12 Best Skyrim Medieval & Middle Ages Mods

In terms of how true to history Skyrim is, there is a lot to be desired.

Yes, the setting has a medieval feel to it. But people who like history won’t find much here.

But Skyrim can be changed with mods, just like most games these days.

This list has everything you might need to make Skyrim feel more like the Middle Ages, from more realistic armor to better music with a medieval theme to new ways to play a role.

Or at least into something that is pretty close to it.

Don’t pick at things!

12. True Medieval Economy

A mod which bring true medieval experience to Skyrim.

Supports all DLC and all mods!

11. True Medieval Tavern Music

Replaces tavern songs with real Medieval tunes to add to immersion.

This mod replaces vanilla music you hear in bars/taverns with true medieval music from long ago.

All music found on sites like archive.org

10. Yet Another Guard Armor

Want to know what makes a game set in the Middle Ages? Armors.

Or rather, armors that look real.

Yet Another Guard Armor is a mod that gives us new armor for a variety of Holds guards, from the lowliest grunts to the meanest sergeants.

Oh, and don’t walk by them while wearing jewelry. These guys remind me a lot of Vikings.

Don’t give them any reason to go back to their old ways!

9. Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification

I think the weapons in vanilla Skyrim look like they could kill you.

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Not likely to our enemies, though.

I never understood why they didn’t run away when they saw my huge swords and axes…

After I put the Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification mod on my computer, I finally got it.

Nothing is scarier than being thick. And if you want more depth, this mod is what you need. And please don’t smile. I’m talking about blades!

8. Celtic Music in Skyrim

Nothing enhances the Skyrim atmosphere more than some good music.

And there’s no better choice for a true medieval Skyrim experience than the Celtic Music mod.

You’ll find 79 new music tracks, which make for a total of a whopping 5 hours of new music.

It all sounds so amazing that even the fiercest music critic out there would have to admit that this mod is seriously something else.

Better yet, you can keep this running alongside the main game, since the mod doesn’t replace any of the vanilla music.

Now that’s what I call a win-win situation.

7. Wildcat

I love Skyrim as much as any other fan. But I can’t deny that combat leaves something to be desired.

I mean, why does it take so many hits to take down all those feeble-looking skeletons?

Thankfully, this problem can be solved with the Wildcat mod.

It’s a simple combat overhaul that introduces some nice mechanics like improved AI, faster and more visceral combat, and timed blocking.

That last feature by itself was enough to win me over. Nothing screams “realistic medieval combat” like a perfect shield block. And a subsequent axe to the face.

6. Sutvaka Fortified Estate

Turning Skyrim into a proper medieval experience is probably hell for the hundreds of poor NPCs who barely manage to scrape by each day.

But we’re the protagonist. And we get all the benefits.

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Like an amazing fortified estate!

I’m sure you can take a glance at the images on the mod page to see why this is so great.

The Sutvaka Fortified Estate mod offers some amazing things like a rest area with a hot spa, a Dwarven bath, plus a Tavern complete with a barkeep that knows what he should serve me before I even ask.

Not to mention the guard barracks filled with loyal men ready to give up their lives to save mine.

5. Skyrim Horses Renewal

Nothing is more medieval than riding a horse.

And vanilla Skyrim has enough of this, but the animations are clunky and the hair physics don’t feel very good.

There are a lot of horse mods out there, but if you want to play the game like it was back in the day, I really recommend Skyrim Horses Renewal.

Now, your horse will finally act like the right horse for the one who saves the world.

4. Dice Games In Taverns

I love taverns.

I like how they feel. I love how bad their food is. I love the people who go there.

Even more so if they like to play games.

This mod isn’t too hard, since all it does is add a simple dice game that can be played in taverns.

But it helps Skyrim’s atmosphere a lot and makes it feel more like the Middle Ages (not quite, but closer!)

I mean, have you ever heard of a medieval tavern where people didn’t try to kill each other for cheating at dice?

3. Archery Gameplay Overhaul

I really don’t get why RPGs always have to feature archery in some form. But they almost always fail to implement it properly.

My character is a master archer: but I want wind speed and direction to matter!

While realistic physics for archery are probably too much for a game like Skyrim, this Archery Gameplay Overhaul mod can be more than enough for a more enjoyable experience.

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It brings in new animations, decreases the draw time, and even adds an effective arrow stab move bash attack.

Yep, just like they used to do in the Middle Ages. Probably.

2. Common Clothes

I know, I know. Armor sets are great.

But if you want an authentic medieval experience, you can’t wear chainmail all the time.

This Common Clothes mod may not be as flashy as most of the Skyrim clothing mods out there.

But I’d say this mod is an essential download for anyone dedicated to a medieval atmosphere.

Armor was expensive in the Middle Ages. Only a few could afford to purchase and maintain an armor set, so most people could only afford simple clothes.

Kinda like the 100+ new outfits included in this mod.

It’s true that these won’t protect you much in battle. But this is a sacrifice worth making if you’re seeking true historical accuracy!

1. Alternate Start

Being the Dragonborn is all well and good… only that it isn’t terribly realistic.

People on the Middle Ages led much more modest lives, after all.

So if you want to experience a life of modesty and poverty for yourself, I have a couple of words to say (or type).

First, you’re crazy.

Second, download & install the Alternate Start mod.

With this add-on you’ll be able to make a few choices at the beginning of the game that will have an impact throughout your adventure. And there’s quite a lot you can change.

This is easily one of the best mods for those who want to take role-playing in Skyrim to a whole new level.

And I say it’s time for the common peasants to shine!