12 Best Battlemage Mods For Skyrim

There is a lot of magic in Tamriel.

And mage’s Magicka-regenerating sleeves are full of tricks they can use in any situation.

The battlemage has to be one of the most fun types of mage to play. It’s a mix between a ranged and melee mage who can take a beating and do a lot of damage in return.

To become a real battlemage, you’ll need good armor, strong spells, and the ability to switch between close-range melee attacks and long-range spells.

You can play as a battlemage in vanilla Skyrim, but it’s much better with mods that are designed for that build.

12. Staves on Back


Regular mages are nothing when they run out of Magicka.

But battlemages are always prepared.

I’m not talking about a flimsy dagger for self-protection but of powerful staves that can unleash fearsome sorcery on your enemies without relying on your own supply of magic energy.

No battlemage would charge into battle without a couple staves rattling behind him – and thanks to KataPUMB’s Staves on Back, you don’t have to.

This mod simply makes your staves visible on your back whenever they are sheathed, which for some reason was left out in the vanilla game.

11. DX Dark Knight Armor

Battlemages are basically walking turrets.

They’re supposed to lob fireballs, icicles, and all sorts of brutal magic at a mid-range that exposes them to damage.

Much like knights, battlemages need some of the best armor available to withstand their enemies’ physical attacks while they rain down fire on their forces.

DeserterX’s mod is one of the most appealing & high-quality heavy armors you’ll find for Skyrim.

Details like the massive ebony pendant and the dark gleam of the armor give it a certain occult feeling that’s ideal for a battlemage.

10. The Wizard Warrior

Battlemages and spellswords aren’t exactly the same, but they do have some things in common. For example, they both combine close-quarters combat with powerful magic.

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The Wizard Warrior by Dhxxqk2010 makes either of these two archetypes much more fun to play as because it lets the Dragonborn use magic without taking off their melee weapon.

Stop putting yourself at a disadvantage by holding a spell in your left hand and a mace in your right.

Now you can take your favorite two-handed sword and swing it at your enemies while burning them or healing yourself at the same time.

9. Battlemage Extended

In vanilla Skyrim, one of the only ways to mix magic and melee combat is to conjure spectral weapons.

It’s a good idea, but if you’re going to fight close up, you might as well just grab a regular weapon.

You can also download Leron9999’s Battlemage Extended as an alternative.

This adds similar spells that can be used to summon heavy armor instead of weapons.

So, you can dress like a mage and get those cool Magicka regeneration effects without putting yourself in danger from enemy blades.

8. Battle Mage Armor

Check out Elianora’s Battle Mage Armor if you want something special to wear under your magical plate that lets light through.

This armor stands out from the rest because it looks like Skyrim’s original style.

This outfit is similar enough to the vanilla mage gear that it can be used in a game without any other mods (pretty lore friendly).

This outfit is great for a mage who needs to fight bandits and Forsworn every other day. It has a low-profile steel cuirass and extra leg protection.

Check out Elleh’s Hedge Mage Armor instead, which is lighter.

7. Eo Geom Summon Swords Spell

It’s smart to conjure a magic weapon so you don’t have to carry one with you.

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But is holding it really necessary to use it? I mean, it’s magic!

Eo Geom is a cool new spell made by Elysees. It lets the user make six swords appear behind them and float around until they decide to attack.

With these magical weapons, you can fight at a mid-range using melee attacks. This keeps you safe from physical damage and makes your opponents afraid, so they can’t stop you.

6. Tel Aschan – Mage Tower Player Home

Battlemages are still mages.

They live for intellectual questions, so as they travel, they will pick up a lot of artifacts and other things that are worth studying.

Elianora, a modder, shows how a battlemage scholar lives in Tel Aschan, a small player home outside of Winterhold that is full of potions, books, scrolls, ingredients, and all the other good things that adventurers love to collect.

Like the TARDIS, Tel Aschan is bigger on the inside.

Somewhere in the Void, you’ll find a portal to a grand display hall that lets you show off important souvenirs like enchanted armor, Daedric artifacts, and so on.

5. Witch Hunter Spells & Prayers

There are a lot of different spells to try out in Skyrim.

But if you’re playing a battlemage, you’ll need something more specific than what vanilla can give you.

Robbie’s Witch Hunter Spells & Prayers is a set of more than 75 spells that are designed to be used with melee and ranged weapons.

Most of these spells do something good for your weapons, like give them more fire damage or make enemy mages quiet. There are also spells that are more useful, like making arrows appear out of thin air.

The only way to learn these spells is from Witch Hunter spell books, which are sold by merchants. These books have a lot of information about the mythical Witch Hunters of Tamriel.

4. Vokrii – Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim

Fans of pen-and-paper games know that a character’s build is the most important part of how good they are.

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You can say you’re a hunter all you want, but if your stats don’t back it up, you’re just a guy with a bow.

Vokrii – Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim by Enai Siaion is a slight change to every perk tree that lets you play in more ways.

Changes have been made to trees like Conjuration, Enchantment, and Destruction that make them better for a battlemage build.

It’s a great way to use all of those perk upgrades that don’t do much in vanilla.

3. Archmage Khadgar’s Robes

In the ultra-violent World of Warcraft, all mages who are still alive are some sort of battlemage.

After all, war is everywhere in Azeroth.

One of the sharpest-looking wizards in World of Warcraft has to be Khadgar, the Leader of the Kirin Tor and one of the most powerful characters in the lore.

These robes by JohnSkyrim are ported over just as they’re seen in the game.

They feature scaled steel protection around the shoulders, and sturdy leather to act as an extra layer of skin – protecting without impairing movement.

This is one of the ultimate battlemage looks you could ever hope to see in Skyrim.

2. Battlemage Armour (Female)

This mod adds a new armor set for female characters in the game, which includes robes, boots, and gauntlets.

The armor set can be crafted, tempered, and enchanted by the player. It also comes in four different colors.

1. Battlemage Boots

This mod adds a standalone retexture of the draugr boots, which can be crafted and upgraded at the forge.

The boots are considered cloth and have zero armor, but there is also a version that is classified as light armor with an armor rating of 25.

The mod was created to complete the Battlemage armor set from the same mod author. The item code for the boots is 2100100.