17 Best Warhammers in Skyrim

Using Warhammers some of Skyrim’s most fierce warriors are Dragonborn; they are slow-moving tanks that can take a lot of damage before throwing it back with 10 times as much force.

They are the two-handed weapon warrior class’s berserker brutes, the exact opposite of Skyrim’s sly spellcasters in every way.

In reality, there aren’t many pleasures in life that can compare to avoiding a mage’s lethal blasts and getting close enough for a match-ending face smash.

17. Glass Warhammer


Not just this warhammer, but a lot of things made of glass look great. Even though this weapon looks great, it doesn’t have anything special about it because it’s not unique.

Even so, it’s still a good choice. Use a Glass Warhammer while you level up.

It does require a fairly high Smithing level to upgrade, so if you’re not interested in Smithing, move on as soon as you can.

16. Aegisbane 

Aegisbane is a unique Warhammer that hurts all enemies by five points of fire and frost damage.

Even though Aegisbane isn’t the most powerful Warhammer in Skyrim, it’s one of the best because it’s easy to get compared to most of the other Warhammers in the game.

This is because it’s easy to join the Dark Brotherhood, which is required to get Aegisbane.

During the Dark Brotherhood quest “Mourning Never Comes,” you find Aegisbane on the body of Alain Dufont. This mission is the first big quest in the Dark Brotherhood questline.

The fastest way for the Dragonborn to join the Dark Brotherhood is to go to Windhelm and talk to Aventus Aretino.

The Dragonborn will then get an objective that will lead the player to join the Dark Brotherhood.

15. Nordic Warhammer

I can’t help but cringe when I imagine how ugly the carved mouth at the front gets after thrusting it into an unhelmeted brain bucket, even though the sleek steel and quicksilver hammerhead contribute to this weapon’s refined barbarian appearance.

There is no way an opponent can withstand a driving bite from this weapon, and if it can, there is always a devastating armor spike on the backswing to cover any shortcomings.

Only the Solstheim region, which is only accessible with the Dragonborn DLC, offers the Nordic Warhammer.

“The Chief of Thirsk Hall” quest can be made at a blacksmith’s forge or obtained from a deceased customer at the Thirsk Mead Hall.

The raw appeal of the Nordic Warhammer is only made better by the fact that it can be won in a big bar fight.

14. Shagrol’s Warhammer

Don’t let this Warhammer’s appearance mislead you. Its current state is transitory; later on, it will change into something far more amazing and powerful than it was before.

However, it’s worthwhile to examine the hammer in its original state.

On the southern shores of LakeHenrichh, the lake by which the town of Riften is set, head to Largashbur, an orc stronghold.

Here, you can begin The Cursed Tribe, one of Skyrim’s Daedric missions, after observing the neighborhood orcs repel a monster.

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A small Orichalcum hammer that deals 21 points of damage and has no special abilities, Shagrol’s Warhammer is the reward for slaying a giant in Giant’s Grove, which the player will be entrusted with doing.

13. Troll’s Bane

From the town of Markarth in the Reach, go east along the southern mountain ridge until you come to Cradle Stone Tower, an old guard tower.

Two trolls will be fighting each other in a little nook in the hillside just to the west of it, guarding the corpse of a previous victim.

Before his unfortunate demise, this man, who was originally known as Frofnir Trollsbane, was the owner of Trollsbane, a hammer that is particularly effective at dealing with these troublesome beasts.

It deals 22 damage, but when used against any kind of troll, it ignites them and deals 15 points of fire damage.

It is a situational weapon, but even so, its base damage is somewhat higher than the Aegisbane’s, making it marginally more lethal.

12. Dawnguard Hammer of Rune

This Warhammer is only accessible to those who have the Dawnguard DLC, as the name would imply.

Florentius Baenius, who the player should speak to after joining the Dawnguard, will instruct them to find, bring back, and bring back an item from a random place.

The mission is called Lost Relic, and it may be completed three times with various materials and settings each time.

The Dawnguard Rune Hammer is one of the artifacts, and it can be located in a wide variety of undetermined places.

It has a base damage of 22, but what makes it remarkable is that each time the user uses it to attack, a rune is made.

The rune is quite a potent weapon against a huge mob of opponents in confined locations, doing 50 fire damage to those who come into touch with it.

It will perform particularly effectively against foes who are vulnerable to fire damage.

11. The Longhammer

Due to the fact that this hammer isn’t linked to any specific quests, it’s possible to acquire it remarkably early in the game.

However, because it’s in a cave with some of Skyrim’s most evil and challenging adversaries, including Chaurus and Falmer, care is advised.

Alternatively, you could just level up first. Go to Liar’s Retreat, a cave on the Reach between Solitude and Markarth, east of Karthwasten. The player will find Rahd’s corpse and the Longhammer at the end of this dungeon-like cave.

Its a unique and very lethal ability to swing far more quickly than any other hammer in the game. Just imagine a hammer’s base damage paired with a faster attack speed.

Due to its ability to deal out significantly more damage each second while having a low base damage rating of only 21 points, it scores substantially higher than any prior hammer.

Additionally, as the game does not recognize this ability as an enchantment, it can be coupled with another enchantment to increase its lethality. Why not adore it?

10. Volendrung

Recall Shagrol’s pitiful Warhammer, which can be found in the mission The Cursed Tribe.

Believe it or not, the Daedric Lord of Orcs, Malacath, really transforms the Warhammer into something far more destructive at the very conclusion of the mission.

Volendrung is the name of the brand-new hammer, and it has a distinctly frightening appearance.

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Its damage, in addition to its attractiveness, is impressive. Its base damage is 25, which is significantly more than any of the earlier hammers’ base damage.

Furthermore, it offers the player 50 stamina points for every monster it hits, giving them effectively endless stamina to use in deadly power attacks.

There is also a little history behind this hammer.

According to legend, the hammer was formerly in the possession of a Dwemer clan that originated from Morrowind, and it was hurled across Tamriel to determine where the clan would dwell.

That is how the name Hammerfell was given to the province.

9. Champion’s Cudgel

The Champion’s Cudgel is without a doubt the best Warhammer in the game.

The enchantment of this hammer ultimately wins out, even though some of the earlier hammers have some amazing features and effects that make them shine.

A superb addition to any collection, it is also without a doubt the most expensive hammer among all the special ones in Skyrim.

The hammer can only be found in the Dragonborn DLC’s March of the Dead mission, which can be obtained from Captain Veleth in Raven Rock on the island of Solstheim.

At some point, the player will have to take down an Imperial General named Falx Carius, who will then drop the weapon.

Its base damage is 24 points, which is less than the Volendrung’s, but its chaos damage enchantment makes up for this.

It is quite insane because it has a 50% chance to deal 25 points of ice, fire, and shock damage. Not to mention, it’s the only hammer in the entire game that properly embodies the Imperial aesthetic.

8. Ebony Warhammer

It should be noted that stumbling while carrying the Ebony Warhammer on the icy hills around Skyrim could cause terrible maiming due to the weapon’s many razor-sharp spikes.

If you can avoid unintentionally skewering yourself, there are few weapons more dangerous than the Ebony Warhammer.

Base damage for this attack is a walloping 25 damage, enough to stun dragons or launch a mudcrab beyond the boundaries of Skyrim and into a neighboring continent.

Beware: this weapon’s heavyweight results in a slow swing speed, opening the door for a speedier foe to jump in with a few lethal jabs and dash out before you can connect. Add an enchantment, and you have a truly powerful weapon.

Before selecting this weapon, I would hit the gym.

7. Dawnguard Runehammer

The Dawnguard Runehammer is the only heavy weapon expert you need to set up a fireworks display in a dungeon, crypt, or thieves’ den.

If you hit this ornate beauty, it will set off a 50-point fire that will burn most enemies to ashes.

A few 23-damage swings from the Dawnguard Runehammer will do the trick if a triggered rune bomb isn’t enough.

This is especially true when fighting vampires, since all Dawnguard weapons, including this one, are very good at killing the undead bloodsuckers.

6. Stalhrim Warhammer

The Stalhrim Warhammer is a formidable weapon, a deadly hybrid of Harley Quinn’s trademark mallet and the Titanic’s sinking iceberg.

The force of being struck by this Warhammer is comparable to that of being struck in the chest by a moving meteorite.

Because it is constructed from an extremely dense ice crystal that the ancient Nordic inhabitants of Stalhrim Island revered, this weapon is only available as part of the Dragonborn DLC.

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If you can land a hit despite its glacial swinging speed and boulder-sized weight, few Warhammers in Skyrim deal more physical damage than this ice-cold maul.

The damage done by the Stalhrim Warhammer is also greatly increased by any frost-related boosts that your Dragonborn is good at.

5. Longhammer

At Liar’s Retreat, the poisonous green Longhammer is buried next to the crumpled remains of Raad, the bandit bartender who used to own it.

Rand seems to have died in battle, which is impressive since the Chaurus with armor and the angry Falmer outnumbered him.

The head of the real Longhammer is shaped like a claw, which seems like it would be good for breaking through enemy armor. The lightness of this weapon, which adds to its striking speed, is what distinguishes it.

Due to its 21-point physical damage and fast swings, this weapon is great for hitting opponents with thick armor over and over again before they can put up a defense.

4. Daedric Warhammer

The Daedric Warhammer is the biggest weapon to come out of the hellish fires of Oblivion. It was made by squeezing a beating Daedra Heart over melted ebony.

Like all Daedric weapons, the Daedric Warhammer is a spikey monster that gives off a hellish glow that hurts anyone who comes in contact with it.

Like the Ebony Warhammer, this weapon’s attack speed is very slow because of how heavy it is.

Nevertheless, the Warhammer’s 27-point physical damage more than makes up for this shortcoming, and when it’s endowed with a useful enchantment, it will rapidly inform your opponents of what occurs in the afterlife.

3. Dragonbone Warhammer

A Warhammer constructed of dragon bone could not have been designed any better by Bethesda. This item is essentially the femur end of a dragon that has been affixed to an ebony handle.

The apex of the Warhammer way of life is the Dragonbone Warhammer. I originally chose Volendrung as the mightiest Warhammer on this list because of its Cyrodiillic Ton weight.

A few strategically placed swings with this hammer, which has the highest physical damage on the list at 28 points, could easily level a city in Skyrim.

And finally, thrashing a dragon to death with the femur of one of its deceased brothers provides one of Skyrim’s more macabre delights. 10/10 would advise.

2. Orcish Warhammer

Where To Get: Once you reach level 7, orcish warhammers will begin to spawn in the game. Before level 7, you might discover them in particular places, but it’s simpler to wait and look for them when you level up.

Since Daggerfall, this iconic weapon has been a part of the game, despite a significant evolution in its appearance.

Although it deals respectable damage, it should only be utilized as a standard early-game weapon.

1. Elven Warhammer

Where To Get: Elven Warhammer will start to appear once you reach level 19, but enchanted versions won’t appear until level 20.

Elven weapons are frequently among the most beneficial pieces of equipment in the early stages of a game when it comes to common weapons.

And while maintaining almost the same weight, Elven Warhammers deal a few more points of damage than their Orcish counterparts.

It’s well worth looking for if you can.