16 Things To Do When You’re Bored in Skyrim

Beautiful, open-world The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers a lot of exploration and adventure.

Players still enjoy exploring its hidden locales, secrets, and thrilling side missions eleven years after its initial release.

We’ve compiled a list of the top things to do while you are Bored in Skyrim. This list is likely to have something for you, whether this is your first or fifty-first time exploring Tamriel’s northern regions.

Let’s get going!

Just a quick reminder that everything on our list is playable in both the original version of Skyrim and select DLC/expansion packs.

There are a ton of mods available that offer fresh experiences, so we made sure to include as many as we could in our list in case you’re playing on a console or don’t want to clog up your game with too many mods.

If that’s more your style, check out our other guides since we’ve done a lot of roundups of the finest modifications for Skyrim.

16. Obtain or construct a home and decorate it

Bored in Skyrim

In Skyrim, having a home comes with several advantages, including a warm, comfortable bed and additional storage.

Additionally, a house offers simple access to locations where you can make potions, enchant weapons, and cook food.

Skyrim offers a variety of housing options, and you are free to buy as many of them as you want. You can even buy land to erect your own home if you have the Hearthfire expansion!

You may add a variety of upgrades to your house, giving you complete freedom over the interior design.

You can look through this list if you want to buy a house and want to pick the greatest one for your requirements.

15. Join the Thieves Guild in Riften

One of the best methods to get riches in Skyrim is to join the Thieves Guild.

You can hone your lockpicking abilities, discover how to buy off Riften security guards, and even gain access to unusual gear and weaponry!

The Thieves Guild and Nightingale armor sets, as well as the unique glass blade Chillrend, are worth the bother on their own.

Simply go to Riften and find Brynjolf, a guild member, to join. Accept his request so the joining procedure may start.

You also receive the Amulet of Articulation after finishing the main Thieves Guild quest, which helps your Persuasion ability grow.

14. Visit the Dwemer Museum and the Dwemer Ruins

Markarth is a historic settlement that the Dwemer left behind. You can complete a number of missions and visit the Jarl’s Palace at Understone Keep here.

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One of the best things you can do in Skyrim is to educate yourself about the Dwemer.

By just exploring Calcemo’s Laboratory and the Dwemer ruins, performing quests, and reading books you find in the Understone Keep, you can learn more about the ruins and the technology utilized by the Dwemer.

You’ll need a key in order to access the Dwemer Museum. Either pickpocket Calcemo to get it or assist him with various tasks.

13. Defeat the Ebony Warrior

Once you have attained Level 80, you can take on the Ebony Warrior as a boss. He can be located by the Hall of Dead in Solitude or outside the Hold Gates close to Whiterun.

He presents himself as a worthy opponent and claims to be seeking a challenge.

With his ebony sword and other magical skills, such as Health Restoration and the capacity to steal your health, this Redguard warrior is a challenging foe.

Although he is a frightening foe, the challenge is worthwhile. You can take all of his armor and weapons once you’ve defeated him!

12. View auroras

Though Skyrim is home to gorgeous mountains, rivers, and cities, did you know that you can also view the Northern Lights there?

You’ll be able to glimpse an aurora if the nighttime weather is clear. Though they come in a variety of hues, blue and green are the most typical.

In Skyrim, catching the auroras is a fantastic way to unwind and pass the time.

You may take some truly stunning pictures of the auroras if you can locate a decent lookout point or a location where you can see the sky clearly.

You’re in for a tremendous treat when combined with the incredible soundtrack composed by Jeremy Soule.

You can always use the Clear Skies Shout to encourage auroras to appear if the sky is too overcast.

If you want a more realistic gaming experience, don’t forget to look at our list of the top Skyrim weather mods!

11. Make Potions to Aid You in Combat

In Skyrim, potions are an essential item. You can improve your health and endurance, turn invisible, protect yourself from fire damage, and many other things.

It won’t take long for you to develop extraordinary powers and become a great alchemist if you put the time and effort into learning and brewing new potions.

The Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim is a useful book that you can discover if you’d like to learn about the ingredients for crafting potions.

You may learn how to make potions, level up your talent, and gain new benefits with the aid of this book.

Another fantastic place to learn about potions and buy various pharmacy goods is Arcadia’s Cauldron.

Arcadia will even train you on various alchemy techniques. Whiterun’s Arcadia’s Cauldron is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is situated close to the market.

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10. Participate in Greybeard training

The Greybeards are a historic order of monks that maintain a monastery at the summit of Tamriel’s tallest mountain, High Hrothgar.

The Dragonborn can learn from the Greybeards what it means to be a Dovahkiin and “The Way of the Voice.”

You’ll learn more from them about the Dragonborn prophecy and Alduin, a legendary dragon also known as the World Eater.

You can find new Words of Power by exploring Skyrim with Arngeir’s assistance.

Training with the Greybeards is a wonderful approach to find and practice all of the Shouts in the game if you want to master them all.

9. Permanently commit genocidal acts

Commit genocide and assassinate each and every one of the game’s distinctively named characters if you really want to alter Skyrim entirely.

When you do this, your entire world save will be drastically altered, therefore I only advise doing it after you’ve completed the other items on this list.

A number of side quests and some world life would be unavailable to you. However, adjusting to life in a less populated Skyrim can be novel.

8. Become the Thane of each hold.

In Skyrim, you can become the thane of nine main holdings, in case you weren’t aware. Each one has difficult duties, but completing them will be highly gratifying.

You get a housecarl, which is one of the best followers in the game, when you become a Thane.

Everyone in Skyrim will look up to you if you become Thane of all 9 holdings; to finish the missions, you must interact with the locals. Undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable activities!

The Capital, where the Jarl resides, is one of their nine principal holds.

  1. Windhelm – Eastmarch
  2. Falkreath Haafingar, Falkreath Hold, and Solitude
  3. Morthal – Hjaalmarch
  4. Dawnstar’s The Pale
  5. The Rift – Riften The Reach – Markarth
  6. Whiterun Winterhold

7. Find the Headless Horseman

I’ve played for more than a thousand hours, yet I still haven’t located the Headless Horseman. Between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., he appears wherever at random.

You probably won’t ever find him if you travel throughout the day as I do.

But if you do, you can stick with him until he arrives in Hamvir’s Rest. You can locate some weak undead and a Master-level chest full of treasure there.

6. Get all properties and enhance them

Houses in Skyrim have so much to offer, as is explained in the list of the best player residences.

You should try to buy each one, even if they are incredibly expensive in gold.

Then, you can equip each one differently or in general to be a jack of all crafts.

One for storage, another for smithing, another for alchemy, etc.

The list continues. Or, to make journeys to cities much simpler, make sure every property has everything you require.

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5. Boost Each Talent

Skyrim no longer has a level cap, but you level much more slowly now.

In reality, it would take tens of thousands of hours of gameplay to max out every talent, but striving to max out the majority of them can provide a wide variety of gameplay.

You can play a battle wizard one day and a stealth archer the next. Then comes a two-handed beast, followed by a warrior brandishing a sword and shield.

However, doing so before finishing the main plot can throw the game’s balance out of whack and make your excursions harder.

4. Visit Every Location

There are so many places to visit in this vast world that it is definitely worthwhile to visit each one.

Some tombs could be uninteresting and simple to conquer, while others might have interesting features.

One of the most satisfying things you can do in Skyrim is to fully invest in each area.

Just be careful with the massive amount of loot you will collect—leaving some behind while you’re overloaded is not polite.

3. Finish all side missions

The best strategy to fill up your storage boxes is to finish all side quests if the previous entry’s loot was insufficient or of low quality.

Almost all side quests offer some sort of special item as a reward, and interacting with NPCs makes them much more enjoyable.

The excellent effort of Bethesda has resulted in a wide variety of tasks for side quests. Fighting, couriering, investing, and creeping are all possible.

The diversified high stat distribution plays a role in this, making each side mission more simpler and leveling those skills.

2. Mod

Modifying Skyrim is by far the best thing you can do to offer yourself more time and enjoyment with it.

With millions of downloads for the most well-liked mods, the community is still going strong.

There is probably a mod for each Skyrim feature you can think of (except multiplayer). You can keep your favorite character while changing it into an entirely new game.

However, if done improperly, modding might be harmful. Use the appropriate tools, and adhere to as many instructions as you can.

Hopefully the setup process won’t be too difficult and you’ll fall in love with Skyrim all over again!

1. “A Night to Remember” quest

Consider taking on the “A Night to Remember” quest if you’re up for a bizarre but entertaining challenge that will test your patience.

Go to a pub in any of Skyrim’s nine holds and start drinking to start this quest.

You can eventually compete in a drinking match against a man by the name of Sam Guevenne.

You will receive a unique weapon for completing the mission and learn Sam Guevenne’s real identity.

You can take a break from the grind to experience something amusing and obtain an odd weapon with this quest because the conversation and circumstances are humorous.