15 Best Werewolf Mods in Skyrim

In Skyrim, it can be a lot of fun to be a werewolf. But it also feels like it could be better sometimes.

There are just a few things about the perks and skill tree that don’t feel quite right. Even the werewolf form feels like it could use a few tweaks here and there.

So, I decided to make a long list of werewolf mods that will make you feel like a true servant of the full moon.

Most of these mods work well with each other, but I wouldn’t try to use two overhauls at the same time because they sometimes have bugs.

Tales of Lycanthropy is a great mod, but Moonlight Tales is the best overhaul out there. When you’re done reading this list, you’ll see what I mean.

15. Diverse Werewolves Collection

When you install the Diverse Werewolves Collection mod, the werewolves you fight in random wild encounters or Silver Hand bases will be more varied.

When a vanilla werewolf spawns from a levelled list, they will have 38 options, 13 for werebears and 25 for werewolves. Each of these choices has 11 possible levels, giving you a total of 418 new types of enemies.

There are also new skins for non-player characters who are werewolves, like Singing and Aela. But keep in mind that the creatures don’t have special skills or meshes. It only changes how things look.

14. Toggleable Werewolf Form

Do you ever wish there was a way to turn into a werewolf with the flip of a switch? Well, it looks like your wish has come true!

The Toggleable Werewolf Form mod for Skyrim changes three things about how werewolves change:

  • The change into a werewolf will now last a lot longer.
  • You can hold down the howl button to go back at any time.
  • Now that Beast Form is less powerful, you can use it more than once a day.

13. Epic Elemental Werewolf

Epic Elemental Werewolf is a mod that gives Skyrim brand-new spells. You can turn into a werewolf whenever you want if you know how to cast these spells.

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The mod not only makes you a beast, but it also gives you elemental buffs and effects.

When you cast epic fire werewolf, for example, you will turn into a fire werewolf and make a rain of fire that hurts all hostile enemies near you.

12. Growl – Werebeasts Of Skyrim

Growl is a werewolf mod for Skyrim that makes small changes to the werebear and werewolf characters.

The mod makes werebeast combat, experience gain, scaling, perks, lunar transformations, and the way mortal and best form work together better.

The mod makes werebears and life in general better in many ways.

With this mod, players will now have a great choice in werebeasts. The mod makes this race better without making the game less fair.

11. Unlimited Werewolf Transformations

This mod is perfect for you if you’ve ever wanted to be a werewolf forever and not depend on the moon.

Unlimited Werewolf Transformations is a mod for all platforms that lets you turn into a werewolf as many times as you want.

So get this Skyrim mod for PC, Xbox One, or PS4 and stay in the best form of a werewolf forever!

10. Bloodmoon Rising – Moonlight Tales

This mod can be used on its own, but it works much better if Moonlight Tales is also installed.

This mod is mostly made to give players who like a challenge (those who play on Master difficulty or higher) a bigger challenge than what the base game can give them.

But it also makes it easier to stay alive in harder games, which makes the game better and less frustrating.

The mod works well with the Moonlight Tales mod and works with any other mod that doesn’t mess with the skill tree.

9. Be Both Vampire and Werewolf

Okay, listen to me out: how cool would it be if we could become both a vampire and a werewolf at the same time and be a true servant of the night?

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I know that the name of the mod gives away the surprise, but you can do exactly that with this one.

You can be both a vampire and a werewolf with this mod. But you can’t turn in both directions at once.

There was another mod that let you be a weird creature with parts of both werewolves and vampires, but I didn’t like how it looked.

8. Underworld Dawnguard – Vampire and Werewolf Eyes

Is it just me, or do the eyes of Underworld characters look very cool?

Well, it can’t just be me, because someone came up with the idea of making a mod that changed the way eyes look to make them look just like those in movies.

It goes without saying that they look really cool. If you want to change how your werewolf looks, give this freebie a quick look.

7. Tales of Lycanthropy

The first big change mod on my list is Tales of Lycanthropy.

It brings back the werewolf disease from Morrowind and adds new transformations and settings that even players who aren’t very good with technology can easily change.

A great mod that makes being a werewolf more fun by giving you a lot more options than the original game.

6. Werewolf Revert Form

The worst thing about being a werewolf is that you never really have control over what you do.

If you could turn back into a human, it would change the game and make you feel like a much stronger being of the night.

This mod lets you do just that, and it doesn’t need any other changes to the game to work.

5. Werewolf Perks Expanded

Okay, this one takes care of one of my biggest complaints about werewolves in Skyrim. So I’m putting it high on my list!

This mod changes the skill tree to fix the fact that werewolves don’t seem to have many or any useful perks in the game.

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It makes werewolf advantages very helpful. It also adds ignore armour, which is one of my favourite bonuses.

This mod makes hacking and slashing more fun and useful than ever before.

4. Werewolf Mastery

With this mod, you can change how strong werewolves are in the game.

If you’ve been playing for a while and your character is already over level 50, becoming a werewolf won’t help you much.

Well, this mod lets you improve your night-dweller skills and make it feel more like being a werewolf in the game as a whole.

3. Predator Vision

With this amazing and immersive mod, you can see just like a werewolf.

Find your enemies no matter how bright it is, and find your prey in any way you want.

With the Predator Vision mod, you can hunt in Skyrim like a real hunter or, should I say, manhunter?

You won’t just be able to see the shapes of your enemies. But you’ll be able to see well at night as well.

2. Heart of the Beast

If you get this mod, you don’t really need the Underworld eye changer.

This one will do the whole job of reworking. Heart of the Beast makes werewolves sound like really scary creatures and changes the textures of their fur and skin, making them feel much more “real.”

This might not change anything about how the game is played, but if you want to feel like you’re in the game, Heart of the Beast is hard to beat.

1. Moonlight Tales

This overhaul mod adds a lot of new things to the game, like the ability to turn into a werebear and even have werewolf friends.

A mod that every fan of werewolves needs to have.

Each werewolf’s skin will feel different and look better.

And if you want to look for a cure, you’ll have new options (but why would you? Traitor).

In any case, I think Moonlight Tales is by far the best mod for werewolves in Skyrim.

Because it makes the game unique, it’s a surefire way to get into the game.