Skyrim: Where Do You Farm Ectoplasm?

Are you on the hunt for Ectoplasm in Skyrim? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got the scoop on where to find it!

Ghosts are the key to getting Ectoplasm, and luckily, there are a few places you can go to find them. Head on over to Rannveig’s Fast, Yngvild, or the Abandoned Prison to get your ghost-hunting fix.

Now, you won’t find many ghosts in these places, so it’s best to hit up all three locations to really load up on that sweet, sweet Ectoplasm.

But, if you’re looking for a more civilized way to get your hands on this ingredient, consider joining the College of Winterhold.

Once you’re in the Hall of Countenance, you’ll find five bowls of Ectoplasm just waiting for you to scoop them up.

And, if you’re feeling extra daring, head over to the Archmage’s Quarters for a chance to swipe two samples of Ectoplasm.

But, if you’re short on time or just don’t feel like venturing out into the wilderness, keep an eye out at alchemy shops.

While it’s a rare ingredient, there’s a 15% chance that a seller will have some Ectoplasm for sale.

So, whether you’re battling ghosts in spooky ruins or perusing the shelves of an alchemy shop, Ectoplasm can be yours for the taking!

Rannveig’s Fast

This old Nordic building is northeast of Rorikstead.

Before you enter the ruin, you’ll meet a few ghosts who have been tamed and a ghost explorer. Both of these ghosts will drop Ectoplasm when you kill them.

So try to get rid of them before going on.

Inside the wreck, you might see up to five ghosts who have been tamed.

They aren’t very strong opponents and don’t have many weapons, so it should be easy to farm ectoplasm here.


You can find Yngvild northeast of Dawnstar. Draugrs and Yngvild Ghosts live there.

In the first area, you can fight four Yngvild Ghosts and a few Draugrs for drops.

The Yngvild Throne Room is the next place close by.

You should be able to get drops from 3 ghosts inside, and there are 2 samples of Ectoplasm on a table near the throne.

Keep in mind that the mage on the throne is aggressive and will attack you as soon as he sees you.

Abandoned Prison

This place is southwest of Mixwater Mill in Eastmarch, near a stream.

If you go into the area, you’ll find jail cells at the end of the prison. There are two ghosts here.

Another ghost is behind a cell door with a lock that only experts can open. It might not be worth growing, but that’s up to you.

Ectoplasm Uses in Skyrim

Ectoplasms have powers that can Restore Magicka, Strengthen Destruction, Strengthen Magicka, and Hurt Health.

You can make a Fortify Magicka Potion by putting Ectoplasms and Mora Tapinella or Jazbay Grapes together.

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And if you mix some Ectoplasm with some Nightshade (or a few other items), you can make a Potion of Fortify Destruction that makes Destruction spells stronger and increases your maximum magicka.


What is Ectoplasm used for in Skyrim?

Ectoplasm is a rare alchemical ingredient that can be used to create potions and poisons that fortify magicka, damage magicka regeneration, and resist magic.

Can Ectoplasm be found anywhere else besides from ghosts?

While ghosts are the primary source of Ectoplasm, it is also possible to find it in other locations, such as alchemy shops or as loot from certain enemies.

How rare is Ectoplasm in Skyrim?

Ectoplasm is considered a rare ingredient in Skyrim, with a relatively low chance of finding it in the game world or at alchemy shops.

Is there a limit to how much Ectoplasm you can carry in Skyrim?

Like all items in Skyrim, there is a weight limit to how much Ectoplasm you can carry. However, you can increase your carrying capacity by leveling up your character’s stamina attribute or by using enchanted gear.

Are there any quests in Skyrim that involve collecting Ectoplasm?

While there are no major quests in Skyrim that specifically require you to collect Ectoplasm, it may be a required ingredient for certain side quests or for completing certain objectives in the game.