15 Best Shout Mods for Skyrim

Skyrim is built around shouts, or at least that’s what they’re supposed to be.

In more complex games, shouts don’t seem to have a lot of depth.

Modders from all over the world have made some great changes to Skyrim that make shouts much more useful and give players new reasons to try them out in battle.

It’s not just about being easy to use, though.

Some of the Shout Mods on this list also add new shouts to the game, which can be fun or give you extra stuff.

I’ve kept things interesting for you to make your Skyrim experience better.

I’ve also tried to avoid shouts that don’t fit with the game’s story, but you might find a few that are more off the beaten path but still fun to use, even if they don’t fit as well with the lore.

15. Concentrative Shouts

Best Shout Mods for Skyrim

Ice and fire breath shouts seem as if the Dragonborn was just coughing.

They aren’t nearly as imposing as they should be, and that’s clear given how many mods have been created to fix this exact issue.

You’ll come across countless shout mods that aim to fix such visuals, and this is one of the mods best ones you’ll be able to find in this category.

It radically changes the way shouts work and makes them look much more similar to how a dragon would shoot ice and fire out of their mouths. Talk about a real badass upgrade.

14. You Wear What I Want You To Wear

This shout allows you to modify the clothes of every single follower in the game.

You know how some followers have “hidden” clothing that can’t be removed from their inventory?

This mod allows you to shout at them, ordering to unequip it to your will. Once unequipped you’ll be able to put on whichever item you want on your followers. A small yet nifty change.

Note this isn’t a lore-friendly shout, but it’s still a cool and funny way to give more customization and freedom in the game.

13. Za Warudo

Are you a fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

This shout introduces Za Warudo(aka The World) which does exactly the same as Dio’s stand does in Stardust Crusaders – it freezes over time but allows you to move around freely.

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It’s one of the best time-freezing mods that you can add to the game, and even though the original power isn’t lore-friendly, it’s still a great mod to have at your disposal.

Small thing to note: this mod does add the original sound effects of the series, so don’t install this if you’re not comfortable hearing random anime dudes screaming during your Skyrim playthrough!

12. Meteor Call

Do you know that mighty spell that Alduin uses that causes a rain of meteorites to fall all over the place?

This is the Meteor Call mod shout, which allows the Dragonborn to use the almighty power that Alduin has at his disposal.

Haven’t you always wanted to mimic this yourself? Well thanks to an awesome Skyrim community now you can.

11. True Dragon Aspect

The Dragon Aspect shout, with this mod, becomes a very powerful buff that will truly make you feel like a dragon when casting it.

The buffs that the original shout offer are a bit too weak for what the shout is supposed to represent.

And let’s face it, no one really feels like a true dragon using the base-game Dragon Aspect shout. This mod fixes that and goes an extra mile for it!

10. Thunderchild – Epic Shouts and Immersion

Coming in at #1 is this amazing mod which adds 29 new shouts to Skyrim.

All of which are more useful and more powerful than those already in the game, but none of them feel like they’re out of place with how a Skyrim shout should feel. This really fits so nicely into the Skyrim lore.

And the best thing about this mod is that you can’t simply install it and earn all of the shouts; you need to complete a quest that this mod includes if you wish to unlock them. Bonus content FTW!

Plus this makes sure to fix a handful of annoying bugs that some shouts have in the base game so it’s overall the single biggest reworking of the shouts system. If you want better base shouts, plus a ton of new ones, and some new content… look no further than Thunderchild.

9. Stronger Unrelenting Force

This mod might only tweak unrelenting force, but seeing as Fus Ro Da is the most emblematic power in Skyrim (perhaps representing the entire TES franchise better than any other thing in the game).

It truly has earned one of the best spots in this list.

Stronger Unrelenting Force makes the Fus Ro Da a mighty weapon of destruction at your own disposal.

It lets you modify how much stronger you want the shout to be right in the game. You have the option to make it 200% stronger, 400% stronger, or 700% stronger(yikes!)

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At which point you’ll be able to launch foes so far up in the air that you won’t see them ever again. Fun, practical, and not too bloated. Everything I love about a great mod.

8. Complete Immersive and Dynamic Overhaul of All Shouts

One heck of a name for this mod right?

Even though most shout mods don’t really care much about the overall balance of power that they break, this complete overhaul makes them significantly more useful.

But it doesn’t break the balanced feeling that they should always have which is something I really care about.

This is one of the best shout mods that you can add to the game if you really care for true balance as you play.

7. Concentrative Fire and Frost Breaths

This has to be the best mod that aims to reword the Fire and Frost breath shouts that base game Skyrim puts at your disposal.

This turns regular shouts, which look as if you were coughing, into powerful blasts of energy that resemble the way Frost and Fire dragons shoot their magical essence through their mouths.

I mentioned one earlier in this list and that one is pretty great. But I think this mod offers even more(if you’re looking for more).

Here you can even modify the strength of the shouts themselves by yourself, but this fully depends on which difficulty you’re playing on.

The easier you play, the more likely you’ll be to truly experience devastation from these shouts after installing the mod. Do keep in mind, though, that the shouts will become far more powerful regardless of which difficulty you’re playing on so this is a nice addition to the visual upgrades.

6. Shouts in the Dragon Tongue

Now with this mod you can read the proper translations of every shout in the Dragon Tongue by adding it to the name of the shout itself.

Which does add a bit more immersion into the game, but ultimately makes you more familiar with the words that the Dragonborn says whenever you cast a shout. Regardless of how known or obscure it is.

Kind of a silly addition but also really valuable to anyone who’s deep into the world of Skyrim.

5. Legendary Shouts

This mod massively boosts the power that every shout has.

As you might think, shouts should be your go-to source of attack and defense. But in reality shouts from base-game Skyrim are almost as weak as an attack from an early game weapon.

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And they only prove to be useful in a handful of occasions.

This mod buffs the power of every shout making the whole arsenal a great option to actually use regularly. They also offer some good variations to traditional attacks that you can alternate back and forth. Go Legendary Shouts!

4. Ultimate Dragonborn Shouts Unlocker

I’m only including this mod on this list because I know some people find the whole process of unlocking shouts to be quite an annoyance.

This mod removes the process entirely and unlocks every single shout in the game so you can have it at your disposal as soon as you walk out that emblematic wagon and obtain the ability to shout.

In most cases, the mod will increase the radius and strength of shouts as well. This makes them far better options to use in battle so this also makes you a lot stronger right from the get-go.

3. Immersive Shouts

Immersive Shouts make sure to give every shout in the game a better use by either decreasing cooldowns or making them far more effective than they are.

This mod helps players that feel like shouts should play a more important part in the game. I know you’re out there, and I hope you’re still reading this far!

With this mod you’ll be able to use them much more often too. It offers a totally new strategy to your next Skyrim playthrough.

2. Fus Ro Door!

What’s the point of having a shout that can blast enemies off a cliff, but it can’t open a simple door?!

Some modder came up with the idea of giving Fus Ro Da the power to open doors – it will only fail to work with locked doors that require a key, but regular locked doors with locks that can be picked can be opened with the classic Unrelenting Force shout if you aim it at them.

Give this a try and see what you think. It probably won’t fit with every play style but you can always disable it later if you don’t like it.

1. Unrelenting Force Regeneration Upgrade

So this simple mod reduces the time it takes for you to cast Unrelenting Force again.

Which means that you’ll be able to Fus-Ro-Da those fools more often than you can in the base game!

The original cooldown of the spell is simply too lengthy and makes you forget how useful the shouts can be, so this mod allows you to use the most emblematic shout in the game with more frequency.

If that’s not a key selling point then I don’t know what is.