Where To Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Quarried Stone is a resource in Skyrim that most players haven’t seen, at least those who haven’t tried the Hearthfire DLC.

Unlike other minerals and ores that can be found in Skyrim, Quarried Stone can only be used in a few ways. It’s important for those uses, though, so players shouldn’t sell it as trash to a vendor. Instead, they should plan to keep it.

In Skyrim, it’s not very clear how to get Quarried Stone. Some Quarried Stone can be found in chests near the three possible homesteads, but it can also be mined in certain places in the open world.

Added by Erik Petrovich on May 1, 2022: Quarried Stone is one of the building blocks that are used to build a Skyrim Homestead.

Quarried Stone can be found in a few places in Skyrim, but it can’t be bought from any vendors, which is a shame.

Instead, players have to use one of two ways to get it on their own. Because it’s such an important material, keep track of how many you have and how many you need to afford the next Homestead upgrade.

There’s nothing worse than having to go back to a Quarry to make up the difference. It’s not hard to find, but no matter what you’re making, it’s a pain to keep going back to gather materials.

What Is Skyrim Quarried Stone Used For?

Get Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Quarried Stone is used to build and improve homes in Skyrim, especially the build-it-yourself homes that come with the Hearthfire expansion.

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Heljarchen Hall, in The Pale, Lakeview Manor, in Falkreath, and Windstad Manor, in Hjaalmarch, are these three homes. Before players can buy these houses, they have to do something for the Jarl of the Hold.

Each homestead has a small crafting area with a chest, drafting table, and carpenter’s workbench. Quarried Stone is used at the Carpenter’s Workbench to finish certain blueprints chosen at the Drafting Table.

Quarried Stone isn’t needed for all upgrades in a homestead, but it’s important to have on hand because it’s used for more than just the foundation.

How To Get Quarried Stone In Skyrim?

In Skyrim, you can find Quarried Stone in two different places: in the chests near each homestead’s Drafting Table and Carpenter’s Workshop, and in Stone Quarries that are spread out across the province.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Quarried Stone anywhere in Skyrim. You have to get it from these chests.

Skyrim’s mountains and hills have Stone Quarries that come back after a while, but the supplies that come with each Homestead can only be used once.

Method One: Drafting Table and Carpenter’s Workshops

Near its Drafting Table and Carpenter’s Workshop, each homestead has a chest with enough basic materials to finish the first stages of building a house.

While these items are in this chest, they can be used to make new features and rooms for the homestead. This makes it an easy way to keep track of your inventory.

Each Homestead has the same amount of Quarried Stone in these chests, so it doesn’t matter where you choose to live.

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If you can get all three, you can use the resources from the two you don’t want to develop to speed up work on your main home.

Method Two: Mining Stone Quarries.

Skyrim has a lot of nodes, but the ones closest to each homestead are the easiest to find. The Stone Quarry at Heljarchen Hall is right next to the table where the Carpenter works.

The Quarry is next to the Smelter at Lakeview Manor. The mining node at Windstad Manor is right next to the Anvil, which is northeast of the house.

Stone Quarries can be found in the world in mountains and near mines. Early on, the Battle-Born Farm or the Embershard Mine are the easiest places to get to. Both of these places have Stone Quarries that respawn after a few days.

Make sure you have a Pickaxe in your inventory if you want to mine a Stone Quarry. If you don’t want to watch the long animation for mining, just put on the Pickaxe and start swinging at the Quarry to get materials much more quickly.

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