12 Best Skyrim Custom Circlet Mods

When it comes to Skyrim gear, circlets are a touchy subject.

On the one hand, they’re nice-looking. And it’s fun to think about my character just emptying their bag in front of a merchant and 20 or more circlets falling out while the NPC looks on in shock.

On the other hand, they remind you all the time that Skyrim doesn’t have any options for helmet visibility.

Also, why can’t I make circlets but I can make rings?

No matter what, these pieces of jewelry are essential for any adventurer, and modded Skyrim players are always looking for more.

So let’s look at some of the most important circlet mods for your forehead.

12. Glowing Circlet Gems

Custom Circlet

This mod adds a subtle glow effect to the gems of all circlet headgear in Skyrim, with a brighter version available as an optional feature.

The glow is more noticeable in dark areas.

The mod uses customized meshes and textures, but it should not conflict with other texture mods or headgear mods.

To install, simply unpack the contents to the Skyrim data folder, and to uninstall, it is recommended to check for any other mods that add custom headgear to avoid deactivating them accidentally.

11. Snow White Circlet

This mod changes the Snow White Crown by Anton0028 into a Snow White Circlet, making it more elegant.

The mod author also adjusted the textures to make them darker and less shiny.

The circlet still features a color-changing stone in the middle, just like the original crown.

This mod is designed for female characters, but male characters can still use the crown, although it will look different on them.

The mod is intended for players who do not want to use Nifskope or other mesh editing programs to achieve this change.

10. Invisible Circlets

I’ve always been a “no helmets allowed” kind of RPG gamer.

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If I spent hours sculpting the perfect character – or if they’re cute by design – I want to see their face as I play.

In Skyrim, you have two options:

You either forego headwear altogether or wear a circlet, which at least gets you an enchantment.

This mod gives players the best of both options by making circlets invisible. This way, you can get the circlet’s effects without it showing up on your character.

9. Extended Circlet Pack

There’s a fair variety of circlets in Skyrim, all made from a combination of metal and gemstone.

These include Silver and Sapphire, Jade and Emerald, Copper and Onyx, and the list goes on.

But does it go on long enough?

The observant among you will have noticed long ago that other possible metal/gemstone combinations simply weren’t included in the game. Stuff like Gold and Onyx, Jade and Ruby, or Copper and Emerald.

And the Extended Circlet Pack makes all missing combinations available everywhere, from Belethor’s to the foreheads of your enemies.

8. Ebony Diamond Circlet

While the previous mod adds a myriad of new metal/gemstone combinations, it only includes individual metals and gemstones already used on circlets.

For example, ebony isn’t used in any vanilla circlet.

I guess it’s too expensive a material, and perhaps nobody in Skyrim knows how to work it correctly into delicate head ornaments.

If you really want the NPCs in Skyrim to know you’ve got deep pockets, a circlet made from two of the most expensive materials in the region should do the trick.

This Ebony and Diamond Circlet is an elegant accessory that only someone with the Dragonborn’s combat prowess should wear in Skyrim’s dangerous streets.

7. Dragon Priest Dragonborn Circlets

There are suspicious characters all over Skyrim.

But put on a Dragon Priest mask and you’ll be weirdo #1 in any hold.

Just like sometimes we wear circlets in place of helmets and cowls, now you’ll be able to replace the somewhat over-the-top Dragon Priest masks for something a bit more delicate.

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Dragon Priest Dragonborn Circlets basically converts each mask into a circlet, bearing the original mask as its central ornament. It’s still pretty flashy, but at least you won’t look like a psycho.

This really gives Dragon Priest masks a second life beyond being displayed next to the Dragon Claw keys at home.

6. Ave’s Circlet of Waterbreathing

Ave’s Circlet of Waterbreathing is a powerful item found on a frozen Falmer shaman in the Dawnguard DLC. It allows the wearer to explore the depths of any water body without needing to come up for air.

You’d expect such a powerful DLC item to have a unique look, but as it often happens in Skyrim, it looks like any regular Copper and Onyx Circlet.

This mod changes this circlet to something a lot more Falmer-appropriate.

Although that doesn’t mean it’s made out of Chitin, mind you.

The Falmer used to be proud Snow Elves, and the circlet’s delicate new design harkens back to their days of glory.

5. Misc. Circlet Opus

Before I played Skyrim, I pictured circlets as elegant ornamental pieces with fine lines meant to decorate the face in the same delicate fashion achieved by a tiara.

Skyrim’s vanilla circlets are anything but that.

They’re made by hardy, rough-and-tough people, so they’re bold and appropriate for warriors to wear.

The material is so thick that they may even deflect blows to the head.

And this Misc. Circlet Opus mod doesn’t seek to deprive the Nords of their craftsmanship. Instead it adds some delicate, elegant options more appropriate for attending a ball or any sort of civilized event.

4. Aetherial Crown SE

Much like the Circlet of Waterbreathing, the Aetherial Crown is a potent & unique circlet introduced as part of a quest in the Dawnguard DLC.

This powerful item allows the Dragonborn to choose two Standing Stone blessings simultaneously by absorbing the effects of one of them.

My favorite use is to pair it with the Steed Stone, so it increases my carrying capacity in a pinch.

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While it does have a custom model that differentiates it from any old circlet, it’s underwhelming.

This Aetherial Crown replacement mod gives it an ancient and ritualistic appearance that perfectly fits this mysterious item. It actually looks like a crown this time!

3. KD Circlets Redone

KD Circlets was one of the most well-loved equipment mods for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Now you can enjoy it in Skyrim.

This set introduces dozens of new circlet models into Skyrim, so there’s actually some variety instead of the same simple design everywhere in the province.

They can all be crafted and upgraded by the Dragonborn and work wonderfully on human males and females. Not so good on Argonians, regrettably.

And this should be available for Skyrim SE too at this link.

2. JS Circlet Replacer

JS Circlet Replacer is another excellent way of adding variety to your circlet experience that won’t require you to craft anything.

This is what you want to get when you’ve had enough of the vanilla circlets.

We all reach a point where we’ve played so much Skyrim that we’d replace every single texture if we could.

This mod contributes beautifully to that endeavor.

Depending on the metal used to craft them, some will have different engravings. For example, a copper one will have swirly Celtic patterns, while the gold ones are 100% Dwemer-looking.

1. JS Armored Circlets

From the same modder as above comes these amazing Armored Circlets, which bring both beauty and functionality to Skyrim’s headgear scene.

JS Armored Circlets isn’t meant to replace anything.

It’s a brand-new set of alternate circlets with a meaningful armor rating, so you can look at your character’s face while receiving the protective effects of a full-coverage heavy helmet.

The armor rating on these accessories is determined by the material you craft them from. For example, a Daedric Circlet will protect you better than a copper one.

These are all great-looking and quite varied, so you’ll find one that fits almost any character.