Craft Most Lethal Poison

How To Craft Most Lethal Poison in Skyrim

There are many ways to kill an enemy in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Assassins often use Most Lethal Poison as one of their favorite ways to kill.

Damage Health potions are some of the most useful because they can kill an enemy in a matter of seconds. All of them pale in comparison to one poison, though.

Jarrin Root is probably known to long-time players. It’s a very rare ingredient, and without exploits, you can only get a single sample.

Jarrin Root can be used by a master alchemist to make the most dangerous poison in the game. Normal methods can only make up to two, so be smart about how you use them.

Maxing Out The Alchemy Skill

 Most Lethal Poison

The most time will be spent on the first step, which is also the most basic. To get the most out of this deadly mixture, you need to be an expert at Alchemy.

Poisons with a higher Alchemy rating are more dangerous, so make sure to get a base score of 100 in that skill.

Check out this useful guide to learn how to get the most out of Alchemy. Continue to make potions, talk to trainers, read skill books, and do other things.

Once you get that coveted 100 rating, all your hard work will have paid off. Make sure to get these benefits during this process……

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Essential Alchemy Perks

A player can do more than just work on their Alchemy skill. Along the way, you must make sure to get these important bonuses if you want this poison to work as well as possible.

These are:

  • Alchemist (All 5 Levels)
  • Poisoner

The Alchemist perk has 5 levels. Each of them makes one’s potions and poisons more powerful. At the top level of this perk, poisons you make at home are twice as strong.

Also, the Poisoner perk gives brewed poisons a +25% boost in how well they work. You’ll need all six of these benefits to reach the top of the skill.

Equip The Right Gear

After players have learned everything there is to know about Alchemy, it’s time to get the right tools. Items of clothing that have been enchanted give extra benefits.

In this case, the player should wear at least four pieces of clothing that are enchanted with the “Fortify Alchemy” spell.

These can include hoods, helmets, gauntlets, and/or gloves. Things like rings, necklaces, and circlets can also be used.

Each of these four things should have a 25% bonus to Fortify Alchemy. When worn together, the bonuses give a +100% boost to the Alchemy skill. This makes the poisons you make even stronger.

Collecting The Ingredients

Now that everything is set up, you can start brewing. Jarrin Root can be mixed with many different things, but there is one combination that gives the best results.

This is how the right mix should look:

Jarrin Root + Blisterwort + Human Heart

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This mix of ingredients makes a poison with five effects: it hurts your health, your magic, your magic’s ability to heal, your stamina, and it makes you crazy.

By the time all of these things happen, an enemy will be nearly insane and nearly helpless.

Where To Find The Ingredients

  • Jarrin Root – Given automatically to the player when starting the Dark Brotherhood quest, “To Kill an Empire.” (Note: Don’t use the Jarrin Root to poison the Emperor. Save it).
  • Blitsterwort – Purchased in alchemy shops, such as Arcadia’s Cauldron. Also found in caves.
  • Human Heart – Easiest location is the Aretino Residence in Windhelm.

The Final Product

If you have these three things, you can go to an Alchemy Table and mix them together.

The final product will be a Damage Health poison that can cause tens of thousands of damage points and secondary damage to the victim’s Stamina and Magicka.

You want Alduin or the Ebony Warrior to look like fools?

Put this poison on your favourite weapon and watch them lose all of their health. You can only use this poison twice, so be careful who you choose to fight.

How To Duplicate The Poison

It has already been said that you can only make up to two samples of this colossal Damage Health poison.

If a player has the Sinderion’s Serendipity perk, they have a 25% chance to make a copy of a potion or poison they made at the Alchemy Table.

This is the only way to get two samples of this poison the right way. “A Return to Your Roots” lets you get Sinderion’s “Serendipity.”

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Of course, less honest players can easily copy this poison by using the PC’s console commands. If that path is taken, the player will become an unstoppable killing machine that can’t be stopped.

On the other hand, making the most dangerous poison in the game took a lot of hard work. Why not take longer to enjoy it?