10 Best Druid Mods For Skyrim

You will never feel closer to nature than when you play as a Druid in Skyrim.

But as it is, a Druid is not really a good choice. If you really want to play as a Druid in the game, you will always have to download mods.

Still, Druid mods are easy to find because so many people like to play this way.

For this list, I chose mods that make it easier for players to connect with nature, either by giving them more natural ways to live their lives or by adding new spells that focus on nature.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t think I’d be able to find so many great mods for this list. When I made it, I was pleasantly surprised, and I’m sure you’ll be just as happy with these choices. Check ’em out!

10. Kyne’s Sacred Trials

Druid Mods For Skyrim

This mod lets you really take part in Kyne’s Sacred Trials, not just that crap you can do in the base game where you face a weak trial and get a dumb amulet in return.

This quest mod completely changes Kyne’s Trials so that you can really get their blessing when you finish the quest.

You’ll be able to say a new shout, and at the end of the quest, you’ll get a much better item (no spoilers, though!)

The name of the first quest is “The Blessings of Nature.”

I’m sure you already know which one I mean.

Yes, it will be useful again after you install this mod.

9. Reach Magic

People often think of druids as friendly with nature, connected to the world, and good people in general.

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This mod, on the other hand, wants to change that view for good.

With Reach Magic, you’ll be able to control and corrupt Nature’s own forces, letting you use them for your own benefit.

With this mod, you become a powerful spellcaster who can make Nature do bad things. Then you can use it to heal yourself, call powerful dark creatures, and get your powers back if they have been weakened.

Let the dark take you over.

8. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

If you’ve ever played as a mage, you may have heard of the Apocalypse mod.

But I’m putting it on this list because it also adds a lot of cool spells that have to do with nature.

You can cast spells that make whirlwinds, storms, fire, and many other things happen.

The mod also seems to fit in well with the way magic works in Skyrim.

I’d even go so far as to say that, if you don’t know which spells are in this mod, you won’t be able to tell the difference between these new spells and the ones that come with the base game.

7. Spirit of Kynareth

With the Spirit of Kynareth mod, you can call upon Kynareth’s own powers.

You can change into four different animals with this. Pretty neat, right?

Also, the animations look great, which makes a Druid playthrough feel a lot more real.

6. Druid Conjuration

Spriggans, bunnies, bears… what else do you want to call up?

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With this mod, new conjuration spells for druids will be added to the game. These spells can be learned with the help of a new spell trainer (who also gets added with this mod).

The only thing that conjuring should do is bring creatures from Oblivion into our world, right?

Now it’s time for you to bring more furry animals that Mother Nature has made.

5. Druid’s Den

In real life and in games, Mother Nature has given us a big world.

So we should make the most of the situation.

If a Druid doesn’t want to, they don’t have to live in a small hut. This Druid’s Den mod is perfect for people who think the same way.

This Den is really the best place for a Druid to live as a player. It’s so big that a big tree is built right into it!

4. Forgotten Magic Redone

I know that this mod doesn’t add anything “druidic” in a direct way.

But I put it on my list because it has a long list of spells that have to do with nature.

Forgotten Magic is the mod you should get if you want your spellcaster to have a lot more options, which is probably what you want.

Because there aren’t many spells that are really good for nature.

This mod meets a druid’s needs, and it does so perfectly.

It also gives mages more new spells to try, which is a nice bonus.

3. The Noiral Reborn

The Noiral Reborn shows why people who are close to nature aren’t always meant to have “good” powers.

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With the Noiral Reborn mod, you’ll be able to use the dark side of nature to power different spells.

You’ll be able to call up new creatures, cast new spells, and look cool thanks to new themed cosmetics that get added to the game. The pictures are a nice bonus.

Oh, and with this mod, you can also call up a really cool mount.

Are you curious about what it is? Well no spoilers here!

Just quickly download this mod and check it out.

2. House for Witches and Druids

If you’re going to live in a big city, it doesn’t make sense to become one with nature, does it?

With this mod, you can move to a new hut right next to the Lost Prospect Mine.

It’s in an area that seems to be getting taken back by the Earth, so a Druid couldn’t live anywhere better.

1. Druid Essentials

Now, if you want the best Druid mod for Skyrim, you don’t have to look any further.

Druid Essentials is so full that you could even say it’s its own DLC.

This is a free mod that adds the whole “get in touch with nature” experience to your Skyrim save.

It’s a really important mod to have if you want to play the game in a whole new way. And it looks so good that you might think Bethesda made it.

I know that doesn’t mean much when Skyrim has been re-released like seven times, but still.

You should really check out this mod. A true Druid can take advantage of new magic spells, armour, and weapons.