Where To Farm Nordic Barnacles in Skyrim?

You can get a lot of Nordic Barnacles along the northern coast of Skyrim, especially near shipwrecks.

You can also find groups of Nordic barnacles on rocks and in the water. You can get one Nordic Barnacle from each of these groups of Nordic Barnacles.

Also, all alchemy merchants have a chance of selling up to 5 samples of Nordic Barnacles.

Short Answer

Garlic can be found in many shops, inns, and homes. Do quests for the owners and they’ll usually let you freely take it.

For example, go tell the Whiterun Karl about the dragon threat and you can take the garlic from his kitchen. Over time the garlic respawns.

Nordic Barnacles

But for regular farming, you can go to shipwrecks in the north of Skyrim like the Wreck of the Brinehammer, Hela’s Folly, and Pilgrim’s Trench.

You can find groups of Nordic barnacles stuck to the sides of shipwrecks.

If you look around a bit, you can also find them on rocks near the coast.

Just keep in mind that they don’t grow on the icebergs that are also there.

The groups of barnacles can also be under water and hard to get to.

You can find these on shipwrecks on the ocean floor, such as the ones at Pilgrim’s Trench.

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You can reach them underwater by drinking a Potion of Waterbreathing or by taking several short dives so you don’t drown.

If you don’t want to go so far north (or if you just started a new save), there are two Nordic Barnacle clusters on the lake west of the Guardian Stones.

You can find a shipwreck south of the Lady Stone and the entrance to a Nordic ruin in this lake. Both of these places have a few clusters of Nordic barnacles.

Near the Lady Stone, there is a shipwreck that is underwater. The map doesn’t show it, but the ship’s mast is sticking out of the water (pictured above).

If you look around, you can find several groups of Nordic barnacles here.

Here, you can find the Nordic ruin underwater on the northeastern side of the lake. There are three groups of barnacles in that area that you can take.

Nordic Barnacle Uses

Nordic Barnacles can damage magicka, breathe water, heal health, and make pickpocketing stronger.

You can make a Potion of Waterbreathing by mixing this type of barnacle with a Chicken’s Egg or a Histcarp.

This will let you swim underwater without getting wet (helpful for getting even more barnacles if needed).


Where can I find Nordic Barnacles in Skyrim?

Nordic Barnacles can be found along the coastlines of Skyrim, particularly in rocky areas near the water. They can also be found in underwater caves and grottos.

How can I harvest Nordic Barnacles in Skyrim?

Nordic Barnacles can be harvested by interacting with them while underwater. They can be difficult to spot, but can often be found growing in clusters on rocks or other underwater surfaces.

Can Nordic Barnacles be farmed in Skyrim?

Nordic Barnacles cannot be farmed in the traditional sense, as they do not regrow once harvested. However, they can be found in multiple locations throughout Skyrim, allowing players to collect them over time.

Are there any quests in Skyrim that involve Nordic Barnacles?

There are no quests in Skyrim specifically focused on Nordic Barnacles, but they may be requested as part of general alchemy-related quests or by certain NPCs who are looking for specific alchemical ingredients.