12 Best Wedding Mods for Skyrim

In many parts of the world, a wedding is the most important day of a person’s life.

It’s the end of a long process of getting to know each other, falling in love, figuring out if they’re a good match, and, in some cases, finding a good Amulet of Mara.

I’ve gotten married a few times in Skyrim, but don’t tell my partners. It’s always a reason to celebrate, but the events were so simple that I felt empty.

So, if you want a Skyrim wedding that can compete with TLC’s Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, you’ll need some changes to give the most important day of the Dragonborn’s life more flavor and depth.

12. Purple Wedding Dress

This mod offers a simple recolor of the default wedding dress in the game. It changes the colors of the dress, providing a new visual variation for players who wish to have a different look for their wedding dress.

By installing this mod, players can enjoy a fresh and personalized appearance for the wedding dress without any major changes to its design or functionality.

It’s a straightforward modification that allows for a customized touch to the wedding attire in the game.

11. Wedding Dress for Males

This mod alters the appearance of the wedding dress in the game to make it compatible with male characters.

It changes the dress model, allowing male characters to wear it instead of it being exclusively for female characters.

By installing this mod, players can give their male characters the option to wear the wedding dress, providing a unique and alternative outfit choice for special occasions or role-playing scenarios within the game.

10. Sofie Sells Wedding Wreaths

Sofie is one of the most tragic characters in Skyrim.

This little girl lost her mother at a young age, and her Stormcloak father was killed in battle. While he might’ve entered Sovngarde, this poor girl is left to fend for herself in the cold city of Windhelm.

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In the vanilla game, Sofie sells flowers to survive – a not-so-successful business.

You could adopt her… or teach her to make something a little bit easier to sell.

With this mod, Sofie will be able to weave Wedding Wreaths, which everyone needs to get married.

It might not solve all her problems, but she’ll be able to feed herself – and you can get the wreath without killing Vittoria Vici.

9. Animated Wedding Scene

I always loved that Skyrim let you have a lovely little ceremony for your marriage, but it was clearly never a priority for Bethesda, so it’s pretty basic.

This Animated Wedding Scene can make it a lot more emotional by allowing you to romantically put the ring on your spouse before sealing the deal with a kiss.

This is definitely more memorable than just hearing that you’re married and heading straight back out to your daily lives.

8. Vittoria’s Alternate Wedding

In the vanilla game, you attend Vittoria Vici’s wedding with the specific purpose of assassinating her at the height of the ceremony as part of a Dark Brotherhood plot to draw the Emperor to Skyrim.

If you decide to destroy the Dark Brotherhood, the wedding just doesn’t happen!

That’s not very immersive, is it?

Vittoria’s Alternate Wedding makes it so you receive an invitation to the wedding a couple days after destroying the DB.

With it, you can attend the wedding, enjoy the reception, and finish listening to Vittoria’s speech without any shady business.

7. Haku Wedding Dress

The wedding dress you steal after murdering Vittoria Vici is pretty attractive.

But if you want something that’ll really capture the groom’s attention, this Haku Wedding Dress is for you.

This sexy version of a traditional Western wedding dress is elegant and a little risqué.

It follows most conventions but exposes the bride’s left leg, revealing a little bit of her thigh right above the thigh-high socks. Perfect for an adventurous Skyrim lady.

6. An Appropriately Attired Wedding Couple

Since not all marriageable characters are followers, it’s hard to control what they’ll wear to the wedding.

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Most of them will show up in their everyday clothes – and even followers will only equip strong armor.

If you want everything to be just right for the big day, An Appropriately Attired Wedding Couple is a must-have in your load order.

This mod simply lets you give your spouse-to-be a custom wedding outfit of your choosing – like the Haku Wedding Dress mentioned above.

5. Apachii Divine Elegance Store

I’d suggest Apachii Divine Elegance Store if you want a little more variety. It’s a large mod that adds dozens of beautiful and elegant outfits for both male and female characters.

It has a wide range of styles, from Victorian dresses to robes that look like they came from the Middle East. You can dress like a singer, a princess, or even The Witcher 3’s King Radovid.

You’ll even get some nice underwear to wear on your vacation.

The best part is that this mod works well with the last one, so when talking about your spouse’s wedding outfit, you can just pick one from a drop-down menu.

4. Wedding Outfit Commission

To get the most out of the game, you can also order your wedding clothes like you would in real life.

This mod lets you and your future mate order custom wedding clothes from Radiant Raiment in Solitude.

Thanks to xVASynth, the new conversation with Taarie and Endarie, the Aldmer sisters who run the store, is well-written and has their vanilla voices.

If you don’t want to pay extra for a fast order, you’ll have to wait a few days for your clothes to be ready. It’s exactly the same as a real wedding!

3. A Serious Wedding – Teldryn Sero Marriage

There are a lot of unique follower and quest changes where the Dragonborn and their main character get married in their own way.

But Teldryn Sero’s Serious Wedding is the most exciting.

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After you install it, you’ll be able to do a long, lore-friendly marriage quest with 105 lines of voiced conversation, the highlight of which is a real, traditional Dunmeri wedding.

This mod is an add-on to the basic Teldryn Serious mod. It makes the character much bigger and takes you and the character on epic adventures.

Even so, the two will work great on their own.

Teldryn Sero will marry both male and female Dragonborn, so don’t let the gender of your character stop you from enjoying this amazing love story.

2. Better Wedding Guests

The most annoying thing about Skyrim weddings for me has always been how odd the guests are.

As the Dragonborn, you help a lot of people throughout the game, and it’s hard to keep track of who’s “closer” to you according to the in-game numbers, which are what the game uses to figure out who your guests are.

The problem is fixed in two ways by this mod.

First, it changes the way guests are found so that your adopted children and other important people to your husband are included. Second, you can actually go around and invite specific people to the wedding, which is a function that should have been standard.

1. Marriage Mod – To Have and to Hold

Most people know the Marriage Mod for its multiple marriage feature, enabling the Dragonborn to re-marry after widowing or divorce. You can even have several partners under certain circumstances!

However, that’s not why I’m choosing it for this ranking.

The Marriage Mod adds a lot of flavor to the wedding ceremony, depending on what faction questlines you’ve finished.

There’s also a reception after the event.

A high-ranking member of the Thieves Guild will get guards in the shadows, a Companion will get two decorated thrones for the couple, and you’ll even get live musical performances if you have ties to the Bard College in Solitude.

The mod also features a built-in system to dress up your spouse for the ceremony and your married life. You can even change their default non-armored outfit!