12 Best Pajamas & Sleepwear Skyrim Mods

You might think that having the soul of a dragon gives you the right to a life of good mead and lusty Argonian girls in the Cloud District, but being the Dragonborn is hard work.

You spend sixteen hours a day, seven days a week running chores all over Skyrim, fighting dragons, and trying to get rid of all the Draugr in the province.

At the end of the day, it makes sense that the Dragonborn is pretty tired.

You can’t sleep in full Dwemer gear, though. Even armor made of leather might be too much.

If you want to get the most out of your sleep, you need good pajamas.

Skyrim doesn’t have any comfortable clothes out of the box, so we’ll look to mods for good homemade pajamas.

12. Pajamas For Men and Women

This mod introduces pajamas for both men and women in the game.

It allows players to customize the appearance of their characters by equipping them with cozy and comfortable sleepwear.

Whether it’s a classic set of plaid pajamas or a stylish silk robe, this mod adds a touch of bedtime style to the game.

Now players can relax and unwind in their virtual world, dressed in their favorite sleepwear. Sweet dreams await in this cozy modification.

11. Pajama Party Jill

This mod is inspired by artwork of Jill in her pajamas by @tipspanot on Twitter.

It replaces the default Jill in the game with the pajama-clad version, using alphaz’s Bikini Jill mod as a base.

The mod should work throughout the entire game, allowing Jill to be seen in her pajamas during various scenes and gameplay.

10. Armor and Clothing Extension

Custom Pajamas & Sleepwear

The first mod we’re going to look at is Kryptopyr’s Armor and Clothing Extension. It adds a lot of new robes and tunics for both witches and regular people.

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Some of these robes are light and simple. They look like the kind of thing a wealthy fighter would wear to read a book by the fire before going to bed.

Get this if you just want something comfortable that doesn’t clash with Skyrim’s style and won’t make you look silly if you leave the house for food or something else without your armor on.

9. Leather Clothes

When going to bed, many people like to wear sports clothes that are easy to move in.

This is especially helpful for someone like the Dragonborn, who might need to act quickly when a Daedric Prince or an agent of a secret group wakes them up.

Petrovich’s Leather Clothes adds “spats and a sports bra” to Skyrim. This is a comfortable leather outfit that Skyrim women can wear after a long day of wearing armor.

A thief or hunter could also wear this while on the hunt, but it seems too light for the cold weather in Skyrim.

8. Blanket Scarf

After putting on my pajamas on a cold winter night, the first thing I do is grab a warm fuzzy blanket and wrap it around myself like I’m some kind of medieval wanderer.

Not only does it keep me warm, but I feel pretty damn cool too.

If you’re silly like me, you’ll love Keung’s Blanket Scarf mod – introducing 10 warm and colorful blanket scarves for the Dragonborn to wrap themselves in.

Camping out in the wilds, this is the only sleepwear you need.

7. Sleep or Swim Attire

I can’t bring myself to wear pajamas in the summer.

At most, I’ll throw on a t-shirt and shorts, but you’ll find me sleeping in my underwear for the most part.

If you feel like your Dragonborn might be the type to sleep in their undies, you need to get Giamel’s Sleep or Swim Attire, which adds lore-friendly linen boxer shorts and a simple bra.

The tough linen fabric makes these durable and convenient for the traveling warrior. It’s rough and rustic – just like Nord society.

6. Nocturnal’s Archmage Robes

Nocturnal is the Daedric Prince of Night and Darkness, and though she’s not really related to sleep – that would be Vaermina – she definitely seems dressed for the occasion.

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We only get to see it after summoning Nocturnal at the end of the Thieves Guild questline.

But her robes look extraordinarily soft and comfortable – not to mention sexy.

Anyone sleeping in those robes would look like some sort of perfume ad. At least you don’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction in Skyrim.

The robes aren’t accessible in the vanilla game, but with this mod by Alexraptor, you can get them as your reward for becoming the Archmage of the College of Winterhold.

5. Diana Vampyre’s Fancy Dress

Diana Vampyre’s Dancy Dress by LostDayWalker is another dress that the well-trained Dragonborn can wear to show off her toned muscles and smooth skin.

Even though this sexy outfit wasn’t made to be worn to bed, when dyed the right color, it looks just like a nightgown.

It’s delicate and almost see-through, just what a vampire needs to charm their next thrall.

Most likely, you won’t want to wear this on a bed in Windhelm that has bedbugs. But it’s great for lounging around your player home feeling and looking like a million bucks.

4. Apachii Divine Elegance Store

Skyrim may be Tamriel’s coldest province, but running and fighting in a full suit of heavy armor can still make you sweat like a pig.

After a day of slow-cooking in your own juices, you’d love to strip down to your underwear, take a nap by the hearth, and let its warmth rejuvenate you.

Apachii Divine Elegance Store helps you do that in style with a wide variety of stylish male and female underwear based on what Geralt and Yennefer wear in The Witcher 3. Good luck finding good-looking male underwear anywhere else!

The mod is much more extensive than just underwear, though.

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There are all sorts of attractive TW3 light armor sets waiting to be discovered. Check it out and see what you think.

3. Comfy Cow Pajamas

Onesies are a versatile pajama style that can be either adorable or sexy, depending on how you wear them.

Worn as intended, with the front zipper all the way up, these Comfy Cow Pajamas by Bryson will cover every inch of your body with soft, warm fabric.

Coupled with the cute cow print, it’ll make you look like the cutest Dragonborn baby.

On the other hand, you can lower the zipper to show off your well-trained Dragonborn bod. The female version even comes with a cow print bikini top to match the one-piece pajamas.

These are available in 11 different colors ranging from classic black and white, to bright and adventurous colors like yellow, orange, and purple.

2. Sleepwear Clothes

This might be surprising to learn about someone who writes about Skyrim mods for a living – but I actually have some experience with the mythical creatures known as “girlfriends.”

If there’s one thing I learned throughout my time in a relationship, it’s that women love sleeping in oversized t-shirts.

Who needs a pajama when a giant t-shirt is basically a “casual” nightgown in light, breathable fabrics?

Modder Nekomata17 will gladly lend your lady Dragonborn their biggest t-shirt with the Sleepwear Clothes mod.

1. Animal Pajamas

Also known as “Kigurumi”, animal pajamas are the perfect way for people young and old, to feel adorable when going to sleep.

Do you think this is for women and children?

Think again!

Even the burly gym-bro who deadlifts 300lbs just to warm up wants to feel “cute” from time to time.

Give your Dragonborn a chance to drop the prophesied hero persona and relax at home with one of 10 adorable onesies based on different animal species.

My favorites are the hen, the frog, and the classic panda.

Considering how good the Dragonborn is at jump-climbing mountains, they might prefer the goat.