Where Do You Get Snowberries in Skyrim?

Snowberries can be gathered from any Snowberry plant that grows in cold, snowy parts of Skyrim.

In the snowy places between Solitude and Winterhold, many of these plants grow.

But more specifically, there are a lot of Snowberry trees in Dawnstar and Nightgate Inn, which are usually the best places to farm a lot of these berries.

It’s easy to find the snowberry plant.

There are a lot of red berries on a small bush.

And picking one snowberry plant will only give you one snowberry, even though the plants look like they have a lot of berries on them. But, you know, that’s Skyrim.

Let’s look at some of the best places to pick these berries in more depth.

Best Farming Spots

On the way from Dawnstar to Windhelm, there are a lot of Snowberries growing along the road.

Along this road, there are a number of interesting places, such as:

  • Windward Ruins
  • Weynon Stones
  • Fort Dunstad
  • Silverdrift Lair

Just search around these places and you’ll have lots of Snowberries in no time.

If you keep going down the road to Windhelm, you’ll reach the Nightgate Inn, where you can also pick a lot of snowberries.

Around this inn, there are more than twenty Snowberry trees, so just spread out and look around the outside.

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Other places where you can pick a lot of snowberries are:

  • Winterhold
  • College of Winterhold
  • Driftshade Refuge
  • Pale Imperial Camp
  • Forsaken Cave
  • Brandy-Mug Farm in Windhelm

You can also find a lot of these plants in the southern part of Skyrim, especially in the snowy areas near Falkreath and on the way to High Hrothgar.

You can also buy these berries from alchemy dealers, so make sure to check with them now and then.

Also, sometimes snowberries are in the medicine satchels you can find in dungeons. This isn’t the best way to farm them, though.

Using Snowberries in Alchemy

Snowberries are the only nutrient that protects against every type of element.

This ingredient has the benefits of Resist Fire, Resist Frost, Resist Shock, and Fortify Enchanting.

You can’t make a potion that gives resistance to all three elements, though.

You could use Snowberries and Dragon’s Tongue to make a Resist Fire Potion, which would be useful.

Or, you can make a Resist Frost Potion by putting these berries and a Purple Mountain Flower together.

And if you mix the berries with Glowing Mushrooms, you can make a Resist Shock Potion.

You can also try mixing Snowberries with a Blue Butterfly Wing to make a Fortify Enchanting brew.

There are many things you can do with these little red berries, so if you have the time, it’s worth growing them.

Snowberries are also a fairly popular ingredient.

So it’s easy to get better at alchemy and make money by selling the drugs you make.


Where can I find snowberries in Skyrim?

Snowberries can be found in various locations across Skyrim, particularly in colder regions. They are commonly found near snowy areas, mountainous regions, and in the vicinity of lakes or rivers. Specific locations include Winterhold, Solitude, and the area surrounding Whiterun.

Can snowberries be harvested year-round in Skyrim?

Yes, snowberries can be harvested throughout the year in Skyrim. Unlike some other plants in the game, snowberries are not seasonally restricted and can be gathered at any time.

Are there any challenges or dangers associated with collecting snowberries?

While collecting snowberries itself is relatively safe, be aware that they may be found in locations inhabited by hostile creatures or NPCs. It is important to remain cautious and prepared for potential encounters with wolves, bears, bandits, or other enemies that might be guarding the areas where snowberries grow.

Are there any alternative methods to acquire snowberries in Skyrim?

If you’re having difficulty finding snowberries in the wild, you can consider purchasing them from alchemy shops or general merchants in Skyrim’s cities and towns. Additionally, some NPCs may also have snowberries in their inventory, making trading or pickpocketing viable options to acquire them.