5 Best Skyrim Face Mask Mods

There are certain face masks that are both stylish and useful, but there are also some masks that are only fashionable because people don’t care about their usefulness.

In the land of Skyrim, one can never be too cautious due to the prevalence of sickness, the bitter cold, and even the other inhabitants of the planet.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the most impressive face mask modifications that are available in Skyrim.

5. Desert Dweller Hood

The Desert Dweller Hood is a one-of-a-kind coloured variety of an Alik’r Hood that also includes a mask as an accessory.

It is a piece of light armour variation, which means it may be constructed and tempered like other types of armour.

However, there is a disadvantage to wearing this basic hood over the mask, despite the fact that the combination looks fantastic:

This version is only applicable to male models, as the mask will not be visible on female models while using this version.

The issue was being worked on by the original author, however, they have now gone on to work on mods for Skyrim Special Edition under a different identity.

Therefore, make every effort to keep an eye out for updates to this mod in the event that anybody else copies it over.

However, this is one option to consider if you want to provide guys with a one-of-a-kind hooded mask.

4. Kye’s Masked Helmets

This is a modification that enhances and expands upon the default helmet that comes with the game.

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To be more exact, this mod adds masks of the right hue to the fronts of the open-faced vanilla helmets, and it also enables players to manufacture and temper such masks.

This particular face mask is based on the model of the mask that is included with the Shrouded Armor set seen within the game.

Therefore, you will most likely identify it.

This detail makes the Helm of Yngol and the Hide Helmet seem much better than they already did.

In addition to that, you may use this mask with the beast races as well!

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that it’s nothing more than a minor touch added to certain helmets to make them more attractive yet they still serve their intended purpose!

3. Petal Gasmask

We’ve devised a mask for you that offers the highest possible level of defence against the diseases that afflict Skyrim.

This particular example of a gas mask was created from scratch just for use in Skyrim.

And it looks amazing.

It is available in a total of four distinct hues, as well as two distinct arcane floral designs.

Although a flower isn’t often the greatest option for anything requiring a filter, one might make the case that it is in this case.

Nevertheless, this mask does have a punkish aesthetic to it, making it a good candidate for pairing with more recent clothing mods.

This mask is appropriate for the players who are the most protective of themselves (or the most paranoid), since it combines style and utility with an esoteric touch.

2. Sundracons Mask of Maru

This mod was the go-to option for the ultimate lower-face covering until the “Face Masks of Skyrim” add-on became available.

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This mask is ideal for both those who are concerned about their health and those who enjoy playing pranks, as it may be purchased with or without a hood.

The mod’s eponymous item does, in fact, arrive enchanted, which means that its statistics and other properties have been enhanced.

However, the half masks do not have any enchantments applied to them by default.

And similar to the last article, this patch works nicely with the beast races, causing very little rendering or clipping difficulties.

The fact that the single colour option is black is the most obvious drawback of this product.

That hue, on the other hand, strikes me as the one that would appeal to the more naughty gamers that are out there.

1. Face Masks of Skyrim

This is a simple but completely functioning face mask that may be worn while playing the game.

Additionally, it may be crafted by the player and comes in a total of eight different hues.

Don’t you think that immersion is awesome?

It is also completely compatible with the beast races, which means that it fits well without any problems for any race!

This mask is a fine accessory for the job it serves, despite the fact that it is neither showy nor protective.

This mask will serve your purposes, whether you wish to shield yourself from the weather or conceal your identity.

Both are possible uses for it.