12 Best Dragonbone Weapon Mods For Skyrim

As soon as you kill your first dragon, which will probably be on the edge of Whiterun, you’ll start getting dragon bones.

If you’ve played RPGs before, you might know right away what they’re for. Or maybe you just pick them up and carry them back, since a dragon dropped them.

So, it must matter, right?

Oh, sure! The Dragonbone family of weapons is by far the most powerful. If you can carry these heavy weapons, they will help you on the battlefield more than anything else.

Even so, there are always ways to make a weapon better, especially with mods.

Here are some mods that can help you change the look of your Dragonbone gear, whether you want it to have more power, higher-resolution textures, or a whole new look.

12. No More Fork-like Dragonbone Arrows

Dragonbone Weapon Mods

One item that has always bothered me profoundly in the Dragonbone family is the arrow, which features a three-pronged fork arrowhead that makes no sense unless you’re hunting fish.

Do you know how arrows kill? They make holes in vital organs.

Do you know what a three-pronged arrowhead won’t let it do? Penetrate more than one or two centimeters.

I get that Bethesda wanted it to look primal and dangerous, but this is just immersion-breaking.

This mod by Jokerine quickly fixes the issue by replacing the original trident arrowhead with a more believable pointy arrowhead.

11. Dragon Glass Weapons

Next up, we’ve got a hybrid weapon set that combines elements from the vanilla Glass and Dragonbone weapons to create a unique and attractive Dragon Glass pack.

Each of these weapons fuses the handle of a Dragonbone weapon with the blade of a Glass one.

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The vanilla Glass blades can look a bit goofy due to their bright aquamarine color – but not these.

No, this weapon set by XvomTheMad features transparent a smoky gray crystal worthy of the name “Dragon Glass.”

10. Dragonbone Claymore

Every time a giant bounces me hundreds of meters up in the sky, I blame my weapons.

It’s not that a small-brained brute just bested me with sheer strength despite my years of Thu’um training and fighting expertise – it’s that my weapons are like toothpicks against these lumbering titans.

Well, not anymore.

The Dragonbone Claymore by Augh will finally give you the massive anime blade you always deserved.

Plus the dragon vertebrae scabbard is some next-level intimidating stuff.

With this weapon, I only have myself to blame when I inevitably get bounced into the air again.

9. Dragonbone Warhammer Variations

Of all the Dragonbone weapons, the warhammer is by far my favorite. There’s nothing more badass than a giant hammer made from a dragon’s femur!

Do you know how much trouble I’ve gone through carrying those stupidly heavy bones back to the forge? That weight is just perfect for a hammer.

If you love the Dragonbone Warhammer but have grown a bit bored of it after so many years, consider Vpulse08’s alternative hammerhead models to switch things up.

I think this is one of the most appealing hammers ever made for Skyrim, and it fits right in with both the Dragonscale and Dragonplate armor sets.

8. Charred Dragonbone Weapons & Armor

Creator LeviAEthan brings us an exciting update to the vanilla Dragonbone Weapons, imbuing them with extra power and a dark color palette that makes them look, well, charred.

All of these Charred Dragonbone Weapons are almost identical to their vanilla counterparts, except their color is closer to the Ebony armor.

Some also have decorative red rubies on the handle for extra impact.

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This new color scheme gives them a different vibe than the vanilla Dragonbone weapons, making them ideal for a dark knight or even a demon.

7. Dragonbone Crossbow

Alternative weapon textures and other minor improvements are fine – but what about an entirely new weapon?

The Dragonbone Crossbow by Smognoggler is the most advanced piece of equipment for long-distance medieval murder in all of Skyrim.

This mod includes the corresponding Dragonbone Bolts, and special magic bolts that blow up and deal elemental damage.

Don’t worry about this top-of-the-line weapon making your game unbalanced. After all, you need to level up your Smithing to 100 for the Dragon Armor perk before you can make it!

6. Simply Destructive Dragonbone Weapons

Skyrim walks a fine line between goofy fantasy tropes and a gritty aesthetic.

The Dragonbone weapons are some of the grittiest. After all, they’re made out of a dragon’s skeleton. That’s hardcore, and the weapon’s designs reflect this bestial origin.

If you’re playing a more refined type of character, you’ll appreciate QuestionableKhajit’s Simply Destructive Dragonbone Weapons, which look like they were made during a Renaissance-like period in Skyrim’s history.

They’re beautifully decorated, boasting intricately sculpted hilts with golden accents. Yet they still look “worn” enough to match Skyrim’s more realistic style.

5. Frankly HD Dragonbone Weapons & Armor Sets

For those of you who like the vanilla design but want to bring it to the 2020s, the Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale mod by FrankFamily is a must-have.

Rather than changing the design of these fierce weapons and armor, this mod replaces their textures for high-definition versions, including 2K, 4K, and 8K.

Thanks to the neural network software used to upscale the vanilla textures, the resulting weapons and armor look crisp, with clearly defined details that really take them to the next level.

4. Dragonbone Mastery Weapons Retexture

Another fantastic option for those who appreciate Bethesda’s original designs is the Dragonbone Mastery Weapons Retexture by Nazenn.

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This retexture’s objective is to make the weapons look custom-made by a master blacksmith.

That means the finest wood, clean craftsmanship, and beautiful scabbards worthy of a prophesied hero.

There’s even a version with engraved dragon language text spelling “Dovahkiin”. Kind of like having your initials sewn into a handkerchief, but bloodier.

I’d also recommend getting Better Shaped Weapons for an even cleaner look.

3. Dragon Bone Weapons Complete

And here we’ve got one of the most badass weapon reworks ever made – Dragon Bone Weapons Complete by modder Theycallmecheese.

This takes the vanilla set’s rough and somewhat prehistoric appeal, and cranks it up to eleven.

These weapons look like something the Barbarian from Diablo III would enjoy.

Something that drives me wild about these weapons is how the edges of the blades are actually metallic. They look as if dragon bones had a metal core, which the blacksmith revealed through sharpening.

Of course, the non-bladed weapons don’t stay behind in how deadly they look.

The mace’s distinctive design is menacing, and that warhammer… it’s just brutal.

2. Arvak Dragonbones SE

The mod replaces the model of Arvak, a horse from Skyrim, with a model made from dragon bones.

The mod also adds a glowing effect to the mane, eyes, and tail, which was taken from the original NIF file.

It’s an adaptation of an old mod that was made previously.

1. Shadowed DragonBone Weapons

This mod is a quick and easy recolor of the vanilla Dragon Bone Weapons from Skyrim.

The mod changes the colors of the weapons to make them appear darker, with three different shades of darkness.

Additionally, the mod also includes two other color options for the weapons.

Overall, this mod is a simple way to give the Dragon Bone Weapons a new look without making any significant changes to their stats or functionality.