15 Best Skyrim Necromancy Mods

Necromancy is a part of most high fantasy stories in some way.

The Elder Scrolls does talk about this, but it doesn’t give players a lot to do with it.

One of the most fun things about Necromancy is making an army of dead soldiers fight for you in battle. And the people who make mods are here to help.

Here is a list of the best Skyrim mods that let you become a Necromancer.

You can find a good mix of the best mods for followers, houses, armor, and gear right here.

Most of the book is about spells for necromancy, but there are some other surprises as well.

15. Necromancy Un-Hinged

Best Skyrim Necromancy Mods

The Necromancy Unhinged mod is an add-on for the Armored Skeletons and the Walking Dead mod that adds 11 new necromancy-themed skeletal summons, including a Dragon Priest and an optional Skeletal Dragon addon.

The mod includes 3 Master, 3 Expert, 3 Adept, and 2 Apprentice spells. The Dragon Priest spell can be stolen from Wuunferth the Unliving’s enchanting lab in Windhelm. The mod requires proper installation to function correctly.

The Dragon Priest summon is not overpowered and has limited magicka. The mod creator requests that users share screenshots of their experience with the mod.

14. Serana – No Necromancy

This mod simply removes the “Raise Zombie” spell from the character Serana in the game Skyrim. This is to prevent her zombies from disrupting the player’s plans.

The mod is intended for those who do not want to use console commands and do not want to download an “Unessential Serana” mod.

The mod author is also recruiting for a larger mod project called Dominion, which is about the war between Skyrim and the Aldmeri Dominion.

13. Vampire Lord Mass Necromancy

This mod enhances the raise dead spell for the Vampire Lord in Skyrim by raising the level cap of reanimation to 125, increasing the spell’s area effect to 150 feet, and allowing the spell to raise all undead within range for one minute.

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The spell cost has also been increased to 200 to balance these changes. The mod is meant to make the Vampire Lord feel more like the master of death and provide quick support during combat, but requires the Vampire Necromancy perk to raise multiple undead.

It is incompatible with any mods that alter the Vampire Lord’s raise dead spell.

12. DX Staff of Necromancy – LE

This mod turns Deserter X’s Necromancer Staves, which were previously accessories, into functional weapons with the Dread Zombie enchantment.

It includes all themes and textures with the original author’s permission. The mod can be obtained by finding a chest in the Hall of the Dead in Windhelm or using AddItemMenu.

It is standalone and can be used without the original mod.

11. Necromancy — Undead FX

This mod adds unique visual effects to reanimated zombies in Skyrim, making the strain of binding a soul to a corpse visible.

The effect includes disintegrating skin, a variety of patterns for visual diversity, and an underskin shader for Draugr or Skeleton.

There’s also a disenchantable amulet, an eye glow effect, and an MCM to customize FX parameters. Additionally, there’s an optional .esp file that removes the distracting blue glow from zombies.

10. Necromimesis

Necromimesis really starts off strong, offering plenty of new spells and perks for a Necromancer-style playthrough.

For example, you can have damage-over-time effects and minions, just to name a few.

The different perks provide typical Necromancer spells, including Death Bolt, Deathly Swarm, Corpse Explosion, and Siphon Life. Really there are so many additional options to suit your playstyle.

This mod was also designed with a higher difficulty in mind. So be sure to consider that when setting your own difficulty meter for the game.

9. Necromancy and Conjuration Extended

The school of Conjuration is perfect for Necromancy.

And this mod gives you a lot of new options (and even a story) to go along with your new spells.

You’ll find additional spells, perks, books, items, weapons, and some new armor too. Most of the new spells can be quite powerful – so it’s worth considering a higher difficulty level, unless you want an easy-breezy playthrough.

But the best part here is that there’s quite a bit of variety to this mod. So it’s worth spending some time looking through the notes to see what interests you.

8. Necromancer Spell Set

This next mod is massive in terms of what it adds to the game.

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In total, this adds 31 new Necromancer spells added to the school of Conjuration.

There are also different levels for these spells, from Novice to Master. But don’t worry because you’ll get Raise Skeleton early on.

I think this would be perfect to pair with some of the others in the list (specifically weapons/aesthetics) to give your necromancer even more skill availability.

7. Jenya – Dark Brotherhood Necromancer

Jenya is a new Necromancer follower mod that you can access in Dawnstar.

And she has a lot of typical spells to help you through the story.

But this mod also features some custom AI scripts to improve this follower. And Jenya also has healing abilities to help you in battle, plus other perks you would expect to find if you’re trying to raise the dead.

It’s worth noting that the character model might certainly appeal to a… male audience, mostly. So this is likely the best main “sexy” Necromancer follower that’s worth adding to your game.

But really, Jenya is great for all players. Give her a try and see what you think!

6. Jarek – Skeleton Necromancer Follower

Here we have another necromancer follower, but designed in a more unique way.

Jarek’s character model is a skeleton!

He’s also a Necromancer of a very old age.

A lot of effort went into the story for this follower, and no spoilers here since it’s worth finding out for yourself.

But Jarek has the typical Necromancer setup for skills and spells that you would expect. So he’ll fit in perfectly.

There’s even a questline tied to his story, and he rides a skeletal horse alongside you.

But all in all, this powerful companion is a great addition if you’re both using Necromancer abilities.

5. Corpse Preparation – True Necromancy

Now let’s say you’re looking for lore-friendly true necromancy in Skyrim. Well look no further.

Corpse Preparation is exactly what it sounds like: preparing corpses on an altar for reanimation.

This mod goes in-depth on the idea of Necromancy, and details how to actually perform it in-game. The lore is taken from lorebooks, dialogue, journals, and quests throughout the Elder Scrolls universe. So it’s really meant to keep you immersed.

Honestly, there aren’t many other mods like this – and certainly none that take it to this level of realism for a Necromancer.

4. Tirashan – Necromancer Home

Tirashan is an amazing new home for your character to enjoy.

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It’s built in a pocket dimension of Oblivion, and designed to appeal to any Necromancer.

This tower has a Dremora merchant, a plantable garden, a Disenchanting Font, and lots of well-crafted surroundings.

Plus it has all of the crafting stations and mysteries you could find in the forest as well. Truly a place to call home for any dedicated necromancer.

The developer Elianora spent a lot of time getting some of the details just right. So I’d also say this is great for anyone who’s very detail-oriented.

But overall, it’s just a nice touch for any Necromancer playthrough.

3. Lind’s Necromancer Robes Revamp

Oftentimes it’s the little details that make the biggest differences in Skyrim (especially with modding).

This custom Necromancer robe mod is intended to fit with those little details.

The typical Necromancer robe in-game is fairly bland and boring. This mod replaces the vanilla texture with a much higher resolution model.

These new robes feature chain-like belts, different skull decorations, and other patterns that you’ll find throughout. The detail is amazing and well worth installing to get your Necromancer looking their finest.

2. Advanced Skyrim Overhaul

So this mod is a specific version of the “Advanced Skyrim Overhaul” series.

Technically this is Nature of the Beast 2, which includes a huge Necromancer overhaul.

Some of its many features include ghost minions, spirit walking, dead detection, the Soul Reaver, warping, and a lot more.

And this mod includes a bunch of other features unrelated to Necromancy, so it really does feel like an overhaul.

But the minion and summon aspects put it near the top of this list with ease.

1. Psikotics Necromancy Mod

Psikotics Necromancy is the most obvious choice for the #1 best necromancer mod of all.

And I have to say, this is the most fully-featured mod for adding necromancy into Skyrim.

This adds over 70 perks for Conjuration that are focused on Necromancer abilities.

And it adds minions, spells, undead, damage-over-time effects, summoning, plus a totally new area and new questlines… and those are really just the most notable features!

If there’s only one mod you should install for a Necromancer playthrough, this is the one.

It offers so much flexibility for your playstyle, while still giving you all the spell options you could ever want.