12 Best Dwemer Mods For Skyrim

In the world of Tamriel, the Dwemer might have died out a long time ago. But they have a special place in the hearts of all of us.

Their technology has been so important to the Elder Scrolls series that we can’t help but wonder what could have happened if they were still around.

We only know about the Dwemer from stories and myths, and sometimes their long-lost cities and dungeons can be dangerous.

But thanks to the magic of mods, we can bring some of their most influential creations to life. Many of the things on this list that look like Dwemer were made by the modders themselves.

Prepare to clean out your mod folder, because if you want to try a new Dwemer mod, you’ve come to the right place.

12. Project AHO

Dwemer Mods For Skyrim

Project AHO is another quest mod with a Dwemer theme. It adds over 40 new places to explore. HaemProjects says that the mod is about the same size as a medium-sized DLC.

The quest will take you through a large Dwemer city and eventually give you access to their Aetherium Hyperspace Observatory.

Think of this machine as Doctor Who’s Tardis, because you can travel through time and space with it.

The mod even has a unique soundtrack that was made with a “Dwarven organ,” which adds to the atmosphere of the Dwemer theme.

To start the quest, all you have to do is get to level 15 and go to Mixwater Mill.

11. Dwemer Storage Cube – A Portable Home

Home is where the heart is, and if you have a Dwemer-themed base, you can really live like a Deep Elf. This mod was made by YsCordelan to make things easier.

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You can go to your new player home by just using the cube you have in your inventory. The cube is in the Temple of Xrib, northwest of the Shrine of Azura. It is near a column.

The home has all of the crafting stations you could want, as well as named chests for all of the different materials you find along the way.

A unique shrine that helps you get better at blacksmithing is also a nice touch. Even though the bed is made of stone, a Dwemer home on wheels is worth a little bit of discomfort.

10. Dwemer Dog Follower

Sure, having a dog is pretty cool. Most of you reading this article are probably dog people anyway.

Do you know what would be cooler, though?

Having a massive mechanical dog manufactured years ago by the Dwemer themselves.

This mod allows you to own a Dwemer Dog companion, which will truly help you rediscover the usefulness of man’s best friend.

You’ll also be left questioning why your own dog doesn’t kill giant spiders and cyclops with as much ease as this one.

9. Ancient Dwemer Metal

Yes, this mod is purely cosmetic. And yes, it’s still one of the finest Dwemer-themed mods that you’ll come across.

This is just freaking beautiful.

The creator of the mod hand-painted most of the Dwemer metal structures in the game, as well as plenty of items that were created at Dwemer forges.

Ancient Dwemer Metal will change the way you look at anything that might’ve been made by any Dwemer smith. It’s astonishingly well done for a basic retexture mod.

8. Ihlenda – Dwemer Companion

If you love the Dwemer because they bring that steampunk element to Skyrim, then you’re going to absolutely love this companion.

Ihlenda is a Dwemer Droid that will serve you well in battle, accompanying you through the lands of Skyrim wherever you go.

You’ll be able to find her near Mzulft, but will you be able to befriend this powerful combat droid?

7. Dwemer Skyship

Alright you caught me: this one isn’t much of a lore-friendly mod. But I mean, check this out: It’s a damn ship that you can actually fly in Skyrim!

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Who cares if you’re the Dragonborn and you can ride dragons?

Wouldn’t it be cooler if you actually had an air ship that you command? I mean, it’s gotta be at least 50/50 on that decision.

This Dwemer Skyship turns my wildest of dreams into reality, so it’s getting a good spot on my list.

And in case you’re wondering, the ship’s movement is not too clunky at all.

Don’t expect it to fly as smoothly as a jet plane in Ace Combat, but it does move quite well.

6. Dwemer Goggles and Scouter

At first glance I was wondering why this mod was among the most downloaded Dwemer creations in the Nexus.

I got my answer rather quickly: both the goggles and the scouter provide you with some absolutely fantastic abilities that improve your sight as well as your perception.

Basically this turns you into a killing machine if you put these items to good use.

They’re as lore-friendly as they can get, too. Both of these items are crafted using an ancient Dwemer blueprint, which enables you to replicate the tech used by Dwemer scientists to create such powerful items.

The phrase “attention to detail” has never been more accurate.

5. Insanitys Dwemer Weapons

We all loved the Dwemer weapons from Morrowind. But the creator of this mod loved them so much that he decided to recreate them in Skyrim.

And on top of that, he’s given them top-notch graphics to boot!

Get yourself an armor mod and use these weapons in battle, much like the ancient Dwemer did many years ago when they first came to Tamriel.

4. Bluthanch – Tiny Dwemer Home

If Lord of the Rings was steampunk, this is what Frodo’s home would’ve looked like in the movies.

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This amazing mod adds a Dwemer home to the game, which truly captures the essence of the Dwemer style of life & combines it with how you could experience life in Skyrim.

You’ll get a desk filled with all sorts of Dwemer memorabilia, making you feel like a true Dwemer yourself. Or a hardcore Skyrim collector, both good feelings.

The house is tiny but serves its purpose fantastically well.

It’s by far the best Dwemer living/home mod that I’ve come across in all these years playing the game.

3. Space Wiking Dwemer & Exoskeleton

Let’s count up everything we get here:

  • A whole new quest
  • Exoskeleton Dwemer armors
  • Powerful new abilities to exploit

Yep, I’d say the Space Wiking Dwemer mod is well worth the download time.

The armor’s design itself already makes it worthwhile, but wait until you see the crazy abilities that the exoskeleton brings.

Your jaw will drop to the floor, and so will your enemies(but for other reasons).

2. The Forgotten City

This mod adds an entire new questline to the game, fully themed around Dwemer culture.

You embark on a quest to find and explore The Forgotten City, uncovering its mysteries and exploring a whole new world hidden and lost in time.

I don’t want to give away too much, but suffice it to say this will keep you busy for a while.

1. Dwemertech – Magic of the Dwarves

This relatively short questline adds plenty of new characters to the game, all of which are fully voiced and rich in personality features.

The voice acting alone is really noteworthy. That’s not easy to do!

Dwemertech also adds a ton of new spells to the game, all of which will be at your disposal once you complete the quest.

Will the Dwemer return to Nirn? Or will you be able to do something about it? It’s all in the hands of the Dragonborn!