Where Can You Farm Salt Piles in Skyrim?

The Riften Docks and Riften Fishery, where there are a lot of fish tanks, are the best places to look for Salt Piles.

You can look in these barrels for Salt Piles and other kinds of food, like fish and veggies.

At least one Salt Pile is always in each fish barrel.

Salt Piles could also be in other buckets and sacks that have raw food in them.

You can also buy Salt Piles from traders in inns and alchemy shops. Almost all of them will have between 1 and 6 Salt Piles in their inventory.

You can also reset the stockpiles of merchants to get more Salt Piles, which we’ll talk about in more detail below.

Riften Docks and Fishery

There are 7 fish barrels at the Riften Docks. Each barrel has a chance to hold Salt Piles.

There are 8 fish barrels on the boat, so you can also look here.

There are 4 more of these Fish Barrels inside the Riften Fishery.

Taking these Salt Piles or anything else would be considered theft, so it’s best to make friends with Wujeeta, an Argonian, at the docks.

If you give her a healing potion, you can take what you want from these boxes.

Merchant Exploit

If the Salt Piles from the docks and fishery aren’t enough and you need even more, a merchant exploit can be used. This method will reset the merchant’s inventory even if you bought all of their items.

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The method for this exploit is as follows:

  1. Save your game and go to a merchant.
  2. Check their inventory and buy the salt piles or any other item you need.
  3. Do a quicksave, and then hit the merchant with a weapon.
  4. Load the quicksave and their inventory should reset.
  5. Repeat step 2.

There’s also a way to do this using cheats if you’re open to that too.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips on where you can farm Salt Piles in Skyrim:

  1. Whiterun: Check out the inn and the marketplace in Whiterun. The innkeepers and general goods merchants often have Salt Piles for sale, and you can find them in barrels and sacks around the marketplace.
  2. Solitude: The marketplace in Solitude is another good place to find Salt Piles. Look for barrels and sacks, and check with the general goods merchants to see if they have any for sale.
  3. Windhelm: The marketplace and inn in Windhelm are both good places to search for Salt Piles. You can also find them in the Jarl’s Palace and the House of Clan Shatter-Shield.
  4. College of Winterhold: The kitchens in the College of Winterhold are a good place to look for Salt Piles. Check the barrels and sacks, and also look for them on the shelves.
  5. Markarth: The Silver-Blood Inn and the marketplace in Markarth are both good places to search for Salt Piles. You can also find them in the Abandoned House during the “House of Horrors” quest.


How do I farm Salt Piles in Skyrim?

The best way to farm Salt Piles in Skyrim is to search for them in areas where they are commonly found, such as kitchens, taverns, and alchemy labs. You can also purchase them from vendors and use them to create more Salt Piles through cooking.

What recipes can I make with Salt Piles in Skyrim?

Salt Piles can be used in a variety of recipes in Skyrim, including baked potatoes, beef stew, clam chowder, and vegetable soup. They can also be combined with other ingredients in alchemy to create potions that restore stamina, resist frost damage, and more.

Can I use Salt Piles to make money in Skyrim?

While Salt Piles are not worth a lot of money individually, you can collect them in bulk and sell them to vendors for a profit. Additionally, using Salt Piles to create food dishes and potions can be a lucrative business for players who want to become skilled chefs or alchemists.