12 Best Ebony Armor Mods For Skyrim

The Ebony armour set and its variations, like the Ebony Mail, are some of the most epic pieces of clothing that a Dragonborn can wear as they travel.

Everywhere you go, people will talk about the new “Dark Knight” in town, which will give you some fame. On the other hand, the full-coverage helmet will hide your true identity.

It’s also good for moving around quietly in the dark. And trust me, no thief is waiting for someone in heavy armour to jump out from behind a rock and kill them.

Even so, no set of Skyrim armour is perfect.

Sometimes you want to use it with characters it wasn’t made for, and no matter how cool the armour looks, after ten years of playing the same game, anyone will get tired of it.

But modders are always willing to help. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best mods that the community has made for Ebony.

12. Hot Female Tribal Ebony Armor

This is a mod that changes the textures of certain items in the game, specifically for use with the CBBE mod.

The mod author made it for their personal use but decided to share it after receiving requests from others. The installation involves putting the files into the game’s meshes/texture folder.

The mod credits the original mesh creator and also mentions using some assets from another source.

11. Amazing Ebony Armor Redone

This mod is a high-quality retexture of the Ebony Armor and also includes a version for the Ebony Mail armor.

The mod is available for both male and female characters. To install, the files need to be extracted into the Skyrim folder.

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The mod author also recommends using the Amazing Smooth Females mod for a better experience.

10. Reshaped Ebony Armor

This mod only changes the mesh of the ebony equipment (boots, cuirass, gauntlets, and helmet), but not the texture.

The earlier versions (v1.0, v1.1, v1.2) only have a male version, while the later versions (v1.3, v1.4, v1.0Fix) have a female version as well. Version 1.4 and the fix also include a reshaped ebony shield.

9. Dark Nemesis Armor – Ebony Reincarnation

This mod adds a standalone and replacer version of Ebony Armor for male and female characters. It requires the Advanced Armors and Ebony Smithing perks to craft.

The mod author personally didn’t like the vanilla Ebony Armor appearance, so they decided to give it a new look.

The mod currently only includes armor and no weapons, but the author may add them in the future based on feedback and requests.

The author encourages users to share pictures of the mod as a form of appreciation and motivation.

8. Ebony Mage Armor

Ebony Armor Mods

The Ebony armour was always one of my favourites, but because it was heavy, I could only use it with certain builds.

The Ebony Mage Armor that Natterforme wears covers a lot more than just heavy knights.

It’s a makeover of the original set so that it can be used by mages and rogues. It also lets you make heavy armour, light armour, and no armour out of the full set.

The set’s final look can also be changed because the mod comes with two different versions of the gauntlets and the hood.

7. Ebony Archmage Armor

Lagrie’s Ebony Archmage set is the latest trend among wandering archmages who can’t keep themselves out of trouble.

Whereas regular mage armor is cloth-based and provides little shelter – assuming the mage will protect themselves with magic – this Ebony armor offers serious protection against damage from all sources.

This is one of those old-school sets made by mixing and matching vanilla assets, but the result is out of this world.

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I especially like the horn on the helmet.

It just seems like something an archmage would like.

6. Dark Nemesis & Elven Eternal Shine Sets

I hope you’re ready for a 2-for-1 combo, even if one of the two isn’t really Ebony armor.

What makes this armor pack by L3st4t relevant to this ranking is the Dark Nemesis set.

It’s a retexture of the original Ebony armor featuring a lot of intricate ornamentation that completely changes the set’s personality.

On the other hand, we have the Elven Eternal Shine set – a steel-colored retexture of the Elven armor with glowing blue accents that remind me of the Sheikah tech in TLOZ: Breath of the Wild.

5. Ebony Valkyrie Armor

For this mod, we’re looking at a female-exclusive Ebony Valkyrie armor – a nice and compact set perfect for lady warriors who need ease of movement but value the protection of solid plates.

This armor is a little bit sexy for sure, but nowhere near some of the things you can find out there (you know what I mean).

But it won’t break your immersion, and your female character will look like a true fantasy warrior.

Creator Raging29 included both heavy and light armor versions to suit your needs, with the visual difference being whether the set has pauldrons or not.

I personally prefer the light version, but it’ll depend on what kind of character you’re playing as.

4. Simply Excellent Ebony Armor

Fans of realistic-looking medieval armor will love the Simply Excellent Ebony Armor set by QuestionableKhajit.

Lovers of The Witcher III might recognize some of these armor pieces, as the set is made chiefly from assets found in CDPR’s fantasy epic.

This gives them a style that stands out in Skyrim but still looks relatively lore-friendly.

This mod also includes two distinct versions of the armor, one lighter than the other, making it pretty versatile.

3. Ebony Reforged

Usually, armor retextures don’t make it to the top spots.

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After all, brand-new models are way more exciting and require more effort to make… most of the time.

Ebony Reforged by AlanovichRomanov is a notorious exception to the rule, as the new color schemes and intricately detailed ornamentation profoundly changes the original Ebony armor into something entirely new.

The mod includes four different color palettes – Phoenix, Royal Guard, Onyx, and Third Era – made available for all Ebony armor parts and weapons, including the Ebony Mail.

2. Glowing Ebony Armor

I know a lot of you Skyrim enthusiasts can’t get enough RGB lights in your gaming rigs.

So wouldn’t you like some lighting on your Ebony armor as well?

Mari’s Glowing Ebony Armor does what you’d expect – it adds beautiful glowing highlights to all Ebony armor pieces.

It looks epic, and it should add more exciting visuals whenever you’re exploring dark places like dungeons and caves.

There are many ways to enjoy these assets, too.

You could color-code your character, giving them a red glow if they favor Destruction and a gold one if they’re Restoration experts, or you could mix and match the individual armor pieces for unique looks.

1. Dark Knight Armor

For once it was easy to choose the top spot for a ranking.

I mean, just look at Xtudo’s custom Dark Knight set!

Each armor piece here comes in three versions – Crimson, Metallic, and Ebony.

But the difference is mainly in the sheen and opacity of the armor, as they’re all dark enough to fit a “Dark Knight”.

Overall, it’s the only alternative Ebony armor model I find worthy of being a true replacement. If this had been the Ebony armor the game shipped with, I’d have been more than satisfied.

It’s also available for both male and female characters, and the female version of the armor comes with three different legwear options: a skirt, tight leather trousers, and a reinforced version with faulds.