8 Best Custom Moon Mods for Skyrim

The moons that shine in the night sky of Skyrim are one of the most interesting things you’ll see as you play.

Masser and Secunda are what’s left of the lost god Lorkhan. Auri-El and Trinimac split him in half and sent one half into Oblivion a long time ago.

They control the lives of Khajiit and werewolves, and every faith in Tamriel has a deep connection to them.

As the stars of the night sky, Masser and Secunda should be at the top of your list for editing if you want to make the night sky look better.

And these are my top choices for mods that completely change the look of your celestial bodies.

8. Better Moons


This mod enhances the appearance of the moons in Skyrim by providing higher quality textures while maintaining a lore-friendly approach.

The mod replaces the existing moon textures with improved versions that offer more detail and visual fidelity.

The goal is to make the moons in Skyrim appear more stunning and immersive without deviating from the established lore of the game.

Players will experience a more realistic and visually pleasing night sky with beautifully redone moons that seamlessly fit into the world of Skyrim.

7. Moon Monk’s Robes

This mod introduces a new set of light armor inspired by Khajiiti style to the game.

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The armor set includes various pieces such as chest, gloves, boots, and helmet, all designed with the unique aesthetic of the Khajiit race.

Additionally, the mod provides a selection of alternate colors, allowing players to customize the appearance of the armor to their liking.

It’s a visually appealing addition that caters to players who enjoy playing as Khajiit characters or simply appreciate the distinct Khajiiti style.

6. Moon and Star

This mod introduces a new storyline to Skyrim involving a mysterious and powerful criminal. This criminal is being pursued by hunters from Morrowind, creating an atmosphere of intrigue and danger.

As the player delves deeper into the questline, they uncover surprising connections and realize that there is more at stake than initially meets the eye.

The mod aims to provide a thrilling and immersive experience by introducing a captivating storyline with twists and turns, allowing players to uncover the true identity and motives of the criminal while exploring the vast world of Skyrim.

5. Majora’s Mask Moon

Masser and Secunda are fine, but they’ll never be as well-known as the scary celestial body from Majora’s Mask.

It’s hard to say if the moon that shines over Termina has always had a face, but Majora’s evil power has made it look like it’s going to kill itself as it falls to the ground.

With this mod by SarcasticDragon, this cosmic terror takes the place of Masser and Secunda in the skies of Skyrim.

If you like this kind of cartoony moon, you might also like Soul Eater’s moon.

4. The Dragon Moons 4K

Because there isn’t much pollution in Skyrim, you can see the moons in amazing clarity as they float above you.

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The Dragon Moons by Tobii drives this point home with 4K images that make the red moon over Skyrim look clear, almost as if you were looking at it from space.

I call this moon “the red moon” instead of “Masser” because it has two satellites, which makes it neither Masser nor Secunda but a completely different heavenly body.

The Dragon Moons might not be good for history, but it will make your night sky look very badass.

3. Megalophobia – Huge Moons

Skyrim’s moons look somewhat bigger than our own pearly white satellite here on Earth – but you can always go bigger.

Megalophobia is defined as a “morbid fear of very large objects,” and it’s exactly what you’d feel if one day you looked out of the window and saw the moon was three times as large as the night before.

This mod turns Masser and Secunda into huge versions of themselves by scaling Masser up by 3.5x and Secunda by 2.0x.

The feeling of scale and proximity makes Skyrim feel like a terraformed habitat on an asteroid or a larger planet’s moon!

2. TB’s Atmospheric Moon Distortion

You have to check out TB’s Atmospheric Moon Distortion mod if you’re looking for realism.

Thanks to a phenomenon known as atmospheric refraction, the light reflected by the Earth’s moon gets distorted as it makes its way to us through the planet’s gaseous atmosphere.

It’s unclear what kind of atmosphere (if any) Nirn would have, considering that the universe in The Elder Scrolls is very different from ours.

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Still, one thing is for sure: the moons over Skyrim look way too crisp compared to our own, which can make them look unrealistic.

This mod by TB changes Masser and Secunda’s textures to imitate the refractory effect of our atmosphere. It makes them look like they’re hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

1. Skygazer Moons – Masser & Secunda Retexture

Skygazer Moons by FadingSignal has been the #1 moon enhancing mod for Skyrim since the Legendary Edition days – and it’s even better in Special Edition.

This mod gives Masser and Secunda a sublime makeover with very detailed textures that use real-life images from Mars and Saturn’s moon Enceladus as a reference to create two beautiful, realistic moons.

These textures have a resolution four times higher than the vanilla moons, and the most recent update to this mod added glowing versions for those of you who like a little extra magic.