15 Best Greatswords in Skyrim

The most dangerous warriors in Tamriel like to fight with greatswords.

These heavy-duty metal killers can cut through even the thickest skin and break the toughest Dwemer mechanisms.

Greatswords are heavy, so the best way to use them is with both hands and your whole body.

Now, why do so many people like them more than other one-handed weapons? Well, the main reason is that they cause too much damage.

When one of these swords hits an enemy, it does a lot of damage. Depending on the level of the enemy, it can kill them right away.

Greatswords are the trusted friends of wild warriors, and if you play through Skyrim again, you might want a Dragonborn to wield one of these beasts.

So, I made a list of the best greatswords in Skyrim to help you choose the one that fits your character best.

15. Steel Greatsword

Greatswords in Skyrim

Steel greatswords are the first type of greatsword that can’t be used until you reach a certain level.

As early as level 2, you’ll start to see these swords.

You can get them as random loot or from the bodies of enemies you kill.

It has a base damage of 17 and the same weight, which makes it the most basic of the game’s best greatswords.

14. Orcish Greatsword

Even though the orcish greatsword isn’t as valuable as the steel version, it does one more point of damage than the steel version.

It also weighs one point more than it should.

You can find them as early as level 6, but you may find enchanted versions of these powerful weapons when you reach level 7.

I also like the look of these better, so you might want to buy them as soon as they come out.

13. Dwarven Greatsword

In the Dwemer Ruins of Skyrim, people who use two weapons like to use Dwarven Greatswords.

At level 12, you can find them and use them to make a swing that does 19 points of base damage.

They can be upgraded with normal Dwarven Metal Ingots, and they can be enchanted just like any other normal weapon in the game.

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This can be a real beast if you start early with enchanting.

12. Nordic Greatsword

The Nordic Greatsword weighs the same as the Dwarven Greatsword, but it does one more point of damage when it hits.

If you have the Dragonborn DLC, you can make these weapons in the blacksmith’s forge.

Before you can make a Nordic Greatsword, you’ll need quite a few things, including: 1 bar of quicksilver, 5 bars of steel, and 3 strips of leather. If you ask me, the hunt was well worth it.

11. Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword

The Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword is a strong sword that the scary Draugr often use.

So, you can get this weapon by killing enemies that roam Nordic tombs in Skyrim. It’s a very strong sword, but it weighs 21 points, which makes it a little hard for most warriors to use.

The sword is a good friend for every new two-handed master, and if you want a sword that does a lot of damage, it would be a no-brainer to get it.

10. Nord Hero Greatsword

The Ancient Nord Hero Greatsword has been polished and made better to make the Nero Hero Greatsword. You might be able to tell just by looking at the skin on this weapon.

The design is much more sleek because it’s meant to look like a weapon that hasn’t been used as much as the original.

This sword does 20 points of base damage and weighs only 16. Because of how much damage it can do, it is one of the best greatswords in the game.

It can only be made at the Skyforge with the Ancient Nord Greatsword, 3 steel ingots, and 3 strips of leather.

9. Skyforge Steel Greatsword

I just talked about Skyfore, and it goes well with the next weapon I’m going to talk about.

The Skyforge Steel Greatsword is a beautiful two-handed weapon that looks the same as the Steel Greatsword but does more base damage.

Even though the sword is not very rare, there is only one merchant in the game who will sell it to you: Eorlund Gray-Mane is a Whiterun resident.

You might also find it while doing the Companions questline or after you finish the Proving Honor quest.

8. Elven Greatsword

From level 20 and up, the Elven Greatsword can be found with powerful enchantments. However, the sword itself can only spawn in its normal form after level 19.

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It is sold very often in most shops in Skyrim. As soon as you reach level 19, you’ll be able to buy one of these reliable weapons from any blacksmith in a major town.

You can also find one of these legendary Elven weapons in Folgunthur, a few steps behind the Dragon door in the same area.

7. Glass Greatsword

Greatswords made of glass are very heavy. When properly enchanted, they are some of the strongest weapons in the game because they weigh 22 points but do 21 base damage.

As with most glass weapons and armour, the glass greatswords look great with almost any type of armour and can be used with almost any two-handed play style.

You can find the enchanted version of this sword in many parts of Skyrim after you reach level 28, but you can also find the non-enchanted version at level 27.

6. Ebony Greatsword

The Ebony greatsword does 22 base damage when it hits. It also weighs 22 points, which is the same as the glass greatsword from before.

But this ebony design makes a beautiful sword that would make even the best blacksmiths jealous.

You can find these weapons starting at level 36, but you might also find enchanted ebony greatswords starting at level 37.

This is also a favorite weapon of high-level Draugrs, so you’ll find ebony swords in most dungeons across Skyrim.

5. Bloodskal Blade

The Dragonborn DLC added the Bloodskal Blade to the game. It is a powerful two-handed weapon.

It does the same amount of damage as a regular glass greatsword, but it also has a special ability: when you charge a power attack, this weapon does an extra 30 points of pure damage that will cut through anyone’s armour.

The Bloodskal Blade is one of the top 5 best greatswords in Skyrim. It has a base damage of 21 and a weight of only 16.

During the quest “The Final Descent,” you can find it in the Bloodskal Barrow.

4. Stormfang

The Stormfang is a unique weapon that has a weight of 17 points and a base damage of 17.

It also has a powerful enchantment that adds 30 points of shock damage and 15 points of Magicka damage to the damage it does. If you ask me, that’s pretty wild!

It looks like a normal steel greatsword, but it is much stronger.

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To get it, you have to kill the Reaver Lord in Brodir Grove.

Stormfang is one of the best greatswords in the game, but that’s mostly because of its enchantments.

The sword itself doesn’t do as much damage as some of the other weapons in this article, but the Magicka damage and shock damage make it a great weapon for all levels.

3. Stalhrim Greatsword

So, this greatsword is part of the Stalhrim set of weapons and armour, which was added to the game with the Dragonborn DLC.

It can be made with Stalhrim, but Glover Mallory or Baldor Iron-Shaper will also sell it. But it costs almost 2,000 septims, so you might need to save up for a while.

The weapon’s base damage is 23 and it weighs 21. This makes it better than most of the other weapons on this list in terms of the balance between weight and damage.

You’ll need 5 pieces of Stalhrim and 3 strips of to make this yourself. You also need a Smithing level of 80, so you’d better work on your smithing skills.

2. Daedric Greatsword

The Daedric Greatsword has a dented design that, along with its darker colours, makes it look very demonic.

Killing Dremora lords and sending them back into the depths of Oblivion will lead you to this sword.

The numbers look good, too. It does 24 points of base damage and an extra 23 points of weight.

Even though enemies start using the sword at level 46, you might find a Daedric Greatsword in the game as early as level 27.

If you want to see these swords early on in the game, you’ll need to have a very high two-handed skill.

1. Dragonbone Greatsword

The most powerful two-handed weapons in Skyrim are Dragonbone Greatswords.

They give players the chance to deal 25 points of base damage, which is a lot, but they also have a weight of 27 points to make up for that.

You can get these swords by killing Keepers in the Soul Cairn, or you can make one by going to a forge and using dragon bones, ebony ingots, and leather strips.

How you get a Dragonbone Greatsword depends a lot on how you use your time in Skyrim.

But this sword’s clean look is a great match for how powerful it is, so you’ll look very cool carrying it around on your back.