10 Best Skyrim Knight Armor Mods

As the Dragonborn, your goal is to save the world, and you’ll need different kinds of armor to keep you safe on that long and dangerous journey.

But if you’ve played the game more than once, you probably look at armor sets differently.

Maybe the ones that come with the game aren’t good enough for your high standards as a knight.

So, what better way is there to add more armor to Skyrim than with mods?

In fact, we’ve put together a list of the best knight-themed mods that will let you turn your character into the knight they’ve always wanted to be.

10. Daedric Reaper Armor

Knight Armor

Daedric armor is some of the best in Skyrim, and it is also arguably the best-looking. That said, this mod manages to take the standard armor and make it even more impressive.

The Daedric Reaper armor is stunning to behold, and no detail was spared in creating it. As an upgrade to the standard armor, this variant is lighter, and it comes with a pretty gorgeous sword.

You can customize both the male and female versions of this armor, and it’s honestly so pretty you’re going to have a hard time not playing in third-person just to admire it.

9. Dragonbone Barbarian Armors

If you’re looking for armor mods that will finally give you a use for the dozens of dragon bones in your inventory, look no further than Dragonbone Barbarian Armors.

This mod adds 15 modular armor pieces, four gauntlets, four boots, and a unique helm. Each full set can be found in a unique location within Skyrim, giving you a great excuse to get out and explore one of the biggest open-world maps in gaming history.

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Full sets included in this mod are a full heavy armor set for male characters, as well as a light and heavy option for females.

The light female option is much more about eye candy than the heavy set, but it’s a good option for those who want their feminine Dragonborns to show off all of their best assets.

8. Dragon Carved Armor

What better armor could there be for the Dragonborn besides something called the Dragon Carved Armor?

This new armor set, which also features a one-handed sword and a greatsword looks amazing.

But it can also be tempered and improved if you ‘e developed your Blacksmithing skills properly, and have traveled the world enough to find the required materials.

I know, I know, this armor would look cooler with a cloak.

But the modder was nice enough to make this armor set compatible with some of the best cloak mods around, so that works just as well.

Ah, what a great community!

7. Darkend

The best things in life are the ones you earn with your hard work.

The Darkend mod isn’t strictly a knight armor mod, because it also features a challenging new quest in the vein of the Dark Souls series.

Yet it still has something to do with these mods, because by completing this incredibly difficult quest, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing armor set – and some very powerful weapons.

Who ever said that hard work doesn’t pay off?

6. SkyRealism – Shiny

Custom armor mods that introduce wild designs are cool and all.

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But sometimes we just want a realistic design.

And SkyRealism (Shiny) brings a much-needed dose of realism into an otherwise unbelievable game.

It’s a mod that tweaks in-game armors that are designed to take advantage of environment mapping, so they’ll look as realistic as possible.

The changes are so amazing that you’ll never be able to go back to the vanilla armors after experiencing this one.

5. Black Overlord Armor

Bow down, people of Skyrim. Your true lord has now arrived to dispense justice.

Or maybe not? With such menacing armor, it’s hard to say.

This Black Overlord Armor is definitely an incredibly cool looking set. So aesthetics look great here.

And it also comes complete with all those small details that all evil overlords like so much:

Black color, horned helmet, intricate patterns.

All to strike fear in the hearts of your true enemies.

4. Divine Aegis

Hail the savior of Skyrim, hail the Dragonborn from Markarth to Falkreath, and even beyond!

This custom Divine Aegis armor is on the exact opposite of the moral alignment spectrum compared to our previous modded Black Overlord Armor.

While that was the perfect armor for a dark knight, the Divine Aegis is the perfect armor for a holy paladin.

This armor looks so immaculate that it’s easy to forget that this is just a re-imagining of the vanilla game’s Ebony Armor.

It’s great for roleplaying too.

3. Resplendent Armor

I have to be very honest with you here:

I wanted to describe the Divine Aegis armor as a resplendent set of armor. But then I realized that there’s only one set of modded armor that deserves that adjective…

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The Resplendent Armor.

It’s a truly brilliant set of armor that comes complete with physics for the cape and skirts, which automatically makes it better than 99% of all vanilla armor sets.

And with such an elegant design, Resplendent Armor is the mod to download if you’re down with saving the world, but without forgetting that little bit of fashion sense that makes your knight into who they are.

2. Silver Knight Armor

Silver Knight Armor is another custom set that doesn’t feature anything truly revolutionary.

But it features a level of quality that’s beyond most Skyrim mods.

This introduces an incredibly stylish set that features a humongous amount of detail, and 4K resolution textures that make it look crystal clear at all times.

I’m pretty sure that looking at it for the first time will bring an irresistible urge to take some screenshots to show the world how cool of a Dragonborn you are.

If you do, feel free to tweet them at us.

1. Artifacts – The Breton Paladin

Now if you’re looking for the ultimate Skyrim knight-themed armor, you have to check out the Breton Paladin set.

It isn’t just the coolest knight armor mod you can download for Skyrim.

But it’s also an amazing all-around custom armor mod, which features new content such as a lore-friendly quest to obtain the armor, unique custom enchantments, new weapons, full race/gender/weight compatibility…

And even custom high-resolution textures as well!

I’d expect nothing less with this set.

With all these great features, you just can’t go wrong.

Grab it from the link above and see what you think.