10 Best Skyrim Forsworn Armor Mods

The Forsworn, also called the Madmen of the Reach, is one of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s most strange and mysterious groups.

Other races think of these rebels as “barbaric,” but they won’t give up their ties to their Reachmen ancestors. They claim to have lived in the area long before the Nords came to “put them in chains.”

This is clear in the way they dress, which is mostly natural animal hides and fur, and in their religion, which includes worshiping Hagravens for their connection to nature and the spirit world.

Unfortunately, Bethesda also helped make the Forsworn stand out, and their sets of armor leave a lot to be desired.

So if you want to give the Reachmen the respect they earn, check out these custom armor mods.

10. Forsworn Dagger

Forsworn Armor

The “Adds Forsworn Dagger to Forsworn Faction Weaponry for Enjoyment and Suffering” mod is an addition to a game that introduces a new weapon called the Forsworn Dagger to the Forsworn faction’s arsenal.

This mod is designed to enhance the gameplay experience by providing players with a new weapon option. The Forsworn Dagger, specifically tailored for the Forsworn faction, can be obtained and used by players and NPCs alike.

It adds a unique and thematic weapon that aligns with the lore and style of the Forsworn.

The mention of “enjoyment and suffering” suggests that the mod may introduce gameplay mechanics or effects associated with the dagger that can be both beneficial and detrimental to the player, adding an element of risk and reward to wielding this weapon.

9. Forsworn Gravesingers

The “Adds Enemy Necromancers to the Forsworn” mod is a modification for a game that introduces a new gameplay element to the Forsworn faction.

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The mod adds enemy Necromancers to the ranks of the Forsworn, a group of hostile NPCs in the game.

These new enemies will possess the abilities and spells commonly associated with Necromancers, such as raising undead minions or casting dark magic.

By integrating Necromancers into the Forsworn faction, this mod offers a fresh challenge to players, requiring them to face off against formidable adversaries who can utilize the powers of necromancy in combat.

8. Banditry – Forsworn Gear

The Reachmen set themselves apart from all other cultures in Skyrim by rejecting modernity and embracing their primal instinct and vigor.

This is reflected by their hide armor, which offers some protection from the cold while still exposing their muscles and showing their enemies that they are brutal savages not to be meddled with.

Banditry – Forsworn Gear allows you to craft these menacing garments yourself. They’re arranged in different tiers with different crafting costs and armor ratings.

You’ll be able to get the same protection as Leather, Steel, Ebony, or Dragonborn, while still looking like a madman/madwoman.

7. Forsworn Armor Redux

Personally, I could never get over how little protection the vanilla Forsworn equipment provided.

I get they’re the original indigenous people of the Reach, but why would they choose to barely cover themselves when living in the tundra?

Forsworn Armor Redux introduces a more believable version of this rugged armor. It’s still heavy in fur, horns, and animal bones – so it looks wild and fierce – but now, it covers the entire body.

It’s a smelly deer onesie, just for you.

6. For the Forsworn

The Forsworn Briarhearts are some of the most fearsome humanoid enemies in Skyrim.

After their heart is replaced by a Briar Heart, which looks like a slightly spikier artichoke, Forsworn become beefy primal terminators with immense strength and no fear.

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I always liked their chest-exposing loincloth-styled armor, but regrettably, there’s no way to get it in the vanilla game.

For the Forsworn makes these loincloths lootable from Briarheart corpses, along with the rest of their armor. It also adds alternative versions of the loincloth, new headdresses, and a new bow.

5. Scottish Celtic Reachmen

Most cultures in Skyrim have some real-world inspiration.

The Cyrodiilic legions are inspired by the Roman Empire, the Nords are evidently a Norse people (AKA Vikings), and the people of High Rock share many similarities with ancient Brits.

If High Rock is Great Britain, the Reach is basically Scotland – full of strong, vigorous clans with a distinct culture and fashion.

Scottish Celtic Reachmen takes this idea and runs with it, granting the Madmen of the Reach Scottish-looking armor, including kilts and bad-ass Celtic tattoos.

No, I didn’t check whether they wear underwear under the kilts.

4. Daken’s Forsworn Revival

Nothing grinds my gears in Skyrim like legendary magical armor looking precisely like any other armor set.

A prime example is the Armor of the Old Gods. This “unique” item is basically just your run-of-the-mill Forsworn armor with a powerful enchantment – unless you get Daken’s Forsworn Revival.

Well this custom mod is a model replacement for the Armor of the Old Gods for both males and females that sets it apart from the average Forsworn apparel.

It also introduces a much cooler, more menacing version of Forsworn weaponry and several new headpieces that add variety to the Reachmen hordes.

3. Forsworn Envoy & Staff of Hag’s Wrath

When negotiating with people from different cultures, you always have to make a few changes, like covering your nether areas out of respect for their traditions.

The Forsaken Envoy set seems to be a continuation of this idea.

This set is made for female characters and guards them from the elements. It also keeps the stupid Nords and Imperials from feeling the raw power of a naked body.

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At the same time, it keeps things like Hagraven feathers and human skulls that are important to Forsworn society.

Kredans, who made these tribal robes, also gave them a powerful and eye-catching replacement for the Staff of Hag’s Wrath found in Darklight Tower. This weapon goes well with the robes.

2. Rustic Forsworn

I know that many of you are fundamentalists who think that Skyrim should stay true to what Bethesda had in mind when it was first made.

If that’s the case, you might want to think about Gamwich’s Rustic Forsworn set.

Instead of ignoring the rich culture of the Reachmen by changing their armor sets, this mod gives them new life with high-resolution textures that make them look just as rough as the originals.

This also fixes a big mistake that Bethesda made when the official High-Resolution Texture Pack came out: they didn’t even try to add 2K textures to this armor set.

Here you can find a version that is a little more up-to-date, along with a “Rustic Daedric” set.

1. Forsworn Fashions – More Variety for Forsworn

Modding is all about choice for me.

One of the main things that makes Skyrim and other open-world games feel “video-gamey” and kills immersion is that stuff in the game is used over and over again.

The Forsworn tools is the best place to see this. Even though there are many different types of warriors, they all wear the same armor.

Forsworn Fashions by GolinskiRH changes the ranks of the Forsworn by giving each soldier a unique set of armor and some badass Celtic tattoos.

The Forsworn Ravager heavy armor is by far my favorite. It has pieces of plate that look like they were taken from dead enemies and reshaped to fit the Forsworn.