27 Best Skyrim Female Armor Mods

The vanilla Skyrim Female Armor is very famous.

But I’ve always had the impression that most sets were made for male characters and then changed to fit female characters.

Something about these armor sets looks boring when worn by a woman, which is hard to believe given how much Nord women like to fight.

I put together this list of great female armor mods for every playstyle to help you find good sets of armor quickly so you can get back to gaming.

27. Practical Female Armors

If you thought Skyrim’s girl armor was a little too curvy, this mod makes TES V a little more equal between men and women.

These revealing parts are quickly covered up in JZBai’s Practical Female Armors, which makes female armor more like what men wear.

After and before. Practical Female Armour gets rid of the parts that show too much.

26. Merta Assassin Armor

Deserter X and Mitosuke’s Merta armor is a rather skimpy set of armor that emphasizes sleekness (and booty) for looks.

If you also download the HDT High Heels System mod, you can add some kickass heels to that.

Swords and naughty…

The Merta assassin’s armor isn’t very good at keeping you safe. It does have an interesting look, though.

25. Truly Light Elven Armor

Even though it’s in the Light Armor class, I don’t like how bulky the Elven armor set looks.

I’m not saying that everything needs to be made of leather and cloth, but this is pretty much everything!

I know that Moonstone is a high-quality, lightweight material, but this doesn’t look like it would be easy to move around in.

The modder Letstryagain made Truly Light Elven Armor, which is a different and more form-fitting version of the Elven armor with fewer bulky accessories for women who need to move quickly.

Tip: Check out Truly Light Glass Armor as well.

24. JS Armored Circlets

You can make your Skyrim armor look better by putting on one of JohnSkyrim’s Armored Circlets instead of your helmet.

These handy accessories give your character all the strength of a helmet in a stylish circle. This lets you show off the face you worked so hard on without giving up an equipment slot.

The mod pack has nine different circles that go with vanilla armor sets like Elven or Daedric and give the right stats.

All of them are beautifully sculpted and fit in well with the rest of the game.

23. Zzjay’s Wardrobe

Zzjay has been making custom Skyrim outfits for almost 10 years, and their work is still some of the best ways to dress your female characters.

This mod adds four new beautiful armor sets that fit in perfectly with Skyrim’s style.

They are stylish and form-fitting, but most of the time they don’t go too far out of the ordinary in terms of style.

The huntress and pirate sets are great for rogues, archers, and any light fencer. The plate armor is also great for a knight or a princess who wants to fight.

And they come in different colors so you can find something that fits the personality of your character. Also, it can be bought for the CBBE body type.

22. Ghorza’s Armory

Most of the Skyrim mods for female armor are polished and smooth. They’re meant to show off the beauty of the person who wears them, but they’re not very useful.

Any Orsimer blacksmith would be ashamed to make that kind of armor because it goes against the warrior-like Code of Malacath.

As a result, the orc blacksmith Ghorza gra-Bagol from Markarth made this new set of badass armor that is both protective and easy to move in, just the way orcs like it.

Who needs to be pretty if you’re strong and have good orichalcum?

21. Immersive Armor

Immersive Armors are one of the best and most popular armor add-ons because they have a wide range of high-quality armor.

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It adds more than 55 new armor sets, 396 new shields, and a tonne of new accessories to Skyrim, such as:

  1. Eye patches
  2. Earrings
  3. Scarves
  4. And capes

With this, you should be able to find good armor for any character, even a Dragonborn or follower who is a woman.

Some of my favorite immersive armor for women is the dark Tribunal Robes and the rough Primitive Nord armor.

20. Lustmord Vampire Armor

Vampires are mysterious creatures of the night that use their cunning and allure to get close to their prey, so it makes sense to turn up the sexiness.

The Lustmord Vampire Armor by AmethystDeceiver is a Skyrim classic made from the strongest ebony and the best leather for a sexy and badass look fit for a medieval dominatrix.

It might be a little too well made for the average Morthal vampire who lives in a cave, but it’s perfect for a wealthy bloodsucking noble from Solitude or a Cyrodiil tourist who wants to try the local “cuisine.”

Men and women will bow down to you, either out of respect or out of fear, or both.

19. Girl’s Heavy Armors

No matter what you think about realism, I would have liked to see more differences between the armor that men and women wear in Skyrim.

Even though men and women have different bodies, I was disappointed that most sets of armor looked almost the same on both sexes.

I didn’t like that my choice of gender didn’t change much about how my character looked.

The Girl’s Heavy Armors mod by Gigaduex adds remodeled versions of all heavy armor sets for women, including Iron, Steel, Orcish, Dwarven, Ebony, and more.

The style and color palette is the same as the vanilla armor sets, but these are more form-fitting and take inspiration from modern streetwear for women, like skirts and thigh-high socks.

18. Gigaduex’s Armor Sets

The Armor Sets by Gigaduex are made of light armor with a similar style of design.

Most of the clothes here seem to be shorts and full-bodysuits that look modern. These clothes are great for shady people who want to sneak around without making a lot of noise.

Some of these pieces have fabrics with rich patterns that would be fit for a noble.

Just add a cape from the Cloaks of Skyrim, and you’ll look like a Fire Emblem character about to lead their army into battle.

17. TERA Armors Collection

The TERA Armors Collection by Asianboy345 is a must-have if you want clothes that fit you well.

The Skyrim modding community gets a lot of flak for making armor and clothes that don’t make sense. But they’re not the only ones.

Lots of MMORPGs have cool gear, and TERA Online is no exception.

This mod adds 64 different pieces of TERA armor for both male and female characters.

You can get them for different body types, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that works with your mods.

16. Legendary Armors – DeserterX Collection

Skyrim modders who have been around for a while will definitely know DeserterX. He is known for making a huge number of sexy female outfits and armor.

The Legendary Armors mod by Cp44 combines 18 of his most popular sets into a single add-on so that you can have a wider range of female armor.

Legendary Armors has something for everyone, whether you want your character to look like a stylish vampire, a deadly assassin, or the sexiest Daedra warrior Tamriel has ever seen.

15. DX Daughter of the Sea Armor

Even though Skyrim has a huge coastline and the Nords are based on Vikings, the vanilla game doesn’t have much to do with the sea.

DeserterX’s Daughter of the Sea armor gives you a great chance to look like an exotic buccaneer who has just returned to Skyrim after a long journey in mysterious faraway lands.

This pretty hot armor has both flashy decorations and useful features like any good fantasy pirate should. It has some nice golden details and a cool flintlock pistol on the hip.

14. DX Witcher Armor

Fans of The Witcher series by CD Projekt RED will love this armor by DeserterX that looks like it was made for The Witcher.

This light armor made of ebony is meant to make your target afraid of you by making you look scary and giving you a lot of firepower.

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Not only do you get two decorative witcher swords, but you also get a huge crossbow and enough bolts to clear a whole bandit camp from your legs.

Just look at it: there’s a lot of leather, it’s almost all black, and there are patterns with skulls on them. This look is dark and edgy, which is perfect for a vampire hunter or a similar character.

13. DX Dark Knight Armor

DeserterX’s Dark Knight armor is a must-try if you want some heavy armor that will really protect you from the weather and your enemies’ blades.

This plate armor is made of polished ebony and has an elegant design that makes it look like the person who wears it is a noble or the champion of a powerful religious group.

This style is shown by the coat of arms on the totally badass shield and the large necklace in the shape of a star.

Even though the helmet looks like it was made for a templar, the mod also includes earrings with the same stats for those who want to show their character’s face.

12. Crimson Twilight Armor

An adventurer’s life is full of twists and turns, which makes it hard to bring the right clothes for every situation.

If you don’t want to walk around town in full Daedric armor, something like BloodFree’s Crimson Twilight armor might be better.

This badass armor is made for rogues and melee fighters who need to be quick on their feet.

It combines everyday items like corsets and fashionable leather boots with scaled armor that fits like a second skin.

The result is armor that is both stylish and bold. It protects well in a dungeon and looks good in a pub or Jarl’s longhouse.

11. Scarlet Dawn Armor

Another great choice if you like bright colors and a rogue-like look is Scarlet Dawn Armor from BloodFree.

You can think of it as a stripped-down version of the Crimson Twilight armor, with less protection.

The change makes it a lot less formal, and it goes from being a risky hero to being a pirate or member of the Thieves Guild.

It has a looser fit, so it should be comfortable and won’t look out of place anywhere.

10. Black Sacrament Armor

Playing an assassin in Skyrim can be hard when it comes to clothes.

Most “cool” armor sets are too heavy for a rogue, and everything the Dark Brotherhood sells makes me cringe.

This Black Sacrament Armor by AmethystDeceiver is the badass gear you need to give your servant of death some respect.

The mod also lets you change some things about the game. You can choose an amulet or a pendant, boots or gaiters, and whether or not to wear the cowl and facemask.

It also comes in different colors and types of leather, which makes it a very versatile item.

9. Northgirl Armor

A warrior woman has no trouble keeping up with the latest fashions.

The Northgirl Armor set by Anka01 gives Skyrim’s leather, fur, and steel style a modern twist. The result is a stylish look that I can only call “Nord chic.”

Even though it doesn’t look like it does much to protect you in its basic form, you can change the texture to something else, such as chain mail instead of the knit sweater.

Because there are so many ways to mix colors, you can use this for a lot of different characters.

8. Ranger Armo

If Skyrim archers want to look like stylish hunters who like the outdoors, they should keep an eye out for Alecu’s Ranger Armor.

This modified armor is a leather suit that fits the body like a second skin and can be tightened with belts and strings.

The goal is to make the wearer look cool and keep them safe with tough leather that won’t slow them down or make it hard to use a bow or crossbow.

It comes in black, red, burgundy, green, and even a purple/pink mix that looks like it might be a sign of an alliance with the Daedric prince Vaermina.

7. The Book of UUNP

The Book of UUNP, a huge armor pack made by modder Gamefever, could be a great one-stop shop for all of your female equipment needs.

The goal of this mod is to fix one of Skyrim’s most obvious problems: mass-produced armor.

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How is it that every blacksmith can make the same armor? It’s crazy.

There are more than 325 chest pieces and more than 500 single items in the Book of UUNP. You’ll always have something new to try, and it’s fully built into the game, so NPCs will also wear them.

Check this out because there’s something for everyone.

6. Another Vampire Leather Armor

Vampires are the perfect mix of strength and charm.

They can control people by how they look, how strong they are, or by using blood magic.

This is shown perfectly by Another Vampire Leather Armor, which is both badass and hot.

RavenDier’s AVLA is not like many other armors, which mistake sexiness for being skimpy.

It only shows a little skin, but it makes your character look very attractive and doesn’t take away from the “badass vampire general” look.

Tip: You can find a version that works with the CBBE body type here.

5. Sovereign’s Slayer Armor

The Dragonborn, who is supposed to be a great hero, shouldn’t have to wear clothes they found in a ruin full of Draugr.

Imagine that someone in Skyrim noticed the signs that Alduin was coming. In that case, they would have given the Dovahkiin something like the Sovereign’s Slayer Armor to help them with their hard mission.

This is the armor of a defender of law and order.

It has a lot of decorations and is polished to a mirror shine. It looks like one of the strongest sets of armor we’ve seen so far.

The armor also comes in different colors to match your Dragonborn’s style, and it comes with a huge axe to help you cut dragons’ heads off.

4. A Girl Has Armor

Fans of Game of Thrones, HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, will recognize the armor that Arya Stark wore in the last few episodes. It was made just for her.

The creative, asymmetrical design of this armor set by MacGrioghair is what I like so much about it.

A rogue warrior might like how one side keeps them warm and hides their weapons, while the other side lets them use their main hand and makes it easy to reach their hidden blades.

Against the Night King, it worked, so it will work against anyone.

3. Hedge Mage Armor

I’ve always thought that magic users in Skyrim would be low-key and shady because most Nords are afraid and suspicious of magic.

And Elleh’s Hedge Mage Armor is just right for a character like that.

It has the features you need to stay alive in the wild, and it protects you from the weather better than a simple robe.

It will also be easier for you to move in and won’t give away the fact that you are a sorceress right away.

The set also comes in a number of nice colors, such as red, blue, and green. Choose the one that best fits your chosen magic school.

2. Triss Armor Retextured

ChronoTrigger77’s Triss Armor Retextured is a great way to outfit mages or lightweight fencers and rangers.

This gives Triss Merigold’s colorful outfit from The Witcher 3 eight new color schemes that can be used instead.

Assassins can be black or brown, rangers can be green or tan, and mercenaries can be tan. This is less than half of the options. You can also mix and match styles that are brand new.

The mod makes it easier to switch out the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Nightingale, and Arch-Mage sets for these nice-looking ones.

1. Nibenean Armors & Outfit

I’ve decided to give the top spot to the Nibenean Armors & Outfit pack from Xtudo, which is a relatively new item.

These sets of armor are well-made with both function and immersion in mind.

Even though they look very feminine, they offer a lot of protection.

With these Nibenean armors, the goal is to make them look the way you want.

There are three choices for the top, five for the gauntlets and boots, and many extras like a choker and a fur cape.

You can also decide whether or not your armor has pauldrons.

Many of the colors in this Nibenean gear are the same as those in the vanilla Iron and Steel sets. This helps it fit in with the rest of Skyrim.