15 Best Warrior Gear, Armor & Equipment in Skyrim

You need swords, shields, and Warrior Gears to kill your enemies. Being a warrior is exciting, but one thing we don’t often talk about is that warriors usually look pretty cool.

When it comes to the different classes in Skyrim, warriors have the best gear.

I can say this without bias because I’ve always chosen a “sneakier” way to play.

In any case, Skyrim has a lot of weapons and armour. You’ll be able to get a lot of great gear for your warrior, but how do you choose?

Well, I’ve put together this list of the best gear and equipment that warriors should get to make the most of their skills in battle.

But these are also meant to keep you looking like a badass.

15. Blackguard’s Armor

Warrior Gear, Armor & Equipment in Skyrim

In what is almost an insult to the Thieves’ Guild’s armor set, the Blackguard’s Armor set is a flat-out improvement on the Guild Master’s set.

It’s a leather light armor set with a base armor value of 72 and shares all of the same enchantments.

Unlike the Guild Master set, it has a slightly lower weight and better enchantment stats. The carry capacity increase, lockpicking bonus, Pickpocket bonus, and Price boost are 50, 40, 40, and 25, respectively.

The set is part of the Dragonborn DLC. You first need to complete the “Taking Care Of Business” quest for the Thieve’s Guild. Talk to the armorsmith in Raven Rock, Glover Mallory.

He will tell you about Esmond Tyne in the Castle Karstaag Caverns, initiating the “Paid In Full” quest. Complete this quest to gain access to Glover’s basement, where the Blackguard’s armor set is in a display case.

14. Glass Armor

Users of light armor should definitely go for the Glass Armor set at one point. Not only is it a powerful and valuable armor set only overtaken by a few others, but it also looks absolutely brilliant too.

The entire set can be crafted with a high Smithing skill. Alternatively, players can find a complete set in both Northwatch Keep and the Thalmor Embassy.

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13. Ebony Blade

The ultimate weapon for any evil warrior, the Ebony Blade has a 10-point Health absorption enchantment when first acquired.

But this can be improved to a much more useful maximum of 30 points by using the sword to kill friendly characters.

Each pair of friends slain adds 4 points to the lifesteal, meaning that it requires 10 such deadly betrayals to max out the sword’s power.

The Ebony Blade is the final reward on the “The Whispering Door” quest. To start “The Whispering Door”, the player must be at least level 20, and must have completed the “Dragon Rising” quest.

It’s initiated by asking Hulda in Whiterun’s The Bannered Mare if she’s heard any rumors.

12. Visage Of Mzund

This unique Dwarven helmet has numerous benefits for any warrior. First, it’s armor rating is extremely high. Second, it boosts Stamina by 60 points.

Third, it allows the wearer to unleash a powerful steam attack. This attack is similar to the Novice level Destruction spells, but does more damage and costs Stamina instead of Magicka.

The helmet is found in Fahlbtharz, a Dwemer Ruin in the northern mountains of Solstheim, northeast of the Water Stone.

Venture all the way through the ruin, and find the Visage of Mzund next to a chest on a table in the final chamber.

11. Ring of Namira

All fighters need a protein-heavy diet to keep their strength up, but fighters wearing the Ring Of Namira take things a step or two further.

In addition to a hefty bonus to Stamina, the ring allows the wearer to feed on the corpses of any of the playable races.

Feeding grants 50 Health and a 50% boost to Health regeneration for 5 minutes.

The ring is awarded for completing the “The Taste Of Death” quest, which is started by talking to Eola in Markarth’s Hall Of The Dead.

10. Spellbreaker

How To Get: Complete the Daedric quest The Only Cure.

Spellbreaker is your trusty anti-wizardry companion that allows you to remain carefree about any annoying spells becoming too much of an issue to deal with.

It’ll protect you for up to 50 points against spells, which means you can focus on killing those annoying mages after you’ve let their magicka tank run empty.

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A pretty cool addition to your armory – especially if you hate magic!

9. Dragonbone Bow

How To Get: Go to the Soul Cairn and slay the Keeper who wields this bow. Killing him will yield the bow itself, plus a handful of Dragonbone arrows.

Dragonbone bows are extremely powerful.

And they’re also the strongest long-ranged weapons in the game (at least when it comes to non-enchanted weaponry).

As a warrior, you’ll sometimes need to shoot stuff from a distance.

The Dragonbone Bow is worthy of even the mightiest of knights – wield it with honor!

8. Dawnguard Rune Shield

How To Get: The shield is obtained during the Lost Relic quest in the Dawnguard DLC.

Are you having issues with Vampires?

If so, take a look at the Dawnguard Rune Shield.

This mystical piece of equipment allows you to deal 10 points of extra bashing damage to vampires, while also granting the ability to create an extra shield every time it receives continuous damage.

7. Aetherial Shield

How To Get: Must be crafted at the Aetherium Forge during the quest Lost to the Ages.

If you want a shield that looks like it could stop a mountain from coming down while also having the stats to back that up, the Aethereal Shield is what you’re after.

You need to craft it in the Atherium Forge but it’s worth the effort.

Use it to bash enemies and have them become ethereal for 15 seconds, which makes them unable to attack you or be attacked!

6. Chillrend

How To Get: You may find this weapon in the Riftweald Manor, located in Riften, during the The Pursuit quest.

This powerful sword can run into battle against any opponent that isn’t resistant to frost damage.

It provides players with an extra buff of 30 frost damage points, plus the chance to paralyze opponents for 2 seconds with each hit.

The weapon has the same design as a glass sword, but it has a blue tone instead of a green one. Pretty chilly, if you ask me.

5. Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow

How To Get: Buy this weapon from Sorine Jurard at Fort Dawnguard.

There’s no good reason to why a Warrior shouldn’t wear a crossbow into battle.

I feel it’s one of the best ways to kill enemies from a long range, if you don’t like the feel of an actual bow.

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In any case, this crossbow ignores 50% of your enemy’s armor with each attack, making it one of the strongest crossbows in the game for sure.

4. Miraak’s Sword

How To Get: You need to kill Miraak to get his sword. Shocking, I know.

If you’re one of those dudes who loves to quickly hack and slash your foes, then you’ll want to take the Miraak’s Sword out for a trial.

This mighty weapon will be able to delete foes from the face of Earth much quicker than any other weapon in the game. Why?

Well it’s the second lightest weapon in all of Skyrim.

Besides, this blade has a sick animation when you swing it. Basically it turns into a tentacle-looking thingy. How cool is that?

3. Daedric Armor Set

How To Get: You can find this randomly after reaching level 49.

Daedric Armor was the strongest in the game until Dragonbone came around.

But it still looks much cooler and offers great protection against all sorts of attacks.

With a base defense(as non-enchanted equipment) of 144, it’s one of the most powerful defensive sets you can wear.

2. Dragonplate Armor Set

How To Get: You can find this armor starting at level 40, as random loot and rewards.

Dragonplate Armor, when it comes to non-enchanted equipment, is capable of stopping attacks from the weakest of creatures to the mightiest of dragons.

The set might not look too good (this comes down to personal taste), but it does protect you far better than your mom during a parent-teacher conference.

1. Windshear

How To Get: You’ll get this weapon during the Hail Sithis! quest, which is a Dark Brotherhood mission.

The Windshear is a sword designed to look like a scimitar, and there’s a good reason why I’m adding it as the number one warrior gear pick of this list.

Every time that you bash an opponent with this weapon, there’s a chance they’ll get completely knocked down.

This allows you to deal extra damage without them being able to respond, which could be lethal with proper striking stats!

Mix this in with some great equipment and you’ll be unstoppable.