12 Best Grass, Trees & Flora Mods For Skyrim

I play Skyrim when I want to get away from the city.

I would trade skyscrapers for watchtowers, asphalt for dirt roads, nightclubs for taverns, and noisy city nights for a symphony of crickets.

Even though playing Skyrim will never be as relaxing or freeing as a good hike in the mountains, it is much more convenient, and with the right mods, it can be just as beautiful.

Skyrim’s natural beauty can be greatly improved by upgrading the grass, flowers, trees, and other plants that cover the land.

Whether you want realism, fantastic beauty, or just a change of scenery, you’ll find something you like among these great flora mods.

12. Waterplants

Grass, Trees & Flora Mods

The devil is in the details – or in the case of Skyrim, it’s immersion that hides in the smallest things.

Waterplants by Halifax0815 aims to refine your moments of lakeside self-reflection by adding aquatic plants such as lotus flowers, kelp, and watergrass to your game.

They’re bright and colorful – and the textures are top-notch.

These leafy friends add an extra degree of realism to shores all around Skyrim.

Fortunately, Waterplants is compatible with major water-enhancing mods like Realistic Water 2, and includes patches to accommodate other popular flora mods like Folkvangr and Northern Grass.

11. Simply Bigger Trees

Many think that forests in Skyrim don’t have enough trees.

Me? I think it’s more about size.

FadingSignal’s Simply Bigger Trees makes Skyrim’s forests into places you can really get lost in.

It’s not necessarily realistic, but the feeling you get from walking among the colossal trees is much closer to what you feel when walking through a forest in real life.

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Forests are living things that eat you up on one side and spit you out somewhere else – and with this mod, that’s how you’ll feel.

10. Skyrim Flora Overhaul

If you’d instead get more variety rather than more immersion, you have to try the Skyrim Flora Overhaul.

Creator Vurt supercharges Skyrim’s bio-diversity through 18 new tree models and over 65 new plants, including diverse grass, beautiful flowers, and a couple of other surprises.

Once installed, natural environments in Skyrim will never be the same.

There’s more volume, more vivid colors – and trees belonging to the same species now offer more variation in the form of bent branches and trunks.

In addition, trees in forests are also larger. They’re not quite as colossal as with Simply Bigger Trees, but it has a similar effect.

9. Dark Forests of Skyrim

Wandering Skyrim’s forests alone at night can be scary. But after a couple of visits, you’ll get used to it.

That’s where Dark Forests of Skyrim comes in.

This mod by MobiusBelmont reworks Skyrim’s landscapes, introducing many more trees – including dead ones – and inaugurating brand-new creepy forests full of twisting branches and ominous fog.

You’ll even find some giant mushroom forests here and there! It’s like Morrowind all over again, minus the terrible combat.

8. Northern Grass

Next up, we’re taking a look at an instant classic by BrosisJK – Northern Grass.

This flora overhaul lowers its gaze from the towering trees to the humble grass covering most of the land.

It seeks to make it stand out, lush and vibrant, without damaging Skyrim’s cold climate ambiance.

Considering only tiny shrubs and moss tend to thrive in such cold tundra-like climates, I don’t think it’s the most realistic mod – but as long as you’re not a botanist, you probably won’t mind.

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This mod manages to make grass abundant and aesthetically pleasing without breaking Skyrim’s cold spell. It’s a must-have for sure.

7. Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers

Not all mods need to rework gigantic swabs of land to make it into the ranking.

After all, beauty isn’t about numbers.

Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers by Johnny Wang replaces some of Skyrim’s vanilla flowers for ultra-high-quality textures created from photographs of the real deal.

The result is a gorgeous set of flowers that’ll really make you stop, and… well, you can’t smell them, but you get my drift.

If you like what it does to your landscapes then make sure to check out Cathedral 3D Pine Grass too.

6. Tamrielic Grass

Northern Grass is fantastic. But if you don’t care that much about keeping Skyrim realistically bleak, you need to get Tamrielic Grass.

This exceptional grass mod by Ciathyza overcharges Skyrim’s grass placements, making it lush, vibrant, and thick in all regions – while also increasing variety.

It’s not even limited to fields and gardens, because you’ll find new plant life thriving underwater as well!

Stop mixing and matching other grass mods, just give this a try and see what you think.

5. Cathedral Landscapes

Getting a good graphics card and a fast processor without scalpers bleeding you dry can be tricky in this day and age. So I always keep our less technologically blessed readers in mind when crafting a ranking.

Johnny Wang’s Cathedral Landscapes opposes the myth that beautiful landscape mods are only for people with monster gaming rigs.

Despite being vastly more performance-friendly than the average grass add-on, this mod makes grass and low-lying foliage lush and three-dimensional.

There’s also much more of it, even in places like The Reach.

4. Veydosebrom Regions

A long-time favorite of mine is Veydosebrom Regions by Elyern, which bolsters Skyrim’s vegetation with new grass types and other leafy friends that give each region its own distinct appeal.

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In vanilla Skyrim, it can take a while before you notice the change in vegetation and natural features while traveling between holds.

With this mod, it’s like crossing from Morrowind to Cyrodiil.

Well, almost.

3. Folkvangr Grass & Landscape Overhaul

Folkvangr is one of those mods that make me happy Skyrim keeps being released repeatedly.

It was released by Ababmer in 2021, yet it competes in total downloads with mods that have been around for ages. The reason?

It’s on another level.

It introduces unique new grass to every hold, with high-quality textures contributing to a more realistic environment.

Something else that sets it apart from most grass mods is the addition of plant-based litter around the map, including fallen branches, patches of fallen leaves, and pine cones.

2. Sacred Trees

This mod is a new texturing of the Eldergleam tree found in Eldergleam Sanctuary and the Gildergreen tree located inside Whiterun in the game Skyrim.

The mod changes the visual appearance of both trees by applying new textures, improving their overall appearance.

It is an aesthetic mod that enhances the visual appeal of the trees without making any changes to their functionality or interaction with the game world.

1. Flora Orientalis

This mod is a quick and easy recolor of the vanilla Dragon Bone Weapons from Skyrim.

The mod changes the colors of the weapons to make them appear darker, with three different shades of darkness. Additionally, the mod also includes two other color options for the weapons.

Overall, this mod is a simple way to give the Dragon Bone Weapons a new look without making any significant changes to their stats or functionality.