Where Do You Get Leeks in Skyrim?

Skyrim’s farms are the best places to look for leeks.

There are a few places where you can find a lot of leek plants that you can harvest:

  • Pelagia Farm and Battle-Born Farm in Whiterun
  • Loreius Farm in the Pale
  • Katla’s Farm and the Sawmill in Solitude
  • Snow-Shod Farm in the Rift

You can get leeks early on in the game in Riverwood, which is where you start the game.

Behind the Sleeping Giant Inn, you can find and pick leeks, potatoes, cabbages, and wheat, among other things.

Leeks can be used in-game to make soups like Cabbage Potato Soup, Tomato Soup, Vegetable Soup, and Venison Stew, which can be eaten to get a number of benefits. However, they can’t be used to make “Grilled Leeks,” which is kind of funny.

Battle-Born Farm

Where Do You Get Leeks in Skyrim?

Battle-Born Farm has the most leek plants that can be picked out of all the places in the game.

It’s east of Whiterun, next to Chillfurrow Farm, which, by the way, doesn’t have leeks.

There are 18 leeks in different areas around here.

Loreius Farm

Loreius Farm, which is northeast of Whiterun, is our next place to farm a lot of leeks.

It’s a farm that’s a good size, and there are 16 leeks and other plants like potatoes and wheat that can be grown here.

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To get to Loreius Farm, just follow the road east of Whiterun.

Solitude Sawmill

Even though the Sawmill in Solitude is not a farm, you can get 15 leeks here.

You can also find a lot of potatoes in this area, so if you can use both, you might want to stock up on both.

The sawmill is near the river, south of Solitude.

Katla’s Farm

Katla’s Farm is south of the horse carriage in Solitude. It has 13 leeks that can be picked.

There are two spots of good soil in front of the main house, and you can find another one behind the house where you can pick several leeks.

Pelagia Farm

Pelagia Farm is south of Whiterun, just outside of town.

It has many areas where cabbages, potatoes, and leeks are grown. This is a good score for sure!

But if you just want leeks, you can find a total of 12 leek plants here.

Snow-Shod Farm

If you are in Riften and need leeks, go to Snow-Shod Farm, where you can find and gather 10 samples of leek.

Other Sources

A few leeks can also be found on plates and dinner tables in different homes.

Leeks are sometimes sold by people who run inns, like Hulda in The Bannered Mare, and by people who sell vegetables in towns.

Leeks and other veggies are for sale at market stands in Whiterun and Solitude, but taking them would be theft.

So it’s best to get them straight from farms, which (somehow) is not a crime.

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Leek plants can also be grown in player-built homes with a 10-day restart time in gardens and greenhouses. So, if you want a steady supply, you might find it easier to grow your own.


Where can I find leeks in Skyrim?

Leeks can be found in various locations throughout Skyrim, particularly in farms and gardens. One reliable location is the Windhelm marketplace, where you can often find leeks for sale from merchants. Additionally, leeks can be found growing in the fertile soil of farms, such as the one at Whiterun or Katla’s Farm in Solitude.

Can I grow leeks in Skyrim?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly grow leeks in Skyrim. The game does not provide a mechanism for players to cultivate specific crops. However, you can find leeks growing in certain pre-existing farms and occasionally in wilderness areas.

Are there any alternative methods to obtain leeks?

If you’re unable to find leeks in the locations mentioned above, you can try searching in barrels and sacks found in homes, inns, and other settlements. Sometimes, food items like leeks can be found as random loot in these containers.

Can I purchase leeks from any specific merchants?

In addition to the Windhelm marketplace, you can also find leeks for sale at general goods stores and food stalls in various cities and towns across Skyrim. Merchants such as Belethor in Whiterun, Adrianne Avenicci in Whiterun, and Grelka in Riften often have leeks in their inventory.