21 Best Amulets & Necklaces In Skyrim

In Skyrim, amulets and necklaces are very important because they go with the Dragonborn’s outfit and give you extra buffs that will help you on your adventures.

But there are also some bad amulets that don’t do anything but add to your style, and not all of them look that good.

This is a list of the best amulets in Skryim, in order. All of these are unique and can’t be made by anyone else, so I didn’t include any amulets that you might want to make and enchant yourself.

No matter what, these are the best ones to look at.

21. Saarthal Amulet

Best Amulets & Necklaces In Skyrim

Where To Get: You can get this item by playing the “Under Saarthal” quest.
Saarthal AmuletThis one just barely made the cut.

It gives you a 3% deduction to the magicka cost of all spells, and needless to say, it’s not really a good boost. However, it’s quite easy to obtain and a decent alternative to wear over not having anything else.

You’re going to find a better item quite quickly, though, so don’t get too attached to this amulet. I’m sure you won’t anyway.

Sadly, the amulet is so basic that it doesn’t even cost a lot of money.

It has low sale value, but hey, 100 coins are 100 coins.

20. Amulet of the Gargoyle

Where To Get: You can get this item by doing the Amulets of Night Power quest in the Dragonborn DLC.

The Amulet of the Gargoyle has quite a unique effect.

It allows you to summon an additional gargoyle when using the spell, as long as you’re a Vampire Lord.

Keep in mind that you need to be wearing the amulet before turning into Vampire Lord form, otherwise it won’t work!

19. Charmed Necklace

Where To Get: This necklace can be obtained in two ways – the first one is to kill a Reveler and loot it from them, and the second one is to offer them a bottle of Honningbrew Mead and getting it as a reward.

The Charmed Necklace is super useful, as it gives you 25 extra points of carrying capacity.

It’s a great necklace that has a purpose all across the game, no matter how leveled up your character is or how far you’ve progressed through the story!

18. Kyne’s Token

Where To Get: Complete the quest called Kyne’s Sacred Trial to get your hands on this amulet.

Kyne’s Token is a great companion for any hunter. It reduces by 10% all incoming damage as long as it comes from an animal.

And it also gives you an extra 5% boost to your bow shots.

It might not be the most useful of amulets to carry through the game’s story, but it will help you with some mundane tasks in the early game.

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17. Amulet of Kynareth

Where To Get: This amulet can be mainly bought from merchants in Solitude, but it can also be dropped as random loot when ravaging through the lands of Skyrim.

The Amulet of Kynareth gives you a 10-point boost to your stamina, and it’s a representation of Kynareth, one of the Nine Divines.

It’s not a unique item, but it does provide a fantastic effect that will help you in more than one occasion through the story.

Do keep in mind that this item was enchanted by Kynareth himself, so you can’t disenchant it using the Arcane Enchanter.

16. Amulet of Zenithar

Where To Get: The easiest way for you to get your hands on one of the useful amulets is to visit the Shrine of Zenithar itself, it’s just north of Riften, so all you need to do is pay it a quick visit and get this item. You may also find it on the bodies of some of the enemies that you slay, though.

Much like the amulet or Kynareth, this is another one of the amulets that represents one of the Nine Divines on the Skyrim Earth.

You can wear the amulet whenever you’re about to buy or sell, as it improves the prices for you by 10%.

It might not be a useful combat item, but it will help you save up some coins. Skyrim might not be affected by inflation but who wouldn’t like to save a few gold coins?

15. Amulet of Julianos

Where To Get: The Amulter of Julianos is mostly found as random loot in dungeons, but like any other amulet of the Nine, it cannot be crafted or disenchanted.

Is it me, or those Julianos seems to have the most common of names amongst the Nine Divines?

Anyhow, the Amulet of Julianos is one of those items that every wizard in the land can appreciate.

It boosts your magicka point total by 10. It might not be a massive boost, but it does add up if you have other buffs on top of it!

This amulet is great for early-game wizards and battlemages so keep an eye out for it on your adventures.

14. Amulet of Mara

Where To Get: The most traditional way of getting the Amulet of Mara is to buy it from Marmal, who sells it for 200 coins. However, it also spawns as random loot in chests, and some Skyrim merchants also sell it.

The Amulet of Mara grants you a 10% boost to your restoration spells, but that’s not the reason why it has earned a spot on my list.

It’s actually the fact that it allows you to marry guys and gals across the lands.

The Amulet of Mara that is obtained by looting corpses will not trigger any marriage dialogues unless you’ve completed the quest given to you by Marmal, but all types of amulets will give you the 10% boost to restoration magic.

13. Amulet of Arkay

Where To Get: Wait up, traveler! This amulet is not easy to find at all. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult amulets of the Nine to get your hands on. The best way for you to obtain it is by killing Draugrs in the Snow Veil Sanctum. It can be dropped there as random loot.

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The Amulet of Arkay gives you a boost of 10 points to your health, which makes it extremely useful throughout the entire story.

Especially if you’re building a close-quarter character. Definitely check this out!

12. Andur’s Amulet of Arkay

Where To Get: This variation of the Amulet of Arkay will always spawn in the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun, in a quest given to you by Andur.

This amulet of Arkay belongs to Andur, who you will encounter in the story when he asks you for help retrieving it for him.

This amulet can be found in the early game, and if you don’t fancy keeping it, you may simply sell it on a store.

It’s worth 200 coins and Andur is a cheap bastard who’s only willing to give you 15 coins when you return it to him.

You could also take the 15 coins he offers and then pickpocket the amulet back, if you fancy playing like a dirty little thief.

Don’t worry, I won’t judge you – I did that in my second playthrough.

11. Savos Aren’s Amulet

Where To Get: Finish the quest called Containment and obtain Savos Aren’s Amulet, one of the best necklaces in Skyrim.

This fantastic amulet gives you a boost of 50 points to your magicka tally, making it the best amulet that you can wear if you’re playing a general wizard build.

Besides, it once belonged to Savos Aren himself, so it’s worthy to be worn by the Dragonborn.

10. Amulet of Akatosh

Where To Get: Good merchants and those who specializes in selling jewelry might have one of these amulets available for sale, but they are not common by any means.

The Amulet of Akatosh gives you a boost of 25% to your magicka restoration capabilities.

It’s another great amulet to wear if you rely heavily on magicka during battles, or it’s even good to carry around in case you need to cast a powerful spell for a long time or simply use a lot of magicka in a short span.

9. Amulet of Stendarr

Where To Get: Taarie, in Solitude, sells you this amulet. However, the easiest way to get it is by looting it from the Vigilants of Stendarr, as they all carry one of these necklaces.

This amulet is pretty great if you go with one of those builds that use shields. But I know not many of you like to play like that.

In any case, it boosts your blocking ability by 10% which helps you absorb a ton of damage with ease.

8. Necromancer Amulet

Where To Get: You can obtain this amulet after finishing the Blood on the Ice quest, at which point the amulet that you’re giving at the beginning of the quest becomes this legendary necklace.

The Necromancer Amulet is the best amulet you can wear if you have a ranged mage playstyle.

And even more so if you spend most of your time conjuring creatures.

It gives you a 25% reduction to your conjuration spells’ cost and increases your magicka total by 50 points.

It’s not further up my list because it also drains magicka regeneration and health regeneration by 75%, kinda crazy!

7. Amulet of Bats

Where To Get: This item can be obtained during the Amulets of Night Power quest.

This amulet lets your summoned bats drain life from enemies that surround you, boosting your health regen in a passive manner.

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As you can imagine, you need to be a Vampire Lord and own the Dragonborn DLC to get it.

6. Amulet of Talos

Where To Get: Pickpocketing Hold Guards and Stormcloak is the easiest way to get your hands on one of these amulets without spilling any blood with your sword.

The Amulet of Talos allows you to cast shouts much quicker than you would if you didn’t wear it, lowering time between shouts by 20%.

I also made a list of mods and wrote about a specific one that decreases shout time exponentially, as I know many of us hated the fact that they take so long to use. So maybe check that out.

However, the Amulet of Talos does a great job at reducing shout times in vanilla Skyrim.

5. Amulet of Dibella

Where To Get: Imperial soldiers and Stormcloaks tend to carry them around. Pickpocket them if you want to keep your hands clean or spill blood and loot them if you don’t mind watching a couple of bodies drop.

Summon Dibella’s charm with the Amulet of Dibella and increase your speech by 15 points!

You can use this amulet to get a permanent boost to your Speech skill for as long as you’re wearing it, which makes it one of the best necklaces to carry around at any given point in the game.

4. Amulet of Articulation

Where To Get: Finish the Thieves’ Guild “Under New Management” quest to get your hands on this legendary amulet, but save your game before obtaining it! You might want to go back and get it again.

The Amulet of Articulation comes in one of seven variants, and you will get one at random.

You may get one of these amulets with a boost of 5 points to your speech, or you may get it with a boost of 35 points.

If you happen to get a crappy version of this amulet just reload your game! The “Persuade” option will almost always succeed, apart from boosting speech.

3. The Gauldur Amulet

Where To Get: Complete the Under Saarthal quest and get all fragments on the amulet in order to obtain it.

This legendary amulet is hard to obtain, but completely worth it.

It grants a boost of 30 points to your stamina, health, and magicka. Talk about a triple threat!

2. Locket of Saint Jiub

Where To Get: Finish Impatience of a Saint and receive the Locket of Saint Jiub as a reward for your efforts.

Ah, yes, the most practical of all amulets.

This amazing amulet gives you 50 extra points of carrying capacity, which is already fantastic on its own.

But that’s not all!

You also get 50 points of stamina on top of that. I know, this is by far the best amulet in the game.

Which is exactly why it’s worth hunting down if you can get through the quest.

1. Bone Hawk Amulet

The Bone Hawk Amulet is a piece of craftable jewelry found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It is comprised of the body parts of Bone Hawks, which fly around Castle Volkihar.

Two can be found inside Volkihar Keep locked away in display cases.

The materials used to craft Bone Hawk Amulets are:

  • 1 x Bone Hawk Skull
  • 6 x Bone Hawk Feathers
  • 2 x Leather Strips