18 Best Heavy Armor Helmets in Skyrim

A strong Heavy Armor Helmets, heavy armor suit, like Daedric or ebony, is required for the Skyrim player who enjoys close-quarters, high-damage Dragonborn fighting.

In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, there is the ideal suit of armor for every character.

If a player decides to build a close-combat, high-damage Dragonborn, they almost certainly will spend perks in the heavy armor skill tree.

For two-handed fighters that want to engage in close quarters combat and deal a ton of damage while still being able to take a lot of punishment, heavy armor is ideal.

18. Early Nord armor

Best Heavy Armor Helmets

Accessible Locations: Forelhost, Nordic Ruins, Aela Following marriage, The Huntress

Although the Ancient Nord Armor set is the weakest heavy armor set in Skyrim, it is actually quite difficult to locate and complete.

Even though the majority of draugr will wear portions of the set, they rarely drop the armor as loot. Fortunately, the armor’s function is secondary to its aesthetic value.

Finding this armor set in Forelhost or buying it from Aela The Huntress are two important ways to obtain it.

Its fragments can be found at random locations around Skyrim, usually in Nordic Ruins.

Although it has the lowest overall armor rating, it looks excellent on an armor stand. It’s a terrible set, but it has a high crafting threshold. It can only be created with the Daedric Smithing perk at the Skyforge.

17. Iron Armor

Rating of Armor: 60 (normal), 63 (banded)

How to Get: Frequently discovered in merchants, loot, Shroudhearth Barrow, Riverwood, and Helgen.

Iron armor is merely a duplicate of the Ancient Nordic armor, although it is considerably more prevalent and has a unique appearance. Early on in the game, it’s especially simple to locate the normal kind because certain pieces are already present in Helgen.

Additionally, there is a banded variation of iron armor, which has a marginally higher armor rating but is still obviously a beginner’s gear in Skyrim.

The Dragonborn will most likely be wearing this ensemble when the game starts, but they will quickly graduate from it. The advantage is that iron armor can be made even if a smith has no Smithing perks or levels.

16. Closed Helmet Imperial Armor

Armor Rating: 62 for an officer’s helmet and 63 for standard armor (closed helmet)

Helgen and joining the Imperial Legion are two ways to obtain

Another type of iron armor is imperial armor. Although it has the same 60 base armor rating, it has a distinctive look.

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Depending on the sort of helmet the Dragonborn chooses, it also comes in three different varieties. The ideal option is a closed helmet because it offers the most armor.

Another very early heavy armor set from Skyrim is this one. Although it won’t be useful to the player after a few levels, it can be a decent starting set of armor for virtually any character design that makes extensive use of heavy armor.

It requires level 20 Smithing and the Steel Smithing perk to make.

15. Wolf Armor

Without a shield, armour rating is 72.

Upon joining the Companions, you will notice that many of their members are wearing the Wolf Armor, which is a surprisingly cool gear.

Not many players may be aware, but after finishing the Companions faction’s Proving Honor task, they can also purchase this armor set from Eorlund Gray-Mane.

Even though this heavy armor set is attractive, it is not as durable as Dwarven armor, for example, and quickly becomes outdated. So long as a full set of it is worn, it offers an excellent base armor of 72.

14. Steel Plate

Steel Armor of Skyrim Armor Rating: 72

Purchase from merchants, loot from chests, or engage in banditry to obtain

Steel armor is somewhat simpler to come by while exploring in Skyrim, tied with the wolf armor.

Players won’t have any trouble finding at least a few pieces of steel armor here and there since most random loot and merchants will have it. Upgrading from iron armor is also a good decision early on.

Level 20 Smithing and the Steel Smithing perk are prerequisites for creating steel armor.

13. Orcish Helmet

The Orcish Helmet, a capable piece of heavy armor that will be helpful to you in the beginning of your Dragonborn career, comes in first.

It’s distinctive and aesthetically appealing because it’s the only helmet in Skyrim with hair attached to it.

After reaching level 25, it can be found as loot or bought from merchants.

12. Ebony Helmet

According to my useless opinion, the Ebony helmet is one of the best-looking helmets in the entire game.

It should be obtained and used as soon as it is unlocked because it will provide you powerful armor that will allow you to tank foes and look good doing it.

After reaching level 32, it can be discovered as loot or purchased from stores.

11. Masque of Clavicus Vile

Although the Masque of Clavicus Vile has a decent base armor stat and is lightweight, you won’t utilize it for a long time.

Since it gives you a 10 increase in speech and costs are 20% lower when you have this helmet equipped, you’ll probably use it the most when you’re shopping.

Nothing else in the game even comes close to the aesthetic this armor provides, and it also has a distinctive helmet.

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How to get it: Return the Rueful Axe to complete the mission A Daedra’s Best Friend.

10. Helm of Yngol

The Helm of Yngol is well worth bringing along on your excursions because it has a genuinely unique enchantment and appearance.

Although it does boost your frost resistance by 30%, it is only actually useful in certain circumstances.

As a result, it doesn’t move up the list very far. Even though its base armor numbers aren’t the best, it has to be included on the list because it looks amazing.

Where to find it: In Yngol Barrow, on Yngol’s remains.

9. Dragonplate Helmet

The Dragonplate Helmet is one of the scariest and most impressive late-game helmets in Skyrim.

Although you’ll probably have found the other items on the list by the time you can get this helmet, it boasts the third highest basic armor of any helmet in the game.

When you reach level 40, you can buy it from merchants or as treasure.

8. Daedric Helmet

The Daedric Helmet is Skyrim’s best non-unique helmet despite its enormous weight.

Many people say that this helmet is the most attractive in the entire game since it gives the player a chance to enjoy a dark, edgy appearance.

However, it is entirely late-game, so don’t anticipate getting one for a while.

How to get it: After reaching level 48, you can purchase this helmet.

7. Hevnoraak

Yes, this mask qualifies as heavy defense. This mask is wonderful since it can be improved using iron ingots, which is a significant benefit over the earlier entries.

Additionally, it offers total immunity to diseases and poison, neither of which pose a serious threat, although it is great to be immune.

How to get it: Complete the Evil in Waiting quest in Valthume and destroy Hevnoraak.

6. Rahgot

You probably have a warrior playstyle if you’re wearing heavy armor; you move slowly and attack slowly yet deal and suffer a lot of damage.

Rahgot provides your character with a benefit of 70 stamina, which is very helpful in this respect. Orichalcum ingots, which are simple to obtain, are needed for the improvement.

How to get it: Complete the mission Siege on the Dragon Cult in Forelhost and kill Rahgot.

5. Otar

With a 30% increase in frost, fire, and shock resistance, this mask is especially potent.

Since mages are the only true threat to someone wearing heavy armor, this will essentially make you immune to harm.

Refined malachite may be used to enhance it, so you won’t have any trouble being unkillable for a very long period.

How to get it: Kill Otar the Mad at the Ragnvald Temple.

4. Konahrik

I’ll start by highlighting its allure because, despite being exceptional, it isn’t the best thing ever seen.

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This mask will heal the user whenever their health becomes dangerously low while also damaging any foes around.

Although it looks handy in some circumstances, I doubt you’ll ever experience low horsepower while wearing this. It offers more protection than any other helmet in all of Skyrim and can be improved with gold ingots.

Konahrik is quite challenging to find, although that is fair to say. The remainder of your playthrough will be simple once you have this.

How to get it: To visit Bromjunaar Sanctuary, which is located in Labyrinthian, you first need every other Dragon Priest mask in the game.

Find a wooden mask, and you’ll be transported to a temple where Konahrik will manifest after all the dragon priest masks have been placed on the shrine.

3. The Bonemold Armor

Armor Class: 73

How to Get It: Needs the DLC for Dragonborn, which is available from Glover Mallory at Raven Rock.

Another set debuted for the first time in the Dragonborn DLC is the Bonemold Armor. Particularly upon entering Raven Rock, the player will notice it on neighborhood Redoran guards.

It is offered by Glover Mallory, just as the Chitin Heavy Armor, and occasionally worn by Reavers.

The player can create their own set using iron ingots, bone meal, and Netch leather with the appropriate level of Smithing, which in this case is just 15.

In comparison to many of the base game heavy armor sets later discovered in Skyrim, a full set has a reasonably average armor rating of 73, although it is still lacking.

2. Dwarven Armor

Armor Class: 78

How to Get: Frequently discovered as loot, particularly in Dwemer ruins like Nchuand-Zel.
This is one of the more typical heavy armor sets to find in Dwemer ruins, and it’s also not too difficult to make.

The player must have reached Smithing level 30 and have the Dwarven perk unlocked. This armor set is difficult to make because it needs Dwarven metal ingots, which must be created by melting Dwarven metal scraps.

It’s a fantastic mid-game heavy armor set to have in Skyrim, but it quickly loses its utility. Among the best places to find a full set if the player needs one right away is Nchuand-Zel.

1. Dawnguard Heavy Armor

Armor Class: 78

How to Get: Needs the Dawnguard DLC, which is obtained by joining the Dawnguard faction.
The Dawnguard Heavy armor set was also unveiled in the Dawnguard DLC.

The player will be able to get this armor once they join the vampire hunter group. But you have to buy the helmet from Gunmar to acquire it.

This heavy armor cannot be made from scratch, just as other faction-specific armor sets. Nevertheless, it is upgradeable using steel ingots.