12 Ugliest Skyrim Characters

In the Elder Scroll games, the characters have never been pretty.

In fact, if you held a beauty contest for fictional characters, most of them would probably end up near the bottom. That’s why, over the years, so many beauty mods have been made for Skyrim and Oblivion.

Even though we often make fun of the way things look in Skyrim, there are some that are especially ugly. You might think I’m talking about Argonians or Khajit, but I’m not.

I’m mostly talking about the ugly humans whose presence makes the frozen plains of Skyrim even colder.

Of course, not everyone there is bad. But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re just ugly. And I’m not here to judge how they act; I’m just judging how they look.

So let’s break some spirits right away!

12. Delvin Mallory

Delvin Mallory is an esteemed member of the Thieves Guild in Riften and he is also a Breton thief. The Ratway’s Ragged Flagon is his default hangout spot.

He, like most of the bar’s regulars, stays up all night. Astrid, the head of the Dark Brotherhood, is an old friend of his.

Delvin is decked out in a full set of Guild Master armour, complete with gloves and boots. He’s also got some gold on him, along with a levelled dagger (up to elven quality) and a levelled poison.

11. Anise!

Initial impressions suggest that Anise’s Cabin is harmless. Even endearing.


Located on the outskirts of Riverwood, Anise seems to have settled into a quiet life there, tending to her garden and…well, not much else.

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There are a few secrets down in the basement, but nothing too extraordinary; Anise seems to have dabbled in alchemy, as evidenced by the lab and various ingredients lying around.

10. Uthgerd The Unbroken

Ugliest Skyrim Characters

Uthgerd is native to Skyrim. She’s a brave Nord warrior who has spent most of her lives fighting the enemies of the realm with her offensive prowess.

All of those years as a freedom fighter seem to have taken their toll, though. Look at her physical appearance.

Don’t let her looks deceive you, Dragonborn.

She can be quite a useful companion and one of the best followers in the game. If you don’t mind having her following you around, she’ll prove herself in combat. Especially with that mug.

9. Hilde

Look, I have nothing but respect for Hilde.

She raised a Bard, after all. A feat that most Skyrim mothers can be very much proud of. I mean, who wouldn’t want their son to be known as the local weirdo with the funny-looking guitar?

He’s surely proud of his family, and Hilde seems to love him very much.

It’s a shame, though, that a kind woman like Hilde takes a spot on my list.

She will tell you that she saw a Dragon the moment you meet her. But she’s far from useful in any other sense. At least her son loves her!

8. Moira

Alright I think there isn’t much to explain regarding why Moira took a spot on my list.

Arguably one of the ugliest characters in the entire TES franchise, this hargraven surely proves to be as dangerous as she is absolutely hideous.

Not only does this woman look like a walking corpse, but she’s also capable of dealing some serious damage to you.

Not even those birdy legs will save her from her eventual demise, though.

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I’m sure you’ll enjoying ending her life so you won’t have to deal with that thing again.

7. Hert

Hert is a funny one to make it to my list.

I think this is one of those characters that you’ll either find extremely good-looking or absolutely hideous.

In my case as you can see, it’s the former.

Hert is a Nord vampire, one of the native vampires that inhabit Half-Moon Hill.

She might be hideous and thirsty for blood, but she won’t really do you much harm unless you mess with her.

In fact, she just lives a happy life with her husband. Leave her alone and you’ll be fine – if you can.

6. Literally Any Child

Does this really need any explanation?

Have you ever looked at children in Skyrim?

These kids are absolutely hideous – and I’m not just saying that because I don’t intend to have any kids in the foreseeable future.

There’s a reason why Bethesda decided not to add any Argonian children in base-game Skyrim – if human kids are awful, how would the child of a lizard-like creature look?

Honestly if you want to find out, there’s mods out there to help. Well, “help”. Assuming you’re curious and want to find out in the first place.

I sure as hell won’t.

5. Vignar Gray Mane

I know Vignar might not have been the most expected second choice.

But I simply don’t like this guy.

He just looks weird, man.

His mustache, face, and hair just don’t seem to match. Sorry, but he takes number two.

4. Farengar

Farengar Secret-Fire might have the coolest name out of all the characters on this list.

But trust me – there’s a good reason as to why he wears a hood.

He’s the definition of damaged goods.

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A talented wizard nonetheless, he serves the Jarl of Whiterun. A cool dude, even if ugly.

3. Faendal

If you’re looking to become a powerful archer there’s really no better way to do it than by speaking to Faendal and taking some of his classes.

This Bosmer might be as hideous as things can get. But he’s one of the most useful characters on this list.

He can also join the Blades if you wish to recruit him – that way you can see his ugly face in their headquarters!

2. Benor

Benor is a useful warrior who fights for the sake of all inhabitants of Morthal.

He means well, even though his physical appearance leaves a lot to be desired for the ladies.

The Jarl of Morthal is a bit of an asshole, though. And Benor dislikes him – and that alone has me ranking him at number five here.

In any case, he provides assistance to the people of Morthal and makes himself useful in doing so.

I just hope you’re not using this list to hunt down the ugly people in the game. Because if you are, I’d suggest you leave poor Benor alone!

1. Belrand

Belrand’s description and his physical prowess really don’t match his appearance.

He is a mighty mercenary who can serve alongside the Dragonborn and aid you in your quest of eliminating all dragons in the land.

But he’s just an old, balding man who doesn’t appear to have ever been younger. He was probably born at this age.

Appearance deceives you, once again, if you dare judge Belrand for his clear lack of hair.

He’s one of the best companions in the game and one that’ll serve you well if you don’t mind an old man following you around.