13 Best Standing Stones in Skyrim

In Skyrim, standing stones are a very important resource that grants you a special benefit unmatched by anything else in the game.

Many players ignore them and stay with the first one they come across when traveling to Riverwood.

The truth is that you’ll travel a hundred times more easily if you mix up your Standing Stone buffs according to the circumstances.

However, dealing with them alone is very challenging, as is comprehending their bonuses. I’ll go over the top 13 standing stones in Skyrim, explaining where to find each one and how significant its enchantments are.

Keep in mind that the Aetherial Crown is a very potent item that enables you to have two Standing Stone buffs active at once.

Due to how wonderful Standing Stone enchantments are, I think a circle with such a strong aura is superior to any other type of headwear you can obtain in the entire game!

13. Shadow Stone

Standing Stones in Skyrim

A fairly straightforward Standing Stone, but one that can greatly simplify your adventures. You can become invisible for up to 60 seconds once each day using the Shadow Stone.

The ability to disappear will disappear if you attack, speak, pickpocket, or take any other form of action.

12. Serpent Stone

The Serpent Stone gives you another daily power you can utilize, albeit it may be the trickiest to use (assuming you don’t join the Stormcloaks as they send you here for your initiation).

Paralysis venom is fired at the target, immobilizing them for 5 seconds and delivering 25 damage.

It’s a long time to assault without getting hit back. You can restore your health, magicka, or stamina during this time!

11. Lady Stone

This Standing Stone’s passive boost enhances life and stamina regeneration by 25%, which is a decent, straightforward addition.

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During the battle, hiding to take a breather is a crucial survival tactic that works with any kind of melee fighter.

The support of this enchantment will greatly increase your battle effectiveness.

10. Tower Stone

When you begin loot hunting, always try to activate this Standing Stone because it will greatly improve your effectiveness.

An Expert or lower-level lock can be automatically unlocked once each day.

This enchantment will be your go-to for getting beyond those troublesome chests that just don’t want to be mithered until you obtain the Skeleton Key.

9. Lord Stone

No other Standing Stone will be as helpful for tanky characters. Lord Stone bestows 50 armor and a bonus of 25% magic resistance. Perfect for making you virtually unbeatable in battle.

Just keep in mind that 85% is the greatest magic resistance you can achieve; don’t make an effort to increase it.

8. Steed Stone

Another outstanding enchantment for tank users, however, this one is applicable to all players.

This stone can be activated to add 100 carry weight, remove all movement restrictions from armor, and make armor that is equipped to weigh nothing.

That added carry weight is a major, huge deal for loot hunters. especially when combined with magical objects that increase carry weight like rings or amulets!

7. Atronach Stone

In the middle of a battle, a 50% reduction in Magicka regeneration can be a tremendous disadvantage, but this enchantment’s other effects more than make up for it.

The 50% spell absorption effect will restore Magicka equal to the damage averted if you anticipate facing magic users. It will also add 50 points to Magicka.

With the finest anti-mage effect in the game, you won’t have any trouble fighting off dragons, Falmer, or those pesky necromancers!

6. Mage, warrior, and thief stones

The first set of stones you come across prepares you for a game with a long playing time.

Each one will enhance their respective skill exp rates by 20%, speeding up the rank-up of your skills and, in turn, the level-up process.

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Your item levels are one thing to take into account when using an enchantment like this.

It can be challenging to survive if your equipment is significantly lower level than that of your adversaries.

In contrast, the Guardian stones are a great option early on and during all of your Dragonborn adventures!

5. The Apprentice Stone

The Apprentice Stone, another two-edged blade, is in many respects the complete antithesis of the Atronach Stone.

The player can restore Magicka twice as quickly when using this Standing Stone, but it also increases their susceptibility to magic-based attacks.

To maximize the power of this Stone, the player must avoid incoming spells rather than casting spells at the dome to replenish Magicka.

This blessing is best used by a spellcaster who is extremely confident in their capacity to deflect incoming blows, but it can also be quite effective against foes that do not utilize Magicka, such as bandits, raiders, and guards.

The Apprentice Standing Stone is in a swamp in Hjaalmarch, just west of Morthal and north of Fort Snowhawk.

4. The Ritual Stone

A player who selects the Ritual Stone’s blessing will have daily access to a limited number of mass resurrections of the dead.

The player can reanimate every dead body within a 75-foot radius of them once every day to fight for them for 200 seconds. When the player falls to the ground, the revived thralls will continue to battle for them.

It is advisable to use this Standing Stone immediately before the final battle in a lengthy, difficult dungeon after taking on a number of powerful adversaries.

Use the ability of recently defeated enemies to see them turn on their previous comrades. The Ritual Standing Stone is located over the entrance to the troll-infested cave Graywinter Watch, near east of Whiterun.

3. The Thief Stone, one of the Guardian Stones

The following skills are included: sneaking, lockpicking, light armor, speech, alchemy, and archery.

The Thief Stone is a different Guardian Stone that this time focuses on stealth-related talents. It accelerates the player’s ability to learn these skills by 20%.

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Pickpocketing, sneaking, lockpicking, light armor, speech, alchemy, and archery are some of these abilities.

For thieves, assassins, and rangers who prefer to act a little more covertly, the Thief Stone blessing is perfect.

The Thief Stone is also helpful for characters who want to learn alchemy, speaking, or lockpicking since these abilities are all beneficial regardless of the player’s class choice.

Alchemy is especially helpful in more challenging situations, as speaking and lockpicking can open doors to previously unavailable possibilities.

2. The Mage Stone, one of the Guardian Stones

The Mage Stone allows the player to 20% more quickly improve all magic abilities. These include restoration, enchantment, alteration, conjuration, destruction, and illusion.

The Mage Stone blessing is best for spellcasters and magic users, but it may also be used by characters who haven’t used any mage-related skills to swiftly level up a new magic ability.

Players that want to boost all of their skills at once should think about going to the Bards College in Solitude, even if they can only have one of the Guardian Stone blessings active at once.

A series of random jobs will be present there, and finishing each one will give each skill a small boost.

1. The Lover Stone

The Lover’s Comfort effect is among the best advantages of marriage in Skyrim. The player gains this advantage, which enables them to 15% more quickly improve all skills when they share a bed with their spouse.

The Lover Stone consistently provides the Lover’s Comfort effect, earning it the title of the best standing stone in the game.

Even though it is technically five percent slower for some skills, improving all skills is preferable to using the Guardian Stones, which allow a player to increase about a third of their skills 20% faster.

Unfortunately, the effects of the Lover Stone and Lover’s Comfort do not combine. Just north of Kolskeggr Mine, to the east of Markarth, is where you may find the Lover Standing Stone.