtic Font

If you think Skyrim looks more Celtic than Nordic, I have two things to say.

First, you might need to learn more about history.

Second, get the Celtic Font mod and install it.

This mod is a very simple add-on that replaces Skyrim’s vanilla font with a new one.

In particular, a newer font with a clear Celtic feel.

And if you want to make the rest of Skyrim feel like a Celtic world, all you have to do is look for Celtic mods on mod sites.

Or, who knows, we might make another list for that later.

Alternate Book Fonts

All good role-playing games develop their stories in many different ways.

Skyrim does it brilliantly with some books inside the game, but there’s a problem:

The font looks awful.

And here is a moderator who is willing to help.

Alternate Book Fonts is helpful for people like me who like to read books in games. It gives us a new font that looks a lot better than the default one and is much easier to read.

You have no reason not to read any of these books anymore.


Did you know that even font mods can be lore-friendly?

Talk about a dedicated fanbase.

Just imagine my shock when I discovered Sovngarde, a font mod that introduces a custom-made font which looks great on its own, and is a fit for the Nordic atmosphere of Skyrim.

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This mod also supports multiple languages as well, so you’ll be able to use it even if you’re playing the game in French, German, Italian, and so on.

Main Font Replacement

There is only one new font type in the mods for commoners.

There are six of them in mods for real Skyrim nobles like you.

The Main Font Replacement makes a big difference in how the game’s main interface looks.

It lets you change the plain-looking Futura font to one of six others, like the fantasy-like Magic Card or the cool TaraType.

And if these fonts aren’t enough for you, you can use the files that come with the mod to add your own font(s) to the game.

Diablo font replacer

This mod is a modification for a game that changes the main font to Exocet (heavy or light version) from the Diablo game series.

This means that instead of using the default font that comes with the game, the Exocet font will be used for all text displayed in the game, such as menu options, subtitles, and in-game dialogue.

The Exocet font is a distinctive font that was originally designed for the Diablo game series. It has a gothic and ominous appearance, which fits well with the dark and foreboding atmosphere of the game.

The mod author also mentions another font mod they created, which changes the size of the Kingthings Petrock fonts in Skyrim, another video game.

It’s important to note that these mods may only work for specific versions of the game and may require additional software or installation steps to function properly.

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Overall, this mod is designed to give players a new and unique visual experience while playing the game.