21 Best Lore-Friendly Skyrim Hair Mods (Male & Female)

Okay, I’m really going to try to find some amazing lore-friendly hair mods for Skyrim, but keep in mind that I might stretch the definition of “lore-friendly” a bit. For the sake of adding some of the coolest mods to this list.

I mean, technically, every type of hair can fit into the lore, especially since slimy creature fluid could be used as gel.

But I digress. I decided to make this list to help you get a better selection of hairstyles so you can add them to your character in the game.

I really hope you find this list helpful, because I had to go through a lot of unrelated content to find these cool hair mods (try looking for hair mods and avoid adult-related mods – I challenge you).

Now, some of these mods are actually pretty good, and I was very surprised by how well some of them capture the look of Skyrim hair. Others feel differently, but, like I said, if your character is crazy enough, everything is lore-friendly.

Necessary disclaimer:

Before I go on, please keep in mind that there are a lot of thirsty modders out there, if you know what I mean.

Modders try to make their characters look sexier for a variety of reasons, and there are a lot of mods that are specifically for changing female characters. So there will be a lot more hairstyles for women in this book than for men.

Trust me, you should be careful where you look for mods in the Nexus if you want to keep your innocence. Or you can go there if you want to. We’re not here to judge you or your thirst. Let’s get to the list!

21. Skyrim Vanity Kit

This hair mod is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra flair to their game.

Whether you’re looking for a new hairstyle for your next adventure, or just want to change up your look, the Skyrim Vanity Kit has you covered.

Experience the Skyrim game with a new style with this mod.

20. Better Female Eyebrows

Alright let’s start with some basic eyebrow mod.

Better Female Eyebrows makes a great addition to the game by adding a bunch of new eyebrow styles to female characters in the most lore-friendly manner possible.

They all look quite realistic, although some might seem a bit modern.

It’s still very likely for Skyrim characters to have eyebrows like these. None of them look out of place, so there’s that!

19. Horns are Forever

Argonians are people too, reader.

Horns are Forever is a mod that makes the Argonian spikes go through the texture of most hoods, which makes you able to look at those fantastic horns regardless of what you wear.

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I’m adding this mod to the list because I’m a hardcore Argonian player, and I found it pretty useful. It’s mildly related as well, and I know some of you will love it!

18. Vanilla Hair Variety Plus

A simple mod that adds 4 new hairstyles for males as well as 4 new hairstyles for females.

All of them look very much like vanilla hairstyles and they fit any character in the game quite well.

I love how the creator of this mod says he thinks “it’s a bit lore-friendly” when in reality this mod is far more lore-friendly than most of those that claim to be.

In any case, the hairstyles look quite natural and they suit the game perfectly.

They aren’t imported from other games but manually made, which means that this one brings you quality above quantity in every sense of the word.

17. Better Vanilla Hairs

This mod replaces every single vanilla texture in the game to make every hair look, in the words of the creator, “less like broomsticks and more like actual hair”.

All of the hair in the game will instantly become much straighter and it’ll make everything have a better overall definition.

As far as improvements go, this is by far one of the best.

16. Combined Hairstyles Collection

The Combined Hairstyles Collection mod adds 39 new female hairstyles to the game, which quench the thirst of most players and enable female characters to look a bit more feminine (and depending on the style, some look more cartoonish as well).

As I said before, I don’t know what rocks your boat.

But this mod is surely going to make your female characters look a bit different without really losing the vanilla feel (for the most part).

15. My Type of Hair

My Type of Hair is a mod that changes most of the vanilla styles in the game and replaces them with better-looking ones, at least on the eyes of the maker.

I do think they look much better, though, so you might want to check them out yourself.

All of the hairstyles should look quite good with any female character in the game, as long as they’re humanlike of course.

In any event this mod makes quite a complex addition and changes a lot of the base files. You might want to make a backup of all game files before installing it.

14. Straight Hair Retexture

Now this mod makes quite a simple addition to the game, so I won’t be explaining it for too long.

It simply makes the hair texture look more natural and straighter.

As such, this mod won’t really add anything new to the game but it will make what’s in the game look much better on second glance.

I fully recommend it to anyone who cares about the little things in life.

13. HH Hairstyles

A small collection of 5 hairstyles (three of them being bob cuts plus two ponytails) that have fully animate hair.

Ideal for those players looking for an enhanced realistic experience.

The mod has a few minor issues with shading that I noticed, otherwise I would be ranking it at a much higher spot.

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It’s still quite a cool mod and I’m sure you’ll enjoy tweaking your characters with it.

12. Lore Styles Hair Set

This mod might only add 7 new hairstyles to the game, but they are as lore-friendly as they come.

It’s surprisingly well-made and the hairstyles fit every female character fantastically.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re playing a warrior or a mage – there’s a hairstyle that’ll suit you, even when there are only seven of them.

Give them a try – the textures look quite cool!

11. Oblivion Hair Pack

If you’re after lore-friendliness, you won’t find anything more fitting than a set of hairstyles that came with TES IV: Oblivion (the best Elder Scrolls game ever made, fight me if you disagree).

This mod is an improved version of the original one that the modder who created it released, as it makes the hair looks far better in-game than the first one.

And this mod will add over 50 new hairstyles for all of your characters, so you can get a much more varied aesthetic experience in Skyrim.

10. More Realistic Hair

Simple mod that changes the way hair looks in the game.

It makes hairstyles look more natural – even when they have a vibrant color.

It avoids colors such as yellow from making characters in the game look like clowns. Again, a simple mod but quite effective indeed.

9. The Hairstyler

Okay, I must admit that I’m adding this mod to the list because it’s absolutely hilarious what you can do with it.

It basically adds a spell to your list of castable wizardry that allows you to change the hairstyle of any character in the game.

Hours of fun await if you install The Hairstyler as long as you have the sense of humor of a toddler, much like I do. You won’t regret this – I promise.

8. Female Hairstyles with Physics

Five new hairstyles with physics plus an extra 8 with no physics to compliment them.

I have to admit that some of the movements on a few of these hairs look a bit clunky, but the creator of the mod put a lot of work into it and they do work as intended.

7. Ponytail Hairstyles

So you’re probably wondering why is this mod (that adds just 6 new hairstyles) so far up on the list?

Well, simply because they look good and they fit the theme of the game.

Ponytails will always be a delicate subject when it comes to lore-friendliness.

But as long as they are well-done, there’s no reason why a Skyrim character wouldn’t rock one of the beauties.

6. KS Hairdos – HDT Physics

Wait, don’t download this one yet!

The mod that took the second spot on my list has a complete collection of the KS Hairdos, but this one adds 75 of those hairs to the game with physics coded into them.

I would advise you to download the second mod first and then get this one installed on top of it.

However, you may also download this mod as a standalone version if you like. Whatever rocks your boat, friend. You’d be missing out on a massive collection of additional hairstyles without this!

5. Lovely Hairstyles

Ah, another thirsty mod to my list. The Lovely Hairstyles mod earns a good spot for itself thanks to the amazingly well-done textures that come with it.

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Every single hairstyle in the mod feels unique. But most importantly, all of them feel like they belong to Skyrim.

As such, they are super lore-friendly.

Trust me, every single one of these hairstyles looks good on most female characters in the game.

4. Beards

Looking to try out a new look for your character’s face or simply trying out how facial hair would look on you because it doesn’t grow too well on you like it happens to me?

The Beards mod is the way to go! This mod changes all of the crappy base-game textures that come with every beard in the game to make them look much more HD.

Also this Beards mod adds new textures to beards that were in the game but you couldn’t access for some weird reason.

The mod also unlocks them, so you can play with Bethesda beards that you probably haven’t seen before unless you’ve come across one of those weirdly specific YouTube videos.

3. Brows

Brows are an essential part of the appearance of a character as well as they change the way a regular person looks.

However brows all look pretty much the same in Skyrim. Have you ever noticed that?

Even brows that look different are very similar.

Well this mod adds a metric ton of new brows to the game, which makes the faces of characters feel far more unique than they do in vanilla Skyrim.

It also changes all of the vanilla eyebrows to make them look far better. So not even those old things will look out of place alongside these new amazing additions!

2. KS Hairdos – Renewal

Looking for quality as well as quantity?

If so, then check the KS Hairdos Renewal mod. Holy crap.

This mod adds a total of 755 hairstyles to the game, most of which are exclusively for females (the thirst is real). They do look really good though, I have to admit.

In any case, this mod does add a few hairstyles that might not seem fitting of Skyrim characters.

But they all look fantastically well-made and the textures are great. Give it a go!

1. Superior Lore-Friendly Hair – HD Textures

There’s no way in the seven hells that this mod isn’t taking the first spot on my list.

The Superior Lore-Friendly Hair mod makes every single texture look HD.

They are all made from scratch and manually, but do you know why this takes the first spot?

Because it replaces the vanilla hairstyles that the game comes with and modifies them to look much, much better.

If you’re looking for lore-friendly changes you can see this mod as a true hair overhaul.

It’s absolutely fantastic in all regards and definitely one of the best if you’re looking to improve graphics through the entire game. Often times it’s the little things that matter most with modding.