12 Best Skyrim Legend of Zelda Mods

Mod developers often take content from one game and put it into another, and Skyrim is no different.

Since crossovers are so fun, let’s look at some Legend of Zelda mods that are made for your journey.

We have everything, from fans to music to gear.

In the world of Elder Scrolls, get ready to make your own little piece of Hyrule.

12. Zelda – Darknut Battlesword

Legend of Zelda Mods

This mod adds a new sword to Skyrim that is modeled after the grand buster sword wielded by darknuts in the game Twilight Princess.

The blade requires one ingot of steel, five of ebony, and three leather strips, along with an Ebony smithing perk to craft.

The creator notes that this sword is a part of a much larger mod that will be implemented in the future.

The original concept for the sword is credited to Nintendo, while the model and texture were created by Overmind5000.

11. Legend of Zelda- Fierce Deity Sword

This mod adds a new sword to Skyrim that is modeled after a sword from the Legend of Zelda series.

The sword was created using Maya 2012 and Mudbox and Photoshop were used for texturing.

This is the creator’s third sword mod for Skyrim and third Zelda sword mod overall.

The creator spent about 4 hours on the modeling and texturing, taking breaks in between. The sword is mistakenly labeled with “deity” instead of “deities.”

10. Princess Zelda Follower

We’re starting off strong with a Princess Zelda follower mod.

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This is exactly what it sounds like, in that you can gain a follower modeled after Zelda herself.

The mod developer vihanxero1 provided a lot of options for this follower, and even recommends various other mods if you’re wanting to change Zelda’s look. More specifically, he recommends this one for her classic attire.

But this Zelda follower is a Breton, and has features from the Mage, Archer, and Warrior classes.

9. Main Theme Replacement (Zelda)

Some of the most immersive mods in any game are related to changes in the music or theme.

And this mod is a simple one, but worth using:

It just adds custom LoZ music to your Zelda-themed playthrough.

So it’s really a music replacement mod that changes the Skyrim theme music in the main menu to be a Zelda Temple of Time remix song.

8. Gold to Rupees

For another immersive mod, check out Gold to Rupees (the title kinda gives this one away).

As you may expect, this changes the model for the gold coins to be green rupees across your whole playthrough.

But this developer went a step further and changed the gold-pickup sound clip to be the rupee-pickup sound clip too – taken directly from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

7. Link Revamp (LoZ)

If you ever wanted to play as Link, but in the Skyrim region, this is the mod for you.

You’ll start out with a custom character model that looks like everyone’s favorite Hylian protagonist.

But this mod isn’t a massive re-model of the character, so it’s more like a retexturing of certain gear to make vanilla items look closer to Link from the Zelda universe.

That said, there’s a lot of gear with curated traits and abilities that make sense for a Zelda theme. You’ll also find a traditional shield and sword that are reminiscent of many Zelda games as well.

6. Hyrule Castle Player House

This next entry is an ambitious and very exciting one to try out, that gives you a Hyrule Castle house to call your own.

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You can find it near Honningbrew Meadery.

There are a lot of items to uncover in this house, as well as new followers too. Included is a Zelda follower that you can even marry in-game.

Some of the more exciting items you’ll find in here that you may remember from the Zelda series are Lon Lon Milk, Roc’s Feather, the Strange Flute, and Silver Gauntlets.

5. Master Sword and Hylian Shield

What would a Zelda-themed playthrough be without a completely remodeled Master Sword and Hylian Shield for Link?

Not much of a playthrough at all.

And this mod gives you exactly those items.

This gear is modeled after the “Ocarina of Time” version of these items, and they’re all very detailed.

Both pieces are also very powerful and fun to run around in.

I recommend using a third-person view with these items equipped – better for immersion.

4. Majora’s Mask Moon

Majora’s Mask is one of the greatest Zelda games of all time.

But the threat of the moon collapsing into the planet is a threat the Dragonborn hasn’t faced before.

Until now.

This simple texture replacement mod changes the moon of Tamriel to match the moon from Majora’s Mask.

Yes, that moon, with the scary face and everything.

This simple detail doesn’t get in the way of your game, and it doesn’t come crashing into the world after 3 days either.

But it does add a nice cosmetic touch that’ll make you smile when you see it.

3.  The Legend of Zelda Skyrim Pack

This mod is massive in the amount of items and gear it adds to Skyrim.

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Everything you get is custom Zelda-themed gear, and is craftable and temperable.

There’s also a quest to get a Link follower as well.

But the highlights of this mod are the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Mirror Shield, and various alternate colors of Link’s clothing.

Aside from that, you can also craft the Megaton Hammer, Kokiri Sword, and various Elven items too.

And last but not least, you can even gain the help of Navi, which will follow you around as well.

2. Classic Zelda Music for Skyrim

This music mod replaces almost every piece of music with Zelda-themed music.

Most of the music is from “A Link to the Past”, “Ocarina of Time”, and “Majora’s Mask”, with some tracks from “Twilight Princess”. So it’s a good mix.

In a recent update, this mod developer added more music from “The Wind Waker” into the Dragonborn DLC. There are also options for downloading Zelda sound effects into the game as well.

This music is a reorchestration that fits very nicely into the Elder Scrolls world. So it’s absolutely brilliant for immersion.

1. Relics of Hyrule

One of the most popular mods for Skyrim is a Zelda-themed DLC-scale content pack.

Relics of Hyrule adds a huge amount of content.

This includes new weapons, armor, spells, and even dungeons as a nod to the Zelda universe.

The mod developer was careful to not overpower or replace the Elder Scrolls lore with Zelda content, but instead letting them coexist peacefully.

As of this writing, this mod has been actively developed and built since its initial release in 2013. It’s incredible to see a mod last this long and release new content every few months – all completely free of charge.

If there’s one Zelda mod you want to check out first, it’s Relics of Hyrule.