11 Best Brelyna Maryon Mods for Skyrim

Even though the College of Winterhold isn’t as famous as Hogwarts, there’s still a lot to like about this mysterious hall of learning, like the interesting and charming people who study there.

Brelyna Maryon is the most interesting of them all.

This smart Dunmer girl is a member of House Telvanni, which has a lot of power.

Her skill with magic comes from where she came from, but she would rather be seen as a person than just a “Telvanni Dunmer.”

Brelyna is an interesting character, and if she weren’t so ugly, she might be one of the best choices for the Dragonborn to marry.

Let’s look at some mods that can change Brelyna’s style.

11. Subtle Brelyna Facelift

Brelyna Maryon

This mod introduces a subtle modification to the character Brelyna Maryon, focusing on enhancing her facial appearance while still preserving her original traits from the vanilla game.

10. Cuter Brelyna Maryon

In Skyrim, the facial bones of every elf race are very different from those of the Imperials, Nords, and Redguards, who have more “normal” faces.

Even though it might be normal and even beautiful to other elves or humans in Tamriel, this face shape is often a big turn-off for humans who play these games in real life.

This Cuter Brelya Maryon mod softens Brelyna’s elfish facial features, which makes her look more beautiful.

She still has longer ears and a bit of a pointy chin, but her lips, eyes, and nose look more like a human’s.

9. More To Say

Brelyna is a charming girl once you get to know her.

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She’s curious, sensitive, and knows what it’s like for people to assume things about you based on your outward appearance or last name.

Regrettably, her dialogue in Skyrim is pretty limited. Even if the Dragonborn marries her, she’ll never tell you about that book she’s always reading or recount her past in Morrowind.

More To Say is an extensive dialogue overhaul that gives almost everyone in Skyrim more topics to talk about, including this Telvanni descendant.

The voice lines are constructed from other lines in the game, so the voices are 100% accurate.

8. Special Edition Followers

Skyrim has a lot of vanilla followers, from strong fighters to magical mages, but with a few exceptions, they are all the same.

Well, no longer.

Special Edition Followers is a revamp of the Dragonborn’s allies that focuses on how they affect gameplay.

Each of the Dragonborn’s followers now has a unique build and set of moves. They also get better AI, a higher level cap, and more.

With this mod, Brelyna can stand out as a powerful Telvanni mage with a defense-focused moveset and strong healing skills that any daring Dragonborn could use.

7. Diversity – A Character Overhaul

Diversity gives every NPC in these northern lands a major change.

This mod wants to do for Skyrim what the Oblivion Character Overhaul did for TES IV, which is to make everyone’s faces look a lot less old and ugly by giving them higher-poly models.

Brelyna Maryon is a part of this, of course.

These new faces are more angular, with bones that stand out and hairstyles that are a little bit neater. According to the legend, they also look a lot more like they should be their ages.

6. Total Character Makeover

The Total Character Makeover mod can be used to get the same result.

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The person who made this mod says it will make Skyrim characters look more like real people and less like low-poly talking potatoes, which is how they usually look in vanilla.

Even on less powerful systems, these new textures are realistic and look good, but they won’t slow you down.

I love how this mod improves details like hands, feet, and teeth and makes everyone look like they fit in the same game.

5. Brelyna Facelift NPC Replacer

This mod is for you if you don’t care about the original Brelyna and just want a pretty but badass following.

With this add-on, Brelyna gets a full makeover. Her bones become more human-like, her eyes get a brighter shade of red, and she gets intricate tattoos all over her face.

The cute stacked bob cut is a big plus in my book.

It makes Brelyna look like a tomboy, which fits her personality surprisingly well.

4. Bijin Warmaidens

If we want to make Skyrim’s female characters look better, we can’t forget about the Bijin series.

Bijin Warmaiden focuses on the women who follow the Dragonborn. She makes their skin smoother, their features more beautiful, and gives them very stylish hairstyles.

Brelyna gets one of the best changes. She goes from being a rough-looking Dunmer mage to a bombshell with the most delicate, model-like facial features and beautiful, shiny hair right out of a Pantene shampoo commercial.

3. Pandorable’s Brelyna & Nevri

If I had to guess how Brelyna looks based on what she says, I would picture a young, confident mage who would use her looks to charm the Dragonborn into taking part in her trials.

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Pandorable’s Brelyna looks just like that.

Even though the Bijin Warmaidens version of Brelyna might be more beautiful, Pandorable’s version seems more realistic. She doesn’t look like a model at all; she looks more like a witch.

This is the kind of Dunmer I’d want to marry!

2. AW Brelyna Replacer

This mod is designed to replace the visual appearance of Brelyna Maryon, a character from the College of Winterhold in the game.

It offers a complete overhaul of her visuals, including changes to her face, body, and overall appearance.

The mod aims to provide a fresh and improved visual representation of Brelyna Maryon, potentially offering more realistic or detailed textures, enhanced features, and updated outfits.

By installing this mod, players will see a significant visual transformation in the character of Brelyna Maryon, giving them a different and potentially more visually appealing experience while interacting with her in

1. Alternate Brelyna Maryon

This mod makes minor alterations to the appearance of Brelyna Maryon, a character in the game.

The main changes include making her face more feminine and soft while still retaining the angular features characteristic of Dunmer.

Additionally, the mod removes the hood she typically wears, revealing her face fully.

These adjustments aim to enhance Brelyna Maryon’s visual appeal by giving her a more attractive and exposed appearance while maintaining her Dunmer heritage.

Players who use this mod will notice these specific changes in Brelyna Maryon’s face and the absence of her hood during gameplay.