8 Best Loot Mods For Skyrim

In any game, it is a huge task to make a loot system that is fair and fun.

Not only do you have to think about how fun the game is, but you also have to find the right balance so that it doesn’t become a total bore.

The loot system in Skyrim isn’t very exciting. Most likely to make sure the game is as fair as possible.

But getting pretty bad items after fighting a boss isn’t much fun either.

Thanks to some amazing mods, this system can be changed so that you’re excited to get new loot again.

8. Narrative Loot


Narrative Loot is a mod that adds 1,629 new items to loot lists, such as paintings, dinnerware, and decorative books. The items fit seamlessly with the game’s existing styles and themes.

The mod also includes a new shop called “Hava’s Fine Wares” in Windhelm, which sells a rotating selection of items. The mod primarily affects miscellaneous item loot lists, chests, and vendors.

The items can be found in various locations throughout the game, adding depth to the storytelling and lore. The mod aims to enhance the overall loot experience and provide environmental storytelling.

7. OBIS Loot

This mod requires Organized Bandits In Skyrim (OBIS) and overhauls the visual appearance of many OBIS bandits and their loot. It also adds additional content.

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The mod includes a small script that functions similarly to the Transmute spell. The script searches your inventory for specific items, and if they are present, asks if you want to open a treasure chest.

If you decline, nothing happens. If you accept, you receive items from a leveled list and the chest and key are removed from your inventory.

6. Scarcity (Less Loot)

A mod that makes loot more scarce?

And what are the advantages here?

Quite a few, actually. Especially if you’ve installed tons of mods already.

With the Scarcity – Less Loot mod on, you’ll start getting less loot (even modded loot).

Some feel this can make the game more balanced, and it makes finding rare items more rewarding.

You can decide how much you want to adjust the loot scarcity too. There’s easily customizable settings, so it’s not like you’re completely stuck with mod defaults.

5. Quick Loot

Is it too much to ask for a simple & functional looting menu?

It seems so, apparently. Since the one in Skyrim is so darn clunky.

Thankfully, Bethesda learned their lesson and introduced a much better looting menu in Fallout 4 – which has now made the jump to Skyrim with this customized loot mod.

Simple and straight to the point.

If you’re a fan of Fallout 4, you’ll adjust to this one pretty quickly.

4. Auto Harvest II

I love looting as much as any other guy.

But I just hate how much time it takes sometimes!

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Well if you don’t want to play with vanilla settings, you can download Auto Harvest 2.

This mod introduces some different harvesting and looting options, able to suit any player’s needs.

Even those of players who want things to be as lore-friendly as possible, this mod can fit right in.

3. More Interesting Loot

So here’s an interesting one (can’t you tell by the name?)

More Interesting Loot simply tweaks the quantity and variety of items found in Boss treasure chests.

It adds over 1,000 new enchanted items, lowering the chances of receiving useless items after having survived a battle for your life.

Doesn’t this make boss battles exciting again?

It sure does for me.

2. Morrowind Miscellania

Do you remember how good loot used to be in Morrowind compared to Skyrim?

Well I do. And I can’t be alone on that.

Morrowing Miscellania is the perfect mod to download for those nostalgia fans like myself who really cannot stand how mediocre the Skyrim loot system is.

Offering a complete overhaul of the vast majority of items included in the base game, Skyrim will no longer feel the same. But in a good way.

1. Morrowloot Ultimate

Everything that Morrowing Miscellania does as a mod, Morrowloot Ultimate brings to the next level.

This mod only overhauls tons of items from the base game. But of course, that’s not all!

It also makes loot more valuable depending on its rarity level.

Since most rare weapons and armors are now more effective than before (and we want all the best stuff, right?), Morrowloot Ultimate also rebalances the game so that the experience continues to be both fair and somewhat challenging.

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How’s this for a proper overhaul?