Where To Farm Lots of Abecean Longfin in Skyrim?

The Riften Docks and Riften Fishery are the best places to look for Abecean Longfin.

There are a lot of fish barrels in this area, and 25% of them might have Abecean Longfins in them.

There is also a lake nearby where you can try to find them in places where fish lay their eggs.

But let’s look at everything we can do to figure out where to go and how to get these fish.

Fish Spawn Sites

 Abecean Longfin

The Abecean Longfin only has a 20% chance of showing up in places where fish spawn, so it’s best to look in places where fish spawn the most.

There may be up to three fish to catch at these spawning spots.

The area around the Apprentice Stone and the Abandoned Shack in Hjaalmarch, the Wreck of the Winterstar in Winterhold, and the Goldenglow Estate in the Rift are all places you should check out.

Don’t forget to look for dragonflies hovering over the water as a hint as to where the spawning spots are.

Riften Docks & Fishery

There are a lot of fish barrels outside and some inside the Fishery at the Riften Docks.

A boat with a few fish barrels that can be stolen is also there.

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You can look in these buckets for Abecean Longfins and other fish, but taking anything from them will be considered theft.

Look for an Argonian called Wujeeta in the Fishery. He will tell you how to get these barrels without stealing. Give her a medicine to help her feel better. Then you can steal from these barrels and the drums on the boat without getting caught.

There are also many places for fish to lay their eggs in this lake. Look up for dragonflies to find these places.

If you are just starting out, you can also farm Abecean Longfins at fish spawning places in Lake Ilinalta.

It’s close to where you start, in Riverwood, and just past the Guardian Stones.

Walk around the area near the shore and look for dragonflies. You’ll find Abecean Longfins and other kinds of fish in this area.


What are Farm Lots of Abecean Longfin in Skyrim?

“Farm Lots of Abecean Longfin” is not a specific item or location in Skyrim. It seems to be a phrase or term that is not directly related to the game.

Are there specific locations in Skyrim where I can find lots of Abecean Longfin?

In Skyrim, Abecean Longfin is a type of fish that can be caught in bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. It is typically found in coastal areas and can be more abundant in regions like the Sea of Ghosts or the Sea of Ghosts’ eastern coastline.

What are the uses of Abecean Longfin in Skyrim?

Abecean Longfin is primarily used in alchemy. It is an ingredient that can be combined with other ingredients to create potions with specific effects. For example, it can be used to create potions of Waterbreathing or potions that fortify skills like Sneak or Restoration.

Can I buy or sell Abecean Longfin in Skyrim?

Yes, you can buy and sell Abecean Longfin in Skyrim. Some merchants, such as alchemy shops or general goods traders, may have Abecean Longfin available for sale. You can also sell any excess Abecean Longfin you have in your inventory to these merchants for gold.