Skyrim: Where Do You Get Juniper Berries?

Hey there fellow adventurer, are you looking for some juicy Juniper Berries to add to your alchemy collection in Skyrim?

Well, let me tell you where to find them!

Juniper Berries are small blue berries that grow on trees in the Reach, which is located in the western part of Skyrim.

These berries are a popular ingredient in alchemy and can be found in various locations such as Dushnikh Yal, Valthume, and the village of Karthwasten.

If you don’t want to go out and search for them, you can also check with the alchemy merchants in Skyrim.

There’s a good chance that they’ll have some in stock since Juniper Berries are so popular.

Now, let’s talk about what you can do with these berries. Juniper Berries can be used in alchemy to create potions that have various effects.

For example, they can make you weak to fire, increase your marksmanship skills, heal your health, or even hurt your stamina regeneration.

The trees that produce Juniper Berries are small and have green leaves. You can find them all over Skyrim, but the Reach has the most of them.

They can be found in the mountains, next to the road, and along the big river that runs through the Reach.

So, if you’re looking to add some Juniper Berries to your alchemy collection, keep an eye out for those small blue berries on trees in the Reach.

And if you’re not sure what they look like, check out the picture above for a helpful guide.

Dushnikh Yal

You can try the orc fortress of Dushnikh Yal, which is southeast of the city of Markarth.

There are a lot of Juniper plants growing in this area if you look around.

More specifically, there are 58 plants here that grow outside the stronghold and along the dirt roads.


Valthume is a place of Nordic ruins that can be found southeast of Markarth and east of Dushnikh Yal.

Around the buildings, you can find 57 plants with Juniper Berries on them.


Karthwasten is a town in the Reach that is full of miners.

In and around the town, you can find 49 Juniper plants.

There is a road to the west that leads to the mountains, and if you follow that path, you can also find Juniper plants growing all around that area.


What are Juniper Berries used for in Skyrim?

Juniper Berries are a popular ingredient in alchemy and can be used to create potions with various effects, such as increasing marksmanship, healing health, and weakening the user to fire.

What do Juniper Berries look like in Skyrim?

Juniper Berries are small blue berries that grow on trees with green leaves. They can be easily recognized by their distinctive color and shape.

Can I use Juniper Berries to create more than one type of potion in Skyrim?

Yes! Juniper Berries can be combined with other ingredients to create different types of potions, depending on what effect you’re looking to achieve.