11 Best Vlindrel Hall Mods for Skyrim

In the private area of Markarth, there is a beautiful brass door that leads into the mountain.

It’s the entrance to Vlindrel Hall, which is possibly the best house in the whole city.

As you walk up to the door, you can see a beautiful view of the city from where it is. Inside, you’ll find a cozy house that’s kept warm by Dwemer pipes that run through it.

This house is perfect for a traveling Dragonborn who needs a safe place to store their weapons, armor, items, and books away from their enemies.

There are also a lot of mods to choose from if you want to make this house even better.

11. Vlindrel Hall Remade

Vlindrel Hall

The “Markarth Player Home Overhaul” mod is a modification for a game that focuses on transforming the player home in Markarth to reflect the status of being a Thane of the silver city.

This mod aims to make the player’s residence in Markarth more immersive, atmospheric, and practical while maintaining a moderate size.

The overhaul introduces various enhancements to the home, such as improved aesthetics and ambiance, additional utilities, and features that align with the grandeur and significance of being a Thane.

These changes aim to provide a more satisfying and fitting player home experience in Markarth, elevating it to a level worthy of the city’s reputation as a silver-city.

10. Vlindrel Garden

Markarth is a pretty harsh-looking place, all stone and brass with little in the way of greenery.

If you want to bring some nature and relaxation to this rocky city, the Vlindrel Garden mod is a fine option.

This add-on modifies the area right outside Vlindrel Hall’s entrance, introducing several planters and vines that give you a taste of the outside world while inside Markarth.

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It also adds sitting space to lounge around, drink some mead, and enjoy the scenery.

9. Simple Vlindrel Hall Improvements

It’s normal for a home to need some work when you just move into it.

If the Dragonborn can save the world, I’m sure they can handle some minor renovations.

Simple Vlindrel Hall Improvements shows us what would happen if a Dragonborn with a bit of cash and an eye for interior design moved in.

It adds an oven and a butter churn, moves the cooking pot from the bedroom to the kitchen, and places lovely curtains in the sleeping area for extra privacy.

More importantly, it adds new space for guests and children – and you no longer need to say goodbye to your alchemy lab when buying the kid’s bedroom.

8. Ian’s Vlindrel Hall

If you’re looking for something really unique, Ian’s Vlindrel Hall is the best overhaul for sure.

This crazy mod changes all of the meshes and textures in Vlindrel Hall for something completely different. Not only is it different from most of Markarth – it’s different from anything else in Skyrim.

This new home is full of marble and polished wood.

A gorgeous wallpaper lines the walls, and everything looks super clean.

The textures might feel a little “simple” and maybe even too smooth, but the more time I spend in this unique space, the more I like it.

7. Beautiful Vlindrel Hall

For something more traditional but just as visually stimulating, consider Beautiful Vlindrel Hall.

This mod focuses on decorating this player home with many static items. Some include an organ, a throne, and a large feast always served at the table.

My favorite decorations are the preserved butterflies and scrolls about different ingredients on the walls of the alchemy area.

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It’s basically dark academia – Markarth style.

6. Cynn’s Vlindrel Hall

On the other side of the clutter spectrum, we find Cynn’s Vlindrel Hall, which gives this player home a spacious and fresh feel.

This remodeled player home takes a minimalist approach.

It adds amenities like a workshop and an alchemy lab that won’t disappear when upgrading the home but leaves most of the space unused for the Dragonborn to fill up as they please.

This mod is that it feels a lot less cramped than the average remodel and even the vanilla Vlindrel Hall. It’s the kind of place I’d prefer in real life!

5. Vlindrel Mansion

Vlindrel Hall is a good home if you absolutely need to live in Markarth.

But compared to some other vanilla homes, it lacks many things.

If your Dragonborn has no interest in living below their means, the Vlindrel Mansion might be their place.

This mansion-sized remodel of Vlindrel Hall adds four extra rooms, an indoor pool, a secret room for all your treasures, and a fully-equipped workshop, so you don’t have to walk across town just to melt some iron ore.

My favorite addition has to be the prodigious amount of decoration and clutter. There are folded towels, hanging clothes, fish tanks, and many planters for the Dragonborn with a green thumb.

4. Vlindrel Hall – An Interior Overhaul Project

Markarth architecture is dominated by the merging of Nord aesthetics and costumes with the advanced and mysterious ruins left behind by the Dwemer.

The Interior Overhaul Project by Sette makes this cocktail of influences even more prevalent in Vlindrel Hall

This mod puts the spotlight on the Dwemer-influenced parts of Vlindrel Hall.

It adds many more Dwemer pipes running along the roof and features deactivated Dwemer guardians as decoration.

There’s also plenty of moss and vines growing around the house and many Nord staples like cattle horn chandeliers that add a contrasting, rustic appeal.

3. Anna’s Vlindrel Hall

If you choose to live in Markarth, you probably don’t care much for luxury.

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You would’ve picked Solitude for that!

Anna’s Vlindrel Hall is one of my favorite improvements to this stone-and-brass player home because it manages to remain modest and relatively frugal while still allowing for comfortable living.

It has everything you need, from crafting stations to exhibition space, and every corner of the home seems to have a clear purpose.

Plus the bath in the master bedroom still gives you a luxurious feeling without going straight-up opulent.

2. Dwarven Vlindrel Hall

Getting enough sunlight is a significant concern when looking for a place to live in real life.

Luckily, that’s not half as important in video games.

Dwarven Vlindrel Hall gives an eccentric Dragonborn the full underground living experience with decor based on Dwemer ruins and the mysterious Blackreach.

You’ll find plenty of candles, Dwemer tech, and captivating mushrooms that glow in a cold blue light, contrasting with the warm colors of Dwemer architecture.

The mod even changes the indoor music to match the new theme! It’s the perfect place for a dark-loving Dragonborn to live cozily with their spouse. Even better if they’re both vampires!

1. Vlindrel Hall TNF

Vlindrel Hall TNF is a vanilla-styled home improvement that adds a little more Dwemer charm and many useful features.

For example, the brand-new hot tub in the bathroom is right next to what looks like a Dwemer water heater, which is one of the most realistic things I’ve ever seen in a player-modified home.

There is a lot of space to show off your best armor and weapons, and the statues of Dwemer automatons and Spriggans are great conversation starters.

Check out the Beds Plus patch if you want to adopt more than a few kids.