Where Do You Farm Wolf Pelts in Skyrim?

Wolves can be found all over Skyrim, and you can steal their fur from them. You can also buy these pelts from sellers in towns and hunters in the wild.

But because wolves live almost everywhere, the best way to get their fur is to hunt them in the wild.

You can find them alone or in groups roaming the woods, tundra, caves, mines, and even the cold northern parts of Skyrim.

Pit Wolves can also be found in places like Cragslane Cavern and Faldar’s Tooth. These wolves also drop Wolf Pelts.

Farming in the Wilds


As soon as you leave Helgen at the start of the game, you can run into wolves.

You can find 3 wolves on the side of the road near Embershard Mine. When you get close, they will attack. Even at low levels, they can be hard to deal with because they attack at the same time.

Early on, you might also see two or three wolves on the road from Riverwood to Whiterun or on the mountain path from the Riverwood bridge to Bleak Falls Barrow.

Wolves can also be found roaming the snowy parts of the mountains near Winterhold.

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There are also Ice Wolves, which can show up and drop Ice Wolf Pelts. The only difference is that these are a different color than the normal wolf skins.

You can also find a lot of wolves if you go to the coast north of Winterhold.

Wolves in Captivity

You can find Cragslane Cavern north of Shor’s Stone.

Outside the cave, there are two Pit Wolves in cages with Wolf Pelts on them.

You can get furs from four more Pit Wolves inside the cave. Keep in mind that there are also thieves and gamers in the area.

Faldar’s Tooth

Faldar’s Tooth is west of Riften. There are also a lot of caged Pit Wolves there.

If you get close, the bandits will let out two dogs that will attack you.

Pit Wolves are also kept in cages inside the fort. Around here is also a center arena where you can find and loot some dead wolves.

A lot of thieves are also setting up camp in the fort.

As you grow up, wolves will bother you less, making it easier to farm Wolf Pelts.

They can, however, give you the Rockjoint disease, which can make it so that physical weapons do up to 75% less damage if it gets bad enough. You can fix it by going to a shrine or drinking a fix Disease Potion.

It’s also important to know that wolf skins can be tanned to make leather.

This leather can be used to make different kinds of armor, such as Fur Armor, Leather Armor, and Studded Armor.


How do I farm wolf pelts in Skyrim?

To farm wolf pelts, you’ll need to hunt and kill wolves. When you encounter a wolf in the game, engage in combat and defeat it. After the wolf is slain, you can loot its body to obtain a wolf pelt. Repeat this process by searching for more wolves in different locations to collect multiple pelts.

What are wolf pelts used for in Skyrim?

Wolf pelts are primarily used for crafting and trading purposes in Skyrim. They can be used in leatherworking to create various items such as armor, clothing, and tents. Additionally, some characters or merchants may be interested in purchasing wolf pelts, making them valuable for generating gold.

Can wolf pelts be bought or sold in Skyrim?

Yes, wolf pelts can be both bought and sold in Skyrim. You can sell wolf pelts to general goods merchants, hunters, or blacksmiths who deal with leatherworking. Additionally, you may find some merchants who sell wolf pelts as part of their inventory, allowing you to purchase them if needed.

Are there any quests or specific locations related to farming wolf pelts in Skyrim?

While there aren’t any specific quests centered around farming wolf pelts, you can generally find wolves in various wilderness areas throughout Skyrim. Locations such as Falkreath Hold, Whiterun Hold, the Rift, and the Pale are known to have frequent wolf encounters. Exploring these regions and engaging in combat with wolves will increase your chances of obtaining wolf pelts.