8 Best Killmove Mods for Skyrim

In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there’s nothing more thrilling than killing an enemy with a flashy killmove.

And mods can make it even better.

Skyrim is still going strong after all these years because of mods. Since the beginning, one of the main goals of the modding community has been to make fighting better.

Once you’ve fixed the balance and battle animations, these mods that make killmoves better will be the cherry on top.

8. Kaputt – Melee Killmove Manager


“This mod enhances the post-hit killmoves in the game by rewriting and expanding them.

It is powered by Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) and specifically focuses on melee killmoves.

By installing this mod, players can expect more diverse and dynamic killmove animations, adding depth and excitement to melee combat encounters within the game.”

7. no more killmoves on player

This mod addresses a frustrating issue where players are vulnerable to attacks while their controls are locked, leading to undesired outcomes.

It offers a solution by preventing such situations.

However, it is important to note that if you are using mods that prevent the player’s death, this mod may not be compatible or recommended.

6. Blade and Blunt – Killmoves Enabled

This mod, called “Blunt and Blade,” reverses the effect of disabling all killmoves against the player.

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By installing this mod, killmoves against the player will be re-enabled, allowing for more intense and immersive combat experiences.

It restores the original functionality and ensures that the player can once again experience thrilling and cinematic killmoves during battles.

5. No Killmoves

Killmoves are a fun way to end a fight, but what goes around comes around.

If you’re playing a weak character like a mage or rogue, that can mean getting 1hko’d by anyone with a 2-handed weapon in horrible, embarrassing ways.

You can get rid of all killmoves with No Killmoves by DavidSid. This keeps cheap 1hko attacks from overleveled enemies from hurting your honor or even killing you.

This is true for all kill cams, including those made by melee weapons, long-range weapons, magic, and even dragons.

4. Heartbreaker – A Killmove Mod

Once you’ve accepted getting kill cam’d and chosen to “get good,” we can move on to more interesting mods like Heartbreaker.

This add-on gives you not only a new kill cam, but also a whole new finishing system.

If an enemy gets hurt in battle and can’t move, you can now kill them in the cruelest way possible by ripping out their hearts in one move.

The mod even lets you change your heart removal by giving your hand different glows or only letting you use the move on certain enemies, like Briar Hearts.

When you kill an enemy this way, they will have a big hole in their chest, which makes it look even worse.

3. Simple Overwhelming Slaying – Cinematic Kills

One of the main reasons to modify your game is to have more control over the details.

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Simple Overwhelming Slaying – Cinematic Kills is the right mod for you if you want more control over your kill cam.

With this add-on, you can change a lot about your kill cam. You get to decide when it goes off, what visual effects are used, if it’s in slow-mo or not, and so on.

This mod isn’t just a “killmove” mod; it can also make normal kills look very badass.

2. Auto Killmove Screenshots

The only thing better than executing your enemies with a brutal killmove is having pictures to prove it.

Regrettably, most of us are too busy slaying fools to bother with taking a screenshot.

The solution? Automation.

Auto Killmove Screenshots takes several screen captures during kill cams, so you can choose the best take later.

Those chumps at the Bannered Mare will finally believe you when you tell them you beheaded every single soul at the local bandit cave.

1. VioLens – A Killmove Mod

Many people think that VioLens is one of the most important Skyrim mods.

It gives you full power over both close-range and far-range kill moves. This includes picking which animations play based on your weapon and what makes them play.

Some of my favorite changes are turning off decapitations with blunt weapons or making it much more likely for me to kill dragons with a long killmove for epic kills.

It also works with any unique killmove mods that you might find in the future.