12 Best Mass Effect-themed Mods for Skyrim

Skyrim and Mass Effect are two of the most popular games out there, so why not combine them with mods?

When you think about it, sci-fi and medieval fiction have a lot in common that you might not expect.

Some of the main things that these two series have in common are messy love stories, touching depictions of racial conflict, and threats to the world that humans can’t even understand.

As mods bring characters, weapons, and gear from the Citadel into Skyrim, they’ll start to share a lot more. We hope that the Galactic Government will not punish them for it.

12. Mass Effect Trilogy Launcher

Mass Effect-themed

This mod provides a Mass Effect themed launcher that can be used to launch all three games in the Mass Effect trilogy.

It offers a cohesive and immersive experience by incorporating Mass Effect elements into the launcher’s design.

This allows players to easily access and start any of the three Mass Effect games from a unified and visually consistent interface.

11. Mass Effect Ultrawide

This mod addresses the compatibility issues of the original Mass Effect trilogy’s user interface (UI) with 21:9 ultrawide resolutions.

While Flawless Widescreen improves support, it does not adequately scale the UI.

The goal of this mod is to fix these issues by properly scaling the game’s GUI for 21:9 ultrawide resolutions, ensuring a better gameplay experience for players using such displays.

10. Mass Effect 3 Followers (LE)

If you are a stickler about the Legendary Edition, you will find a lot to play with in this list.

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Check out Mass Effect 3 Followers by Artie Higgins first.

Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to take Ashley Williams and Jack (AKA Subject Zero), two of the most famous characters from ME3, with you on your travels.

At the Bannered Mare, you’ll also see Commander Shepherd (in her female form) having a drink.

These followers look great and will turn your Skyrim game into the strangest medieval fantasy-themed Mass Effect DLC you could ever think.

9. Thane Krios Follower (LE)

One of the most badass-looking aliens in Mass Effect is Thane Krios, a Drell assassin known across the galaxy for his extremely high success rate and remarkable combat ability.

This mod brings Thane Krios into Skyrim to serve the Dragonborn – who also happens to be a Thane.

It might get a little confusing when you and your follower walk into an official event, and the guy at the door announces, “The Thane of Whiterun and his companion, Thane Krios.”

Has anyone heard of Krios hold?

Whatever the case, this ruthless killer is a definite asset for any daredevil Dragonborn.

8. More Alien Skyrim

The first Special Edition mod we’re looking at is not precisely a Mass Effect mod – but it’ll help inject your game with sci-fi charm.

More Alien Skyrim replaces the textures of the night sky and the moons Masser and Secunda for something a lot more “alien.”

That means you’ll see more stars, nebulae, and large moons.

The mod also applies a SweetFX preset that helps these textures pop out and makes spending the night under the starry sky much more magical.

Your Mass Effect-inspired characters will feel right at home in this brave new world.

7. Oldrim Armor Ports: N7 / Dead Space / Halo

Regrettably, much of the best sci-fi content available for Skyrim remains Legendary Edition-exclusive.

Luckily, creators like Fairace are willing to work to port these mods to Special Edition.

The Oldrim Armor Ports pack includes weapons and armor based on Dead Space, Halo, and Mass Effect.

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Instead of featuring a Spartan armor and an N7 uniform, it blends them into an N7-branded Spartan armor.

It’s unusual, but it looks superb – and it makes much sense in the Mass Effect universe.

6. ME3 Reckoner Knight Armor (LE)

The Reckoner Knight Armor is the outfit in the Mass Effect series that looks the most like something from the Middle Ages.

It was added to Mass Effect 3 as part of a cross-promotional event with Kingdoms of Amalur, which explains why it looks like something from a medieval fantasy world.

The legend says that it looks like that because it is a military-grade version of a sports team’s themed outfits for the Urban Combat Championship of 2186. It makes sense since they were called the Rhode Island Knights.

This is where you can find the protection for women.

5. N7 Assassin’s Creed Armor (LE)

But if you want something that’s almost 100% lore-friendly and period-accurate but still shows your love for Mass Effect, check out the N7 Assassin’s Creed Armor.

This unusual gear set takes Ezio Auditore’s Assassin Robes and dyes them the colors of the N7 – the elite forces of the Systems Alliance military.

My explanation for this bizarre crossover is that an N7 operative needed to find a way to blend into a medieval pre-spacefaring society but also show their authority to any authorities on-site.

4. Biotic Spells in Skyrim

Suppose you’re roleplaying a Systems Alliance officer stranded on Tamriel.

You can’t really use your weapons – as it would probably break intergalactic law – and you have no idea how to use this world’s magic. What are you supposed to do? Learn to fence?

The Biotic Spells in Skyrim mod offers you an alternative: use your Biotic powers and tell the locals you’re casting spells. Nobody will bat an eye.

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This mod features all your favorite Biotic abilities, including Barrier, Reave, and Biotic Charge. You’ll get 12 new spells and 6 weapon enhancements based on Biotics.

3. ME3 Cerberus Armor (LE)

The Cerberus Assault Armor was introduced in Mass Effect 2 as shock trooper equipment able to take and dissipate damage that would pulverize an unprotected warrior.

According to the lore, the weight of this armor is enough to train your body just by wearing it. You’ll go in wanting to shed a couple pounds and come out a week later with a six-pack.

I guess those Heavy Armor perks will come in handy…

Hopefully, such armor is enough to withstand dragonfire.

Click here for the male version.

2. Tali Armors (LE)

Tali’Zorah nar Rayya is one of the most beloved characters in the entire Mass Effect series.

Her species, the Quarians, travel the galaxy on massive nomadic colony ships collectively known as the Migrant Fleet.

When one reaches maturity, they must make a “Pilgrimage” to prove themselves and get to know the outside world. That’s how we meet Tali.

This mod lets you bring Quarian style into Skyrim by copying Tali. It features three different-colored Quarian armor sets with bonuses suited for different playstyles.

Skyrim is as good a place as any for a Pilgrimage.

1. ME3 Equipment Package (LE)

We’ll close off this interplanetary ranking with the ME3 Equipment Package.

This add-on introduces three full-body armor sets based on Mass Effect 3, including five distinct armor sets ported straight from the game in very high quality.

Four look like the standard military fare, even if their design is quite varied, but my favorite is the fifth and final set.

It features an interesting hood that partially covers your visor, giving you the look of an Assassin from the spacefaring future – or just a covert operative with an edgy fashion sense.