15 Best Robes Outfits in Skyrim

People often have the wrong idea about robes in Skyrim.

Some people think that only wizards should wear them, but there are some robes that can help almost every type of warrior do their job better.

You’ll need to find a robe that fits your needs, and this list is the best place to start.

I’ll tell you which robes are the best in Skyrim and where you can find them.

This list includes all of the robes you can get in the game, so make sure to look for the one that fits what you want. I do agree, though, that most of the robes on this list are good for any type of mage to wear.

I’ve also added a few sets of clothes that all players can use and that can be easily switched out with robes to give different effects during quests.

15. Adept Robes

Even though they aren’t as strong as expert or master level robes, adept robes can be just as useful and useful.

This is especially true for players who don’t use magic as their only defence and don’t want to waste septims on more expensive gear.

Adept robes can cut the cost of casting spells for a certain school of magic by 15%, and all of them can restore 100% of your Magicka.

Since they are cheaper than expert robes, you can buy adept robes to learn new enchantments by taking them apart.

Once you reach the adept level in any school of magic, you can buy Adept Robes at the College of Winterhold or from Farengar Secret-Fire in Whiterun.

14. Temple Priest Robes

The temple priest robes are another rare set of clothes from the Dragonborn DLC. They are worn by the people who take care of the Raven Rock Temple on the island of Solstheim.

The only NPCs in the game who wear these robes are Galdrus Hlervu and Elder Othreloth.

Even though they only speed up your Magicka regeneration by 75%, they are a great addition to any mage’s wardrobe because of their unique look and overall fun factor.

Since these robes aren’t for sale and can’t be found in any dungeon, the only way to get them is to kill Galdrus or Elder or steal them from them.

13. Black Mage Robes

Black Mage Robes might look like low-level robes that you don’t want to bother with, but they are a useful piece of clothing that is easy to get no matter what level you are.

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These robes are enchanted so that your Magicka comes back to you 50% faster.

Other robes can make this speed faster, but the Black Mage Robes don’t have a hood, so you can wear a circlet to give your armour extra benefits.

Most low-level elemental mages and beginner conjuration mages in Skyrim wear these robes.

12. Cultist Robes

Cultist Robes are the preferred clothing of the cultists in the Dragonborn DLC, and they are useful for people whose magicka reserves run out too quickly.

The cultists are followers of Miraak, the Dragon priest, and they like to wear these robes when they are trying to kill you and make the whole island of Solstheim their slaves.

The robes let you get back 75% of your magicka faster, but they don’t lower the cost of spells, so you’ll still need to keep an eye on your magicka when throwing spells at enemies.

If you have trouble finding Adept Cutlitists, you can get Telvanni Robes from Neloth after you finish the quest Old Friends. Remember that you will also need the Dragonborn DLC to get these robes.

At the beginning of the Dragonborn DLC, when two cultists try to kill you, you can find these robes. This can happen either the first time you go to High Hrothgar or the second time.

11. Thalmor Robes

Thalmor agents who are a pain to deal with often wear Thalmor robes. Even though they only reduce the cost of casting destruction spells by 12%, this can be very helpful for people who haven’t put much time into the destruction skill tree.

One thing that makes Thalmor Robes stand out is that they protect an Altmer character during the Diplomatic Immunity questline.

During the quest, you can find the robes on a table in the Embassy. If you are a high elf and put on the robes, you can walk past the guards without fighting them.

You can dress like a Thalmor Wizard by getting robes from the main questline or by forcing Thalmor agents in Skyrim to give them to you.

10. Necromancer’s Robes

The Necromancer’s Robes are easy to find, and you can usually find them in dungeons where black magic is used.

In fact, you should be able to find some of these robes while doing the first few quests in the College of Winterhold to get the books for the Archmage.

The robes of the Necromancer give you a big boost to your magicka regeneration, increasing it by 75%.

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Even though you’ll be dressed like someone who does black magic in dark dungeons when you walk around the College of Winterhold, you’ll be able to cast spells much more often!

9. Telvanni Robes

The Telvanni robes that Ildari Sarothril is wearing can be found in the Highpoint Tower.

The robes of Telvanni do the same thing as the robes of the Necromancer.

The main benefit of the Telvanni robes is that you don’t have to dress like a necromancer to get a 75% boost to your magicka regeneration. Also, the Telvanni robes look much better than their dark-hooded counterpart.

If you want to get these clothes, you can’t kill Ildari. When you finish the “Old Friends” quest, you will get them as a reward.

8. Dunmer Outfit (Every Variation)

Dark Elves are known for being some of the most powerful wizards in Tamriel, so it’s not surprising that the Dunmer’s favourite outfit has some sort of magical feature.

So, the Dunmer outfit, which comes in different styles like with and without hoods, gives you a 75% magicka regeneration bonus.

The Dunmer outfit is one of the best magician’s robes you can get in Skyrim. Its versatility makes it one of the best, and the fact that many NPCs wear it makes it easy to find and get.

7. Mythic Dawn Robes

The Mythic Dawn robes have the same effect as the last three items on this list. They are worn by people in the Mythic Dawn cult.

But they make you look better than any of the other options. Most people in Skyrim don’t know how members of the Mythic Dawn dress, so you won’t get many strange looks if you wear their clothes.

If you want to get a set of these robes, you’ll have to either steal them from a Mythic Dawn member’s room or kill a member of the faction.

6. Taron Dreth’s Robes

These robes were worn by Taron Dreth himself. They are the same as the Master’s Robes.

But they are enchanted in a very powerful way that makes destruction spells 15% cheaper to cast and gives you a bonus of 75% faster magicka regeneration.

It can be hard to get the robe. If you tell Dreth you have a mutual friend, he will attack you because he thinks you know too much about him.

Even though it sounds a little morbid, the easiest way to get the clothes is to kill the bad guy and take them from his body.

5. Shrouded Robes

Even though the Dark Brotherhood is better known for its light armour sets, the Shrouded Robes are also a valuable piece of gear that you can find as you move through the Dark Brotherhood questline.

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As you might expect from something made by this institution, the Shrouded Robes reduce the cost of casting destruction spells by 15%.

Assassins can, of course, use these clothes, especially if they need to cast a powerful spell to kill someone when they aren’t looking but don’t have enough magicka.

4. Cicero’s Clothes

The only thing on this list that isn’t a robe is what Cicero himself wore.

But it’s too good to keep to myself. To get it, you have to finish the Dark Brotherhood questline, which isn’t easy (Cicero must die as well).

But the effects of the outfit make it worth your time to try to get it.

It makes the damage you do while sneaking twice as much and gives you a 35% boost to the ability itself.

When you wear Cicero’s boots, they are enchanted so that you can move quietly and without being seen.

When you bargain with these clothes, you also get 20% better deals.

3. Master Robes

The master robes are great.

They speed up the time it takes for your magicka to refill by 150%. This makes them a must-have for every wizard (or even want tobe wizard) in Skyrim.

For fashionistas, the only downside is that the robes don’t have hoods, so you might want to find a black hood to go with them.

As soon as you reach level 32, you’ll be able to find them in the store at the College of Winterhold.

Keep in mind that you must be level 32 overall. Your level in each magic school doesn’t affect whether or not you can get this item.

2. Miraak’s Robes

These legendary robes are the ones that the powerful Miraak wears when he shows up in the main questline of the Dragonborn DLC.

To get them, you have to finish the quest “At the Summit of Apocrypha.” The robes have a unique effect: they take away 15% of the magicka you get from dragon breath and spells.

When they are hit, there is also a chance that a tentacle explosion will happen.

1. Archmage’s Robes

The Archmage of the College of Winterhold wears the robes of the Archmage.

People think that these robes are the best piece of wizard clothing in the game because they reduce the cost of all spells by 15%, give you +50 magicka, and speed up your magicka regeneration by 100%.

You can get the robes when you finish the College of Winterhold’s questline and get the key to the Archmage’s Quarters, which is at the top of one of the college’s towers.