12 Best Proudspire Manor Mods for Skyrim

Every explorer needs a place to stay, especially in a game like Skyrim where the features are important.

When you’re just getting started, you can get by with the cozy but a little tight Breezehome. But once you’ve finished the war, saved the world, and gathered a lot of Septims, you’ll want to move up.

The most pricey place to live in Skyrim is Proudspire Manor in the city of Solitude, which is also the capital.

If you have enough money to buy a house in Solitude, you probably have enough to fix it up, and there’s no better way to do that than to add some changes.

12. Aldmeri Proudspire Manor TNF

The “Thalmor-Inspired Proudspire Manor TNF Home Mod” is a modification for a game that caters to players who wish to create a home specifically tailored for a Thalmor character or a high elf wanting to embrace their cultural roots from Alinor.

This mod transforms Goatk’s Proudspire TNF (The Nice and Fluffy) home into a Thalmor-inspired residence.

The modifications include incorporating design elements, decorations, and furnishings that reflect the aesthetics and style associated with the Thalmor and the Altmer culture.

By applying this mod, players can immerse themselves in a home that exudes the atmosphere and ambiance of the Thalmor, creating an authentic and personalized experience for their high elf character.

This mod enables players to fully embrace and embody their character’s association with the Thalmor and Alinor, making their gameplay more immersive and enjoyable.

11. Proudspire Manor TNF Beds Plus

The “Adds 6 Beds to Proudspire Manor TNF” mod is a modification for a game that focuses on expanding the functionality and capacity of Proudspire Manor, a player-owned home.

This mod introduces six additional beds to Proudspire Manor, allowing for a total of six more NPCs or followers to reside in the manor.

With this modification, players can accommodate a larger number of characters within their home, creating a more vibrant and populated living space.

It provides increased options for players to recruit and house companions, followers, or other NPCs, enhancing the immersive and social aspects of the gameplay experience within Proudspire Manor.

10. Paintings for Proudspire Manor

Well-educated ladies and gentlemen of Solitude knows the secret to a rich and harmonious interior décor is finding suitable paintings to hang around your home.

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The original Proudspire Manor was notoriously lacking in this regard, which is to be expected of a pre-furnished home.

After all, there’s no way to predict the artistic sensibilities of the new lord/lady of the manor.

Paintings for Proudspire Manor by Mharlek1 fills in the gaps with several attractive images depicting flowers, artistic nudes, and scenes of chivalry and glory representative of Imperial values.

9. Proudspire Terrace Garden

Nature paintings are a fantastic way to bring some natural beauty into your stone-walled home, but there’s another convenient way to enjoy nature at home: a nice tea break on your own terrace garden.

The vanilla game features a drab and boring porch, but thanks to this mod by AuraCrimson, you can add some flower planters, candles, and other small details that make it more relaxing.

Once you’ve bought both the porch and kitchen upgrades, you’ll have access to a beautiful exterior space where you can dabble in some gardening or sit down with a friend to enjoy some Honningbrew Mead.

An alternative take on the porch garden concept can be found here.

8. Proudspire Crypt

I’ve always had a bone to pick with the fact that, as a vampire, I often have to sleep in a regular bed in my own home because nobody thought to add a coffin for the pale, clearly vampire-eyed owner.

Proudspire Crypt by Guabuellaitor upgrades Proudspire Manor into a worthy vampire abode by adding a secret crypt.

Here, you and Serana can finally get a good day’s sleep without the risk of your servants unknowingly opening the windows to let some light in and inflicting third-degree burns.

7. Burgeoise Apartment Remodel

The general image most outsiders have of Solitude is that of a stuck-up bourgeois society that loves to lounge around in their lavish homes without lifting a finger to work.

We know that’s not true of everyone in Solitude – but as the Dragonborn who saved the land from Alduin and his terrible dragon underlings, I think you’ve earned some leisurely time in a luxurious home.

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The Burgeoise Apartment Remodel by Boringviln makes Proudspire Manor the perfect place for a socialite Thane of Haafingar to relax, read books, and maybe hit a little moon sugar before heading back out to meet other important people.

6. Proudspire Marketplace

Suppose you’re a man of the people with no interest in owning a high-class home in the most cosmopolitan city in Skyrim.

In that case, you’d be better off demolishing the entire manor and replacing it with a lively market, thanks to this mod by Mnikjorn.

A trip to this beautiful marketplace can feel like heading to the local Farmer’s Market in some big city for overpriced produce and hipster points.

It’s a fresh and friendly space where you can find anything from sweets to toys for kids. It’s a far cry from the gray and frankly sad marketplaces of Whiterun and Riften.

5. Cynn’s Proudspire Manor

Creator Cynndal offers us their take on Proudspire Manor, featuring many practical expansions and more enjoyable lounging spaces for your wealthy Solitude family.

Some useful expansions include crafting stations like a cookpot, an oven, and an alchemy lab.

There’s also plenty of storage, a bathtub, and enough space for up to six kids with the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod.

What I like the most about this home is how the furniture is arranged in a somewhat homely manner without completely throwing away the luxurious aspect of Proudspire.

4. Simple Proudspire Improvements

Have you ever felt like Proudspire Manor is a little too expensive for what you get?

Sure, housing prices are affected by location – but 25,000 Septims?

That’s five times what Breezehome costs! And the internal area really isn’t that much bigger…

Simple Proudspire Improvements by Featherstone aims to make the house look worthy of its price tag with minor additions and adjustments to make it more homely and enjoyable.

Some of the changes include cookery tools like an oven and butter churn, new alchemy and enchanting facilities, and basic smithing equipment to keep your weapons in tip-top shape.

You’ll also notice a nicer bed for your housecarl Jordis and two extra rooms for the rest of your followers. You can add up to four children’s beds for your Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions kids.

3. Anna’s Proudspire Manor

Another delicate remodel of Proudspire Manor comes from accomplished creator Anduniel, modder of Anna’s Breezehome and Anna’s Honeyside.

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Like their other mods, this Anna’s Proudside Manor adds functionality and style without messing with the house’s core aesthetic.

You can expect to find a ton of new storage – making this an ideal player base – and a fully equipped bathroom for extra realism. Townsfolk might favor an outdoors latrine and bathing in the river, but Solitude lords and ladies would definitely have a bathroom.

The mod also includes a fresh new take on the porch.

It’s not the most elegant placing of planters, but it’s definitely nicer than vanilla.

2. Proudspire by DoxMAZz

Where other mods often try to make Proudspire more homey, DoxMAZz doubles down on the idea of a wealthy household.

Every shelf is packed with valuables, and the interior décor makes it look like the interior designer earned their Septims fairly.

You’ll notice a lot more potted plants inside the house, which make it feel fresh and less isolating.

The main hall and kitchen received some of the biggest changes, including an improved bar counter, trophy pedestals, and an all-new alchemy lab.

The main bedroom and the children’s chambers have also been redesigned with a lot more clutter to make them look realistic, including armor mannequins, weapon racks, and bookshelves.

1. Proudspire Manor TNF

Proudspire Manor TNG by Goatk is by far the most well-known makeover for this luxurious Solitude home.

Since 2013, when it came out for Skyrim Legendary Edition, this mod has been around. Because people liked this change, a Special Edition version had to be made.

The original house can sometimes feel a little empty, but this remake is full of storage and display space. My favorite is the weapon racks on the chandelier above the enchanting table. Simply badass!

Proudspire Manor TNF, like a few of the other mods on this list, can have extra beds for multiple adopted children. You just have to install a small change.