15 Best Loot Locations in Skyrim

Skyrim depends on loot to survive. Without it, you would have to play the entire game using that flimsy iron axe.

We all enjoy discovering new, better products, and we grow connected to ones we use frequently.

However, nothing compares to discovering a variant of an item that is significantly more potent.

The most dependable and efficient strategy for late game is by far making and enchanting your own equipment.

You shouldn’t use this list to upgrade your armour and/or weaponry. These treasure locations will instead offer large sums of money, items to disenchant, and other skill tree supplies.

I’ll go through Skyrim’s top 15 Loot Locations. combining world places with static treasure with monsters and NPCs that you can hunt down for awesome stuff!

15. Markarth

Loot Locations in Skyrim

Ensure that you are positioned in front of Markarth’s entryway. Pass the windmill and continue down the rocky path that exits Markarth’s entrance area; do not cross the bridge.

Rather, when you arrive there, turn left and proceed to the low rock wall that is directly in front of the juniper tree on the bridge’s left side.

Ensure that you are on the side that is closest to the river. The chest can be found if you carefully search the area just to the south of the wood pile (it’s only a few yards distant at most).

14. Blue Palace

Ready to wreck Skyrim once more?



Go ahead and take the silver plate that is on the table in the entrance of Solitude’s Blue Palace.

Holding it in front of you, move left and down the hallway.

When you reach a bench, stop there. Slide the plate behind the right side of the bench so it is between the piece of Nordic furniture and the wall.

This is the tough part. When it becomes stuck, proceed to and through the silver platter.

13. Windhelm

You’ll need a follower for this one. Grab your faithful companion—after all, they have pledged to bear your burdens—and head to the Windhelm market. When speaking with them, choose the “I need you to do something” option.

Ask them to wait at the nearby market while you sprint past the cemetery to the House of Clan Shatter-Shield in the neighbourhood.

Make sure that your crosshairs indicate that you can still give your follower instructions even after you have stepped away before continuing.

Simply walk through the wall that is adjacent to the door on the right (if you are facing the building). On the PC, this worked, but console gamers might find this part a little challenging.

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12. Falmer Warmonger

Warmongers are by far the most powerful Falmer that can be found in Skyrim.

Since they constantly wear thick armour and are skilled in both martial and spell-based warfare, you can’t particularly counter them.

Additionally, you can run into Warmongers who have strong sabres or the ability to heal. You can meet enemies of this class up to level 54, which provides Grand souls for soul trapping.

11. Shrouded Grove

Shrouded Grove is always enjoyable to conquer, so looting doesn’t have to be laborious and monotonous.

There are some smaller animals fighting within, as well as a Spriggan further in. It’s one of the smaller locations, but it’s a great place to go for stuff and fill up your inventory.

10. Winterhold College

You should enter Winterhold College just for this chest, even if you’re not really anxious to summon Daedra from Oblivion or throw fireballs with your bare hands.

Enter the Hall of Attainment, take a silver dish, and proceed to the stairway behind the main area.

Place the plate against the haystacks’ nearby stone wall (about a yard to the side of them should do the trick).

You can glitch through the wall by moving forward while holding the silver platter directly in front of you. Right away, turn to your right, and click on any of the two floating chests to open it.

In order to get close enough to the chests to click on them, you need to get your trajectory just right, so this one will almost certainly take a few tries (or at least a dozen, if you’re anything like me).

There isn’t much you can do to get closer to the chests other than to keep trying because you’ll be falling the entire time.

9. Old Dragon

At level 50, Ancient Dragons are one of the most powerful animals.

Although they can be found as early as level 28, if you find yourself ambushed, you should always try to kill one.

The strongest dragons in the main game are Ancient Dragons, so beware!

Using cover during a protracted, protracted conflict is strongly advised.

Even if you have a large supply of potions in your inventory, a few breath attacks from an Ancient Dragon will significantly reduce your supply.

8. Wreck of the Brinehammer

The Wreck of the Brinehammer is the most productive shipwreck, however all are respectable loot locations.

It can be difficult to locate it on the map and to make it accessible for speedy travel, but the effort is definitely worth it.

Along with some boxes, ore, and priceless herbs, you can find three skill books in this location.

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The Sunken Treasures location, which is northwest of this place, has a one-time chest with another skill book and other levelled things in it.

7. Legendary dragon

This dragon, with a level cap of 75, is the toughest opponent in the final battle.

It uses Drain Vitality, a new attack included in the Dawnguard DLC, to drain your health, stamina, and magicka every second.

To battle this dragon, which has an absurdly high health pool, you must be as high tier as you can be.

However, no other non-unique creature or NPC in Skyrim will drop things of such high grade as a Legendary Dragon, making the fight well worthwhile.

It naturally sheds dragon scales and bones, just like any other dragon.

However, Daedric goods are discovered on its corpse far more frequently than those of other monsters, along with a lot of Gold and Gems!

6. Dwarven Storeroom

The easiest and most effective method of looting. The Dwarven Storeroom is situated quite south-east of Windhelm, just opposite to the stairs leading to Mzulft.

You’ll find a tonne of dwarven resources to sell in the two lock chambers, one with an Apprentice lock and the other with an Expert lock, as well as numerous chests.

It takes less than a minute to loot this location if you’re quick enough; I’m shocked at how little the Skyrim community values this location.

5. Torvald Cave

This place for looting is a big one, so get yourself some food and drink. You should get here as soon as possible.

It’s South-East of the Dwarven Storeroom that was previously described. You’ll find a wide range of goods here, as well as what is probably the largest diversity of foes of any cave (or even area) in Skyrim.

The cave is divided into three sections, each of which takes a lot of time and effort to traverse.

You may find everything here, including alchemy and smithing tools, skill manuals, jewellery, weapons, and armour. Oh, and gold, lots of it, of course!

4. Whiterun

Be prepared to slightly alter Skyrim in order to obtain this chest because doing so requires taking advantage of a glitch.

Enter Whiterun, turn right at the gate, then turn right again to enter the secluded alcove. A barrel is leaning up against the wall. As soon as you’re on it, leap directly up onto the wall next to the barrel to the north.

Get outside of Whiterun by leaping off the wall. Yes, this is the part that ends the game. Don’t panic if you notice that parts of the earth are missing when you follow the outside wall all the way to the right.

Walk up the eerily empty space behind the rock piles when you are directly behind Jorrvaskr, the hall of the Companions, which is east of Dragonsreach on the map.

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Scale the rocks and squeeze through the top one. Now that you are below the Skyforge, you can see Jorrvaskr hovering directly in front of you.

You can also notice a chest floating in the air if you turn to the south. It is the property of Eorlund Grey-Mane, the sole one capable of producing Skyforge steel.

Run in its direction, and when you are a few metres away, jump. If you click quickly enough, you’ll still be able to open the chest and access the treasures within even if you’ll start to plummet through the world.

3. Draugr Death Overlord

The Death Overlord will cause you more trouble than any other type of Draugr.

By the time they reach level 45, they are immune to poison and bleeding and are resistant to frost damage. Draugr Death Overlords can also chant their whole Unrelenting Force spell.

I believe that facing this particular enemy type is one of the best fights you may have.

You’ll have to fend off hordes of assaults as they send waves of lesser Draugr your way while attempting to kill the Death Overlord.

They can use a variety of weapons, although two-handed weapons are the most popular.

When you do manage to take one out, the benefits are fantastic. Numerous diamonds, ingots, and weapons of the highest level. Your bank account may get extremely full.

2. Nchuand Zel

I won’t lie, this one is enormous and teeming with creatures. You’ll need a follower, so bring one and make sure their inventory isn’t full.

It also has numerous locked rooms filled with riches and enough dwemer artefacts to make about 300 dwarven ingots (for crafting or selling). In Markarth, it’s under the Understone Keep.

However, because dwemer monsters can be quite damaging, it’s crucial to maintain a balance in your inventory between powerful goods and loot space.

1. Massive Hordes

When you first come across a Giant, I swear it’s hard-coded in every game save to try to assault it.

We all know that’s a bad idea, but giant camps are one of the simplest methods to hoard gold.

In Skyrim, there are 14 Giant camps, which is sufficient for a 15-minute loot run.

Instead of engaging the giants or their Mammoths, you’ll want to head straight for the chests because they’re always filled with worthwhile treasure.

Most camps also contain other nearby trinkets. Like uncommon flora, veins of ore, or other sporadic items like the ruins at Cradlecrush Rock that offer access to an enchanted helmet and ring.

Once you have reached a sufficient level, begin engaging the Giants and their Mammoths. You’ll amass a plethora of Gold, Gems, different types of armour, and animal hides!