11 Best Conjuration & Summon Mods For Skyrim

It’s fun to go on adventures.

Everyone seems to be waiting for you, wanting your help to solve problems and thanking you profusely.

But then something happens: you realize you’re alone and surrounded by things that want to kill you and will do anything to do so.

At last, you realize what you really need: friends you can count on. Maybe not of the same kind as people.

In Skyrim, you should use spells that bring things to life.

You can call all kinds of creatures to your side with these spells, turning you from a sheep surrounded by wolves into an unafraid, untouchable Conjuration.

Just don’t go too far, because some of the creatures you’ve called to you don’t want to go back into the magical hole they came out of.

11. Multiple Summons

Conjuration & Summon Mods For Skyrim

This mod for a game allows players to summon more than one creature at a time by leveling up and choosing certain perks in the conjuration skill tree.

The final perk removes the summon cap entirely. The mod is not balanced, and feedback is welcome.

10. Druid Conjuration

This mod adds new Conjuration spells for summoning forest animals, from rabbits to trolls and more. It also includes a new merchant and Master Conjuration Trainer.

The mod aims to add some humor and variety to the Conjuration school, which previously only allowed players to summon Atronachs, Dremora, and a few quest ghosts.

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There is only one way to create summoned creatures, making it a straightforward mod.

The mod is TES5-Edit cleaned and users are advised to read the full description before reporting any issues.

9. Unlimited Conjuration

This mod replaces the Twin Souls perk in the game with the Soulmaster perk.

The Soulmaster perk allows players to conjure multiple atronachs, undead, thralls, and other summonable creatures, including those added by other mods.

There are two options available: one that allows players to conjure up to ten creatures at once, and another with effectively unlimited conjuration.

The mod is standalone and will not conflict with other mods that do not modify the Twin Souls perk. To install, simply place the .esps in the data file and enable them.

8. Liam’s Conjuration Spells

Any true Conjurer should be able to summon any creature to his side.

Not just to gain an edge in battle, but also to not see followers getting stuck behind a bloody door!

Liam’s Conjuration Spells mod, which adds over 70 new spells to the school of Conjuration, allows you to summon almost every creature and NPC seen in vanilla Skyrim.

Want to strike fears into the hearts of your enemies with an Armored Troll?

Or become the most talked-about conjurer by having an Undead Dragon at your side? Well now you can.

7. Conjuration Madness

Summoning all sorts of creatures is all well and good, but doing it more effectively than usual is a whole different thing, trust me.

Or don’t just trust me and just download this Conjuration Madness mod.

It’s an amazing addition to Skyrim that not only adds over 70 summoning spells, but also adds a new perk called Conjuration Madness that will turn you into the most dangerous Conjurer ever seen in this side of Tamriel.

6. The Noiral Reborn

Conjuration mods do not get deeper or more lore-friendly than The Noiral Reborn mod.

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Unlike most of the mods in this list, Noiral Reborn lets you turn into a member of the Noiral tribe.

This is a tribe of Druids known to be able to summon a fiery wolf called Amarok to their side. A wolf that becomes stronger as you do… I mean, doesn’t this scream spirit animal? It does to me!

5. Calling of the Conjurer

70 new conjuration spells are nice to have, but what should you do if they’re not enough for your demanding conjuration needs?

You answer the Calling of the Conjurer, of course!

The Calling of the Conjurer is rightly considered one of the biggest conjuration and summoning mods ever made for Skyrim, introducing 200 conjuration spells that are not only balanced, but also very lore-friendly.

And it adds a conjuration shop at the western watchtower too.

If you gotta be the best conjurer around, you’d better start saving some serious money.

4. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

All-rounded wizards that know all sorts of different spells often fail to reach their maximum potential.

Unless they download the Apocalypse Skyrim mod.

This is one of the best magic mods ever made for Skyrim, and one you should download even if you’re interested in conjuration spells only.

With so many new spells here, you may discover that your talents could be wasted on just summoning spells. Personal growth, anyone?

3. Lost Grimoire of Skyrim

TESV: Skyrim is all about being able to be whoever you want, right?

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Then why do I feel like a wimp when I specialize in conjuration spells?

The Lost Grimoire of Skyrim finally makes every magic type in the game(including conjuring) as powerful as it’s meant to be.

And incredibly more varied too, allowing you to come up with so many creative character archetypes.

In fact, I don’t think you’ll be going back to the vanilla magic system any time soon. Or ever again, really.

2. Coldharbour Resummoned

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you: the Deadra.

Don’t be put off by their appearance as they don’t bite. Too much.

Coldharbour Resummoned introduces some new conjuration spells that let players summon the Daedra from Coldharbour, and even become one yourself with the new armor sets.

The summonable Daedra are all very different from one another, adding a level of depth rarely seen in a Skyrim mod.

Listen, believe, and unleash the fury of Coldharbour!

1. Dual Summon Mounts

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really comfortable having someone else do my dirty work in RPGs.

So, how can someone like me make conjuring have some sort of sense?

With this Dual Summon Mounts mod for Skyrim.

Unlike pretty much every other conjuring mod released for Skyrim, Dual Summon Mounts allows you to summon 39 pairs of mounts, ranging from animals like horses and lions, to monsters like trolls, Dragon Priests, or Vampire Lords.

Yes, you read those correctly.

Oh, and don’t worry about their well-being. I know how to take care of Vampire Lords, trust me.